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by Donald R Cooper,Pamela S. Schindler,Pamela Schindler

Free eBook Business Research Methods with Student CD-ROM download ISBN: 0072819790
Author: Donald R Cooper,Pamela S. Schindler,Pamela Schindler
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 8 edition (July 23, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 640
Category: Work and perfomance
Subcategory: Processes and Infrastructure
Size MP3: 1284 mb
Size FLAC: 1691 mb
Rating: 4.3
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Managerial decision making is the underlying theme.

by Donald R. Cooper (Author), Pamela S. Schindler (Author). Designing and Managing the Supply Chain 3e with Student CD. Hardcover.

Students and professors will find thorough. by Donald R. ISBN-13: 978-0073521503.

Donald R. Schindler (Author)

Donald R. ISBN-13: 978-0072407419. The coverage of each is different from the others which is good.

Pamela S. Schindler, Professor of Management at Wittenberg University, is an educator and businesswoman.

In addition to grants, articles, books, and monographs, he has received several teaching awards, most recently from the College of Architecture, Urban & Public Affairs. Pamela S.

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Cooper, Donald R; Schindler, Pamela S. ISBN 10: 0073521507 ISBN 13: 9780073521503.

Cooper and Schindler’s Business Research Methods, 8e offers students and instructors thorough coverage of business research topics backed by solid theory. The authors are successful marketing research consultants and that is evident in the rich and realistic case studies found in the text. Managerial decision making is the underlying theme, topics and applications are presented and organized in a manner that allow students to thoroughly understand business research topics and functions. Consequently, the structure of the text encourages and supports completion of an in-depth business research project during the semester.r.r.
User reviews
This book was the required text for my MBA program's Business Research Methods course that I recently completed, and I could not have been more dissatisfied with the text. First of all, most of the book is not in color. The photos are black and white, the text is obviously black, and there is a single teal or aqua color delineating some of the sections. The graphical layout of the text, case studies, and other examples are a monochromatic disaster that make reading the text an absolute chore.

As far as content of the text, the material is presented in the same, uninteresting fashion as the graphic design. It seems as if there was almost no attempt by the authors to provide interesting, insightful, or useful material that would foster the reader's understanding of Business Research Methods. There were countless times during my reading of the text that I literally fell asleep while reading as if I were narcoleptic or something.

I absolutely could not recommend this text to anyone sincerely interested in a greater understanding of the subject matter. Unfortunately, most of you who would be buying this textbook are doing so because it is the required text for your college course.
I've had a number of Kindle textbooks, and I recognize that there are two different formats, one makes the content look just like a regular kindle book and the other looks like its a .pdf of the page as it appears in a text book. I personally use the iPad Mini, which makes the .pdf type pages text appear very small. I get around this by doing the side view and scrolling down.

MAJOR FAIL - the biggest issues is not the type of format, but the color choice of the letters. The letters are aqua blue, like BRIGHT aqua blue, which makes them almost unreadable. On pages where the letters aren't aqua blue, the entire background of the page is aqua blue and the letters are a different color. I feel like the page is burning my retina!

I literally have not even read one page I hate it so much! Typically, I can change the kindle-type edition to change the background from white, gray, brown, or black and this adjusts the font but the .pdf format does not allow that option. I can only adjust the brightness of the page.

Didn't anyone open this in electronic format before printing the document? Come on McGraw-Hill, you are better than that. I haven't actually seen the print copy of the book, but if there is the same blinding blue in print, then this whole fiasco lies at the feet of the publisher.
The three books: Research Methods for Business Students by Saunders et al., Business Research Methods, 8th Edition by William G. Zikmund et al., and Business Research Methods by Donald Cooper et al. complement one another in many good ways. The coverage of each is different from the others which is good. All three books are written in a straight forward and accessible style.Business Research Methods (McGraw-Hill/Irwin Series in Operations and Decision Sciences)
This book is absolutely awful, even by textbook standards. The layout and color scheme is an assault on the senses with its black, white and teal color scheme and little rhyme or reason. This makes finding specific subject material difficult. The writers of the book had no interest in the readers actually learning anything so they decided to write it in the most dry and confusing manner. The chapter review questions often refer to concepts that they covered poorly in the chapter, making them hard to answer. It is apparent that the authors knew they were going to sell the book solely because professors would require it and put out this $110+ pile of garbage. If you are a professor, do your students a favor and steer clear of this book. If you are a student, I'm sorry.
Did not finish reading it but after sometime skimming it I would say the content is inclusive of what a researcher needs. With that being said, the book arrived with some messy and smelling pages caused by an old wet damage (I've ordered a 'good' condition used book)
The information is good but it's obvious that it was originally written in the 90's. They've attempted to edit to bring it up to date, but it's simply outdated. For example, it only touches on electronic communication (websites and email) whereas, of course, that's the main mode of communication nowadays.

I must say I was pleased with the seller. Timely delivery. It was "used" but was in great shape - it only had a few highlighted lines and was otherwise seemingly untouched.
I had to buy this book for a class. I don't think I read too much of it. I wasn't really interested in the subject matter. It really seems to over-complicate a simple subject.