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Title: Starfinder Critical Fumble Deck.

User reviews
This deck can be mean to players. Some of the penalty options, while creative, can have harsh conditions that make drawing a card from this deck a dreadful affair. Don't get me wrong, we like using it in conjunction with the Critical Hit Deck to balance the fun but I don't think my players get as worked up when the critical hit as when they crit miss. I think it has a place at my table because how many times do you want to have the "you drop your sword" situation or "the bowstring snaps". After playing for years, it is nice to have an element of randomness to these rolls that don't take consulting a table or chart. As a DM, I like that this is one less thing I have to consider when trying to run elaborate combat scenarios. "Oh, you rolled a 1? Draw a card. Done".
Throw her heart
Bought this for our Cub Scout gaming group. The kids like to play DnD 5e, and we tend to play more action and adventure, and light on the role playing. As DM I was running out of creative ideas for when somebody rolled a natural one. This deck has added a lot of excitement to our game. When someone rolls a one, there is a lot of hooting and hollering as I draw a card and read the results. Some cards drawn won't apply to your particular situation, it's easy enough to discard that card and draw another one. I thought about buying the Critical Success deck for when you roll a natural 20, but everybody is happy enough to just do double damage.

Favorite card so far - Our wizard's spell backfired, and was teleported into the middle of the melee combat. Can you say squishy wizard?
These add an interesting aspect to combat. Even though they rarely pop up it is worlds better than having the same few things happen every time there is a critical miss. That being said, some of these suck pretty bad to be on the receiving end of, so expect whining.

I give this 4 stars because, while it does add a little spice to the game it certainly doesn't make or break a session. They are fun but are far from necessary. If you are considering one of the two decks (critical fumble or critical hit) then go with the critical hit deck. For one, critical hits are confirmed more often that critical misses and the results are often more gratifying.
Some of the titles for the effects are absolutely hilarious. "I Meant to Do That" for a melee fighter suddenly moving ten feet further than he wants, "Stop Hitting Yourself!" for a natural attack gone hilariously wrong, "My Spleeny Bits!" for an archer poking himself in the guts on accident, and for magic users, "How Did That Happen?", which cancels your spell and plants a stinking cloud effect right at your feet.

In terms of game balance, though, I recommend using these only for non-magic fumbles only. The magic ones can range from creating 3-6 mirror images of your target to replacing your original spell with a Summon Monster of the same spell level THAT ATTACKS YOU EXCLUSIVELY to forcing a double roll on the Rod of Wonder table and taking both effects. It's tilted in a way that's super-punishing for casters. Besides, an imaginative GM could find a more interesting outcome for a magical fail than "EVERYTHING SUDDENLY EXPLODES LOL".
The critical fumble deck by GameMastery is about what I expected. It helps the inexperienced GM add some flavor into his game by providing some colorful "results" for critical fumbles. Each card has a result for Melee, Natural, Ranged and Magical attacks. Some of the results seem "over-powered" i.e. "Your target gains possession of your weapon" would be rather harsh for the sole melee combatant in a party. While others seem a little weak i.e. "Sneeze, you are dazed for 1 round". Many of the results add humor to a situation that can get really intense (depending on your players). All in all I don't regret the purchase, it has been a good tool for teaching my sons how to GM.
I will have to say that drawing a card versus rolling on a table feels so much better to me and my players. It adds another tactile element to the game.

Players can also refer to the cards, much like the Game Mastery Condition Cards, to remember lasting conditions. They're very useful.
The delivery was far faster than estimated and the condition of the package is pristine. The tracking number was a bit messed up though, so outside of an estimated day of arrival, I had no idea what the progress of the delivery was sitting at. To conclude, these are a great tool for DMs who want to make Nat 1s a little more interesting rather than just flat misses. I would recommend running the option by your players before you just start using them in the middle of a long running campaign though.

Great deck. Buy them. Players and DM very pleased.

I use these for 5E, not Pathfinder. I have to make some changes, but overall, not an issue one bit. I love them.