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by Francis Bebey

Free eBook Agatha Moudio's Son download ISBN: 0882080385
Author: Francis Bebey
Publisher: Independent Publishers Group (April 1973)
Language: English
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Book by Bebey, Francis
User reviews
Interesting insight into the culture. Having lived in a similar place, events and characters rang true. If you are interested in learning more about the culture, this is an entertaining way to do so.
Out of print or not, I have no doubt that "Agatha Moudio's son" belongs among the classics of World Literature.
Well above 30 years have passed since this novel fetched a prestigious prize for African literature, founding the fame of its author in large parts of francophone West Africa and among connoisseurs worldwide. It is fresh as ever and fun to read even for the casual consumer. At the same time, it has many dimensions that unfold as one gets back to it again and again.
The story is told from the angle of a young fisherman in a coastal village in Cameroon. He never gets over his fascination for Agatha, an independent young woman with witch like qualities, such as making rain at convenient occasions. In spite of fierce resistance from his mother, he ends up taking in Agatha as his second wife, after obediently establishing his first marriage with Fanny, a "good girl" from a neighbor village. Soon after joining the family as a co-wife, Agatha gives birth to a baby boy whose skin is unusually light and doesn't turn to the "local color" even after months....
The reader comes to see polygamy and other approaches to life in the African village in the characters' own frame of logic - not as exotic phenomena, but not idealized, either. Among other things, the book, as well as the song that was based on it and became an earworm in West Africa over decades, is a superb play with the spectrum of colors. Agatha makes her man "see all the colors". She gives him a son who is not of the "right" color to be his biological child - but a child is a child, whether their color is black, white, red, green or yellow.
During my work in Africa, I have experienced how extracts from this book and other Bebey lyrics (including some of his characteristic witty, philosophical, story-telling songs) instantly built bridges of communication across very diverse sets of people. His stories, and the way they are told, are quintessentially African, and at the same time, universally human.