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Free eBook If You're Clueless About the Stock Market and Want to Know More download ISBN: 0585226067
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Rolling Flipper
I purchased this book with the idea of giving it to my Grandson, but for someone who knows absolutely nothing about stocks, it is much too broad and superficial. It jumps from one barely related topic to another without really explaining any of them. The "Stocks for Dummies" format interjects enough distracting trivia to keep the reader from focusing. Why would you throw a paragraph on triple witching days into a beginner's book?

Deeper into the book there is a pretty good section on financial statements, but all in all I don't think it's a good choice for anyone. Beginners need a slower, more focused book; experienced investors need more depth. Compared to everything else it hardly matters, but I've rarely seen a book with worse graphics or formatting. It's a dog's breakfast.
I found this book to be a very good quick introduction to the Stock Market. It does a great job of explaining, through simple language and examples, all of the basic terminology, workings and advice to beginners needed to get started in the stock market. The format of the book is geared toward catching and keeping the readers interest, with lots of side-bars and inserts containing interesting facts pertaining to, and historical perspectives on the stock market. Hey.. I finally understand the difference between preferred-stock, common-stock and livestock !!!
I got the book over a year ago and just couldn't get into it because there was so much going on in my life. I got the bookworm fever again recently and thought... why not? and started reading again.

Boy am I glad I did that.

I have turned from the guy who would tune out when I heard anything market related to the guy who rushes home to hear the latest on CNBC and it is thanks primarily to this book.

While the book doesn't teach you anywhere near what you need to know to be a successful investor, it gives you the tools to get there. It sparked my interest enough to go out and want to learn more and understand more. Education is all about a strong foundation and that is what this book provides. The idea of 'Joe' setting up an IPO for his pizza store will forever be etched in my head as well as how the analogy helped me to understand the innerworkings of the economy.

Great book.
Excellent book if you truly are clueless about the market and how it works
This book teaches you how to use the techniques a good investor has. It's easy to understand, it gives tips, did-you-know information and sites or books you could read to go deeper in any subject it may mention.
Basic information.
This is s great book written on layman terms. It's ver easy to understand and is an excellent book to read to get a basic understanding of hoe the stock market evolved and works.
it ws thoughtful, new, good read, instructivegood to check into and reference questioins with, in fact I haven't read it yet