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Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Publisher: Berkley (May 1, 1975)
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The People of the Sea: "Dolphin Island" by Arthur C. Clarke

The People of the Sea: "Dolphin Island" by Arthur C. Clarke. Johnny Clinton was sleeping when the hovership raced down the valley, floating along the old turnpike on its cushion of air. To any boy of the twenty-first century, it was a sound of magic, telling of far-off countries and strange cargoes carried in the first ships that could travel with equal ease across land and sea. In Dolphin Island by Arthur C.

Dolphin Island: A Story of the People of the Sea is a children's novel by Arthur C. Clarke first published in 1963. Late one night (in the world of the future), a giant cargo hovership makes an emergency landing somewhere in the middle of the United States and an enterprising teenager named Johnny Clinton stows away on it. A few hours later, the craft crashes into the Pacific Ocean.

Read in our apps: iOS. · Android. The crew escapes, but Johnny is left on board, adrift in the wreckage of the ship-until he is rescued by a pod of dolphins, who bring him to a remote island hidden in the heart of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Read in our apps: iOS. The crew escapes, but Johnny is left on board, adrift in the wreckage of the ship-until he is rescued by a pod of dolphins, who bring him to a remote island hidden in the heart of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. There, Johnny meets the brilliant and eccentric Professor Kazan, who has dedicated his life to the study of dolphin communication. Here in this new world, Johnny will find his courage tested once again. Sci-fi & Fantasy.

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In a lifetime, one could not exhaust its marvels and seemed dead by comparison. At high tide, the reef was completely covered by the sea, and only the narrow belt of white sand surrounding the island was left exposed. But a few hours later, the transformation was incredible. Though the range between high and low tide was only three feet, the reef was so flat that the water withdrew for miles.

Hachette UK, 29 сент. Arthur C. Clarke was born in Minehead in 1917

Все продавцы . Dolphin Island. Hachette UK, 29 сент. Clarke was born in Minehead in 1917. During the Second World War he served as an RAF radar instructor, rising to the rank of Flight-Lieutenant. After the war he won a BSc in physics and mathematics with first class honours from King's College, London.

Author: Arthur Clarke. A Story of the People of the Sea The adventure begins when Johnny, who has run away from home and hidden aboard an intercontinental hovership, is shipwrecked in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

Dolphin Island is one of those solid, worthy Arthur C. Clarke books that has been out of print for many years and is now quite hard to find. This is a novel that Clarke wrote in the early 60's after spending a substantial amount of time around Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Dolphin Island is one of those solid, worthy Arthur C. This is a novel that Clarke wrote in the early 60's after spending a substantial amount of time around Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Clarke, as many are not aware, was, at least at one time, just as interested in diving and the sea as he was in space. Clearly fascinated by what he saw in his time around the reef, it inspired Clarke to write this novel, one of his very few targeted at young adults.

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Book by Clarke, Arthur C.
User reviews
After discovering so many new authors in the past years, it was nice that an old master could join the e-book fray with a light hand, humor and characters you enjoyed spending a day with !
Now, the attraction of sci-fi for me is once again renewed.... Where is this going to lead ? Mr. Clark surely has a few plot twists ahead for man living with the aliens around us !?
I remember this as being one of the best books I read when I was in Junior High. I needed to find something to read out loud to my husband, as we wait in traffic because of road construction, for several hours each day going to and coming home from work. The book is even better than I remember it being! The writing in this book is lyrical. The beauty of the ocean and the island where this book is set come through consistently. Even though this is a book intended for adolescents, Arthur C. Clarke obviously put his all into writing this. The adventure and friendship aspects, together with the beautiful setting, make this an amazingly good story.
A lot of people believe that science fiction is fantasising about travel beyond the speed of light to unimaginably different and weird world's to encounter strange life forms. But it was Clarke, among a very few others, who showed - with books like The Deep Range and this one - that exciting and mind-opening science fiction could be written within the bounds of Earth - and within the depths of its oceans. Depths that contain enough material for a lifetime of enchanting stories.
And another thing about Dr.Clarke's writings - his flair for the dramatic, the intriguing pause, the oft-recurring and wonderful play on words, the thought provoking references and literary allusions, and that brilliant and subtle sense of humour - all worked together to make a Clarke book a compelling and educative read on several levels.
This book shows a Clarke still in the boost phase of his trajectory - but with many of those deft touches, trademark drama, and the combination of science and humanity that would go on to make him one of the 20th Century's prophets - and my favourite author over a lifetime of reading.
I absolutely enjoyed this book. First of all - Arthur C. Clarke is the author, need I say more to sci-fi fans?
The protagonist in this story is a young lad, and the author brings him masterfully and interestingly through a time in the future, through times when he has to step up and be brave, and other times when he is just a boy and appreciates the new-found ability to trust adults around him at times.

The book flows well and reads quickly and is packed with everything I enjoy most in science fiction books. Anyone who already loves Arthur C. Clarke, will enjoy this book!!
This was one of the few Clarke books I had never heard of. It's not as outstanding as a lot of his other books but it's a good solid work of the time. It's a young adult story and as noted in other reviews it is not as in depth from an emotional standpoint as his other works. It's an entertaining work and a quick read and a must for any Clarke fan.
I wonder if it was due to its oldness, or that the story-line was dumb down to find a younger clientele, or because of the overly used cliché of intelligent dolphins that it felt so tiresome. I am surprised that I read it all the way through, though there were a few time that I almost gave up. The characters were one dimensional, almost caricatural, the story line unexcitingly predictable and the science fiction elements seem to have been whimsically thrown in and about for it often felt out of context. Disappointing!
In Clarke's world people must take responsibility for their actions - for good or bad - and often act in response to the needs of others. (Not the "it would be nice if" but real needs that might make a difference.) As usual, Clarke misses on the time-line of scientific/technological change, but he was an optimist, wasn't he. This is as good as he gets at developing real, believable characters responding to the overwhelming challenge of "nature." It underscores the principle that "nature doesn't care." It's not a lecture - it's simply putting up a mirror asking "What would you do?" when push comes to shove.

This is the near future, or perhaps the present as it should be. Johnny's adventures are at once familiar, running away from home by accident, and learning new skills and gaining knowledge about himself, and fascinating as he becomes friends with the People of the Sea. The tantalizing possibilities of cooperation between mankind and dolphins are told with humor and with confidence. My strongest quibble is that the story ended too soon. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the Sea mammals or just enjoys a strong coming of age adventure