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Author: Steve Meyerowitz
Publisher: Integral Yoga Dist (1997)
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Sprouts: The Miracle Food. has been added to your Cart. A book overflowing with information. There is an integrity of good health here. And Meyerowitz writes with just the right pent-up passion to make converts of us al. - - Book Reader Magazine, July 1997

Sprouts: The Miracle Food. - - Book Reader Magazine, July 1997. Meyerowitz is definitely the Sproutman. We never knew there were so many sprouts -- so many flavors and textures. The medicinal properties of these little plants, not to mention their prodigious nutrition does indeed make them a miracle food. - Healthy Times Magazine, March 1998

Steve Meyerowitz: Well it’s the miracle of germination, Caryn. Steve Meyerowitz: Well, you know here’s where the limitations of jar sprouting starts to become more realized.

Steve Meyerowitz: Well it’s the miracle of germination, Caryn. It is this thing where you have everything necessary for the growth of mature vegetable is embedded inside that seed and once we moisten it, it starts this activity, this voracious activity. It’s literally a protein factory racing to grow a mature vegetable. The jars are basically an unfavorable, or an unfriendly environment, for gardening and you may not see that with seeds like lentils and and mung because they’re so carefree, they.

Steve "Sproutman" Meyerowitz really knows his sprouts.

Sprouts The Miracle Food: The Complete Guide to Sprouting Steve Meyerowitz (Author), Michael Parman (Author), Beth Robbins (Author), Steve Meyerowitz. Steve "Sproutman" Meyerowitz really knows his sprouts. Truly a Wonderful and Complete Book on Sprouting. com User, September 19, 2002. This is a great book for a person who is interested in sprouting; it is very detailed and is truly full of very interesting and useful information. The book also helps to nullify a lot of the myth about toxins and hidden dangers in sprouts.

Specialist Supplier Of Books On Juicing, Health, Diet & Nutrition. Home Well Being Books Nutrition Books Sprouts the Miracle Food by Steve Meyerowitz. Let Sproutman show you the joys of indoor organic gardening. Learn how to grow delicious baby greens and mini-vegetables - just one week from seed to salad. This guide can make anyone a self-sufficient gardener of sprouts that are bursting with concentrated nutrition. Includes one of the most comprehensive nutrition charts on sprouts in print, plus common questions and answers, Seed Resource section, illustrations, photos & charts.

"id":10155862600,"title":"Sprouts - The Miracle Food Book","handle":erowitz" . Sprouts - The Miracle Food Book

"id":10155862600,"title":"Sprouts - The Miracle Food Book","handle":erowitz","description":"u003ch2u003eSprouts - The Miracle Food Booku003c/h2u003enu003cpu003eLet the Steve 'Sproutman' Meyerowitz show you the joys of indoor organic gardening. Sprouts - The Miracle Food Book. Let the Steve 'Sproutman' Meyerowitz show you the joys of indoor organic gardening.

Our Products: Books/Audio/Video Books. Sprouts, The Miracle Food by Steve Meyerowitz. Let the Sproutman show you the joys of indoor organic gardening. This guide can make anyone a self sufficient gardener of sprouts that are bursting with concentrated nutrition. Includes the most comprehensive nutrition charts on sprouts in print, plus common questions and answers, Seed Resource section, illustrations, photo's & charts.

Steve Meyerowitz (Biography). Steve got interested in sprouts after a 20 year effort to correct chronic allergies and asthma with conventional medicine. Steve was pronounced "Sproutman" in a 1977 Vegetarian Times Magazine feature article that explored the why's and wherefores of his 100% sprout diet. While over 2 decades time, most diets change, Steve is still a believer in living foods and one of the most prominent spokespersons for sprouting.

Sprouts the Miracle Food book. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sprouts the Miracle Food: The Complete Guide to Sprouting. by. Steve Meyerowitz.

Book by Steve Meyerowitz
User reviews
This is a good book on sprouting except for one thing...the author pushes his sprout bag. And in order to do that, he runs down sprouting by jars. Well, I've been sprouting using 1/2 gallon jars for over a year and a half on a regular basis and the negative things he has to say about sprouting by jars is simply not true. For me, that calls his credibility into question. Otherwise, he does have very good info on sprouting, and especially in regard to all the charts showing the nutritional value of the various sprouts under various conditions. Still one of the best books on sprouting that I highly recommend for beginners (and that I loan out to people interested in starting to do sprouting) is "The Sprouting Book," by Ann Wigmore. It's an older book, but still worth every penny. It covers the basics very well and in detail. It's how I got my start. If Meyerowitz didn't run down sprouting by jars to promote his own sprout bags, I would consider giving his book 5 stars.
I like the writing style, but the book kinda jumps around like it was taken from a box of notes. Lotsa good info, but much of it is for sprouting in baskets, which the author admits are not as readily available as when he first wrote the book. Great, then junk that basket stuff and talk about the Easy Sprouter, which does the alfalfa-type wonderfully. I like the bags for the beans and Meyerowitz's instructions for it are great and I like his bags.

But I felt that the book needs some serious updating and if he has a newer one than this one needs to go the way of the dodo.
As a person most interested in ideas and discovery, eureka ideas one might say, I didn't begin to read the instructions provided by others until after already developing successful methods empirically. I have been sprouting for a quarter of a century. It is natural that most of my methods have some contrast with those presented in this guide. This book is replete with good ideas and methods and useful even to an inventive, innovative person in the sprout field. I would particularly commend it for people who don't have the time or patience to learn things the hard way. I limit my production of various sprout products to 20 square feet per crop, because other projects command my attention. Frankly, many of my methods are proprietary (trade secrets). For those wishing to produce family quantities of sprouts who don't yet quite know what they are doing, this book is a fine resource, replete with an array of sound information.
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Too much generalities, no specific directions about simple sprouting of sunflower seed and broccoli seed sprouting. Had to experiment on my own to find the answer. I am getting great results, no thanks whatsoever to this book.
For anyone interested in self preservation through healthy eating, this is the book for you. I'm delighted to know that a person can live and especially thrive on sprouts. Equally exciting was the history I discovered in this book about Quinoa (and even how to pronounce it - keen-wa) and the science behind why some sprouts are beneficial for preventing certain diseases. Steve also brings to light some fungicides and pesticides used in commercial agriculture... and as you probably guessed they aren't good for you.

Steve does a great job telling you what's what about sprouts including how to grow them, what you need to know about different seeds, why to eat them, what some nutritional values looked like, and he even provided a growth and harvest chart that I found useful. His personal experience with healing is inspiring but you won't read about that in here; this book's purpose is to quickly educate you and get you farming your own sprouts... now.

My wife and kids are traditional eaters, but they sure did enjoy watching me grow the sprouts and then sampling them with me. After reading the book, growing them was easy and it's actually inexpensive. The flavor was wonderful. If you haven't tasted organic sprouts you haven't tasted true flavor.

If you're thinking about growing your own, there is something about it I think everyone should experience and Steve's book will get you off to a successful start.
Quite a bit of the information in this book is outdated. The book is based on sprouting using bamboo baskets which are not readily available any more. However, I still think the book is worth reading because a lot of the information is transferable to other methods of sprouting. It's also a valuable resource for learning what types of seeds are appropriate to sprout together, sprouting temperatures, seed storage and more.
an great book for your health, a very good starting point for sprouts, I have gone to a automatic non pump non toxic easy to clean and maintain hydroponic system of my own make.
I ordered this as a gift for a co-worker (I own this book). The book is filled with DIY sprout growing info. It contains all kinds of research and anyone who is interested in sprouting should have this book. I use the book as a reference guide for seeds to sprout.