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Free eBook Breach of Trust download ISBN: 0451411803
Author: D. W. Buffa
Publisher: Onyx; Reprint edition (April 5, 2005)
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Subcategory: Thrillers and Suspense
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Cheerful and outgoing, everybody’s friend, somewhere in the great amorphous middle of his class, but the first person anyone who knew him would think of when they needed someone they could trust, he did not look anything like this cautious, hesitant man who could not look directly at me for more than a fraction of a second at a time.

In Breach of Trust, Antonelli is seduced into taking a case that has dangerous implications not only for the upcoming United States presidential race but also for a group of friends who thought they had put the sudden death of a young woman behind them long ago. When Antonelli attends . . When Antonelli attends a Harvard Law School reunion at Manhattan's Plaza Hotel, he doesn't suspect how disturbing his return will be-for it was at a party in this very hotel that a lively young woman fell from a window to her death.

Breach of Trust book. When Joseph Antonelli is invited to attend his law school reunion, he is skeptical, but accepts nonetheless. While a Harvard grad, the reunion takes place at a posh hotel in New York City, a town that has an ominous connection to Antonelli’s law school days.

Attorney Joseph Antonelli dives into a case of White House intrigue, intimacies not forgotten, and suspicions dark and deep in this legal thriller in the Edgar Award-nominated series called "adroit and often elegant" (Los Angeles Times). The novels of D. W. Buffa featuring attorney Joseph Antonelli have become some of the most avidly praised of the legal thrillers being written today, called "absorbing" (Orlando Sentinel), "suspense-laden" (Houston Chronicle), and "electrically charged" (The New York Times)

Электронная книга "Breach of Trust", . Buffa was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area

Электронная книга "Breach of Trust", . Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Breach of Trust" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. Buffa was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area. After graduation from Michigan State University, he studied under Leo Strauss, Joseph Cropsey and Hans J. Morgenthau at the University of Chicago where he earned both an . and a Ph. D. in political science. degree from Wayne State University in Detroit.

Hardcover Paperback Kindle. Prior to becoming an full-time author the American writer Dudley W. Buffa, or . Buffa for short, worked as a criminal defense attorney, something which can be clearly seen reflected within his work as a novelist of modern thrillers, as he creates intricate and highly engaging narratives filled with finely tuned twists and turns that keep the reader constantly hooked throughout.

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Breach of Trust (Buffa, D. Buffa has created a character that endures, and draws the reader to his next book. And like the best dramas, whether profound or merely popular, the surrounding characters are also alive and thoroughly interesting in their own right

Breach of Trust (Buffa, D. Buffa. The Prosecution: A Legal Thriller. And like the best dramas, whether profound or merely popular, the surrounding characters are also alive and thoroughly interesting in their own right. Whether it is the inventive quirks of his judges, or the contemporary take on talk show hosts and media types, Buffa creates a compelling story.

Attorney Joseph Antonelli dives into a case of White House intrigue, intimacies not forgotten, and suspicions dark and deep in this legal thriller in the Edgar Award-nominated series called adroit and often elegant.

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When an old case involving a young woman's sudden death is reopened, attorney Joseph Antonelli defends accused killer James Haviland in a trial that could have profound effects on the upcoming U.S. presidential campaign. Reprint.
User reviews
I started reading this book on my Kindle, a, 9% into it and so far there is no plot, no mystery, no case, court, motions - nothing but a dinner where the VP gave a speech, a drink in a bar with a friend, being summoned to meet with the VP and between all of these a lot of babble about the past which I really don't care about. I know that the VP is going to offer him a case. It better happen soon and a mystery needs to develop and start moving because if not this book will move to the archives on my kindle and lie unread. A disappointment so far. I will give it until 15% and come back and let you know whether it has become a winner or languishes in my archives already. I only spent a little under $6 so no great loss if a flop. Monday March 11 - now at 21% on my kindle. If you wanted this as a book about a legal case and court and investigating and mystery you would be very disappointed. The book would now make a good travel log on touring Washington DC. It is nothing like his past books, too much filler, background and bot enough plot and mystery. Again very glad it was not expensive. You know it is a lousy book when at 21% on your kindle you are not bothered by sending it to the archives and not knowing how it ends ---- because there was no beginning to end. No mystery whatsoever. It is gone from my library.
"Breach of Trust", Dudley W. Buffa, New York, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2004 ISBN 0-399-15190-7, HC, 371 pp. & 6.25" x 6.25"

In this 6th. Joseph Antonelli novel, Buffa has the protagonist lawyer in NY at Harvard Law School class reunion, per request of classmate Thomas Browning, now Vice President. He's asked to be defense lawyer for expected indictment of their classmate James Haviland upon re-opening of accidental fall of Ann Malreaux, 2nd year law school classmate at Christmas Eve party several decades past.

The story line involves mutiny in White House ranks of President Walker & VP Browning, the latter seeking his own nomination & who alludes to a conspiracy to oust him in a scandal related to Annie's death. Antonelli does his homework, contacts everyone associate with Annie & enjoys assistance & sizzling romance from Gisela Hoffman, a young reporter in midst of divorce.

Demonstrated via idiosyncracies of prosecutor Caminetti & Judge Charles Scarborough, is the fierce trial Antonelli is told that must be won at all costs. We are shown the relationship of Joanna van Renaessler, Antonelli's old flame, but now wife of VP Browning -- she has kept secrets.

The plot unfolds with momentum & just when you think its over, the underlying intrigues are at last revealed: -- Antonelli is affable & crackerjack as trial lawyer but he's unprepared to the like of young Gisela. In this novel, the protagonist Antonelli really shines -- likable, lovable & a man for all seasons. This book is not to be missed.
Breach of Trust is my favorite of this author's books. It is a political drama so timely and realistic that I did find it difficult to put down. A brilliant Vice President chosen for political reasons needed to outfox his rivals in the same party. Is he able to do it? That is the question in amurder case just made for Joseph Antonelli. The character development is so good that one wonders if the author has known these people personally.
I loved the book.
Love this writer and the twisted plot he wove. Political intrigue that makes one doubt there is never any truth in government...ever.
I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to those who enjoy legal novels. I will not go into details about the book. You will be pleased you purchased the book. That is why I gave it 5 stars.
D.W. Buffa's "Breach of Trust", while not exactly a page-turner, is an interesting novel. Buffa's super-defense attorney Joseph Antonelli is back, this time the reluctant defendant of his former Harvard law school roommate, Thomas Browning, who happens to be the Vice President of the United States. A decades-old death - apparently accidental - of a young woman from the Antonelli/Browning circle of friends resurfaces with a politically motivated vengeance. What follows is a convoluted plot of conspiracies and politics, dredging up long buried secrets while challenging friendships, loyalties, and values.

Unfortunately, "Breach of Trust" suffers from Buffa's pretentious - if not bombastic - windy and preachy prose. Characters are philosophically somber and cynical to a fault, lending to a setting unnecessarily morose and humorless. The left-leaning Buffa definitely has a political axe to grind, bordering on yet another thinly veiled attack on the current Bush administration. But to give credit to the author, the end salvages some sense of political ambiguity and neutrality. At its best, it is a stinging indictment of politics in America, while at its worst, "Breach of Trust" is a bleak and pessimistic assessment of government and justice in America. Intelligent fiction? For sure, but at times frustrating, occassionally simply boring, and A book one you'll not find hard to put down.
D.W. Buffa has written several very good novels. In this one, he has written a classic. It has a melange of elements. A murder trial - political intrigue at the highest levels - romance - mystery - danger and suspense. All stirred together along with some very interesting political philosophy and social commentary it becomes a very difficult book to put down and one you will reflect on after the last page is turned.
No need to recount the plot as others have already done so. There are many interesting characters and some lively trial scenes as Joseph Antonelli defends an old friend charged with a decades old murder. But, it is the larger story that is being told that will hold your interest and what makes this such a memorable book.
I love suspense, especially involving court scenes. As a teenager I eagerly awaited the next Perry mason episode. I love his characters and he develops them well. He shows their weaknesses as well as their strengths. I could be friends with them.