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by Stella Cameron

Free eBook Glass Houses download ISBN: 1575665867
Author: Stella Cameron
Publisher: Kensington; X-Library - 1st edition (August 1, 2000)
Language: English
Pages: 356
Category: Unexplained Phenomenons
Subcategory: Mystery
Size MP3: 1377 mb
Size FLAC: 1437 mb
Rating: 4.1
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British photographer Olivia FitzDurham is running for her life-all the way to New York City and a man she’s never met. The pictures she took for a London magazine seem harmless, but the man who tried to push her off the tube platform definitely meant business. And here comes the rain, he muttered, and breathed long and deep. First the big showy drops that needed space to spatter, but blessedly soon a torrent that clattered on Ryan’s coveted overhead glass. Rain made Aiden’s soul open up. He could breathe again.

Boss hadn’t quit giving them the cold shoulder since they’d sprung him at the airport. He sat at a distance and looked straight ahead. He sat at a distance and looked straight ahead sappeared into the darkness along the winding road above Lake Washington. We patched him up and probably saved his no-good life. Now he ignores us over something as little as a plane flight. In the cold hold of an aeroplane, Olivia said. Come to Olivia, Boswell.

Stella Cameron was born and raised on the southern coast of England where she met her American husband at a party in London. After their marriage, she left England and went with husband Jerry to Washington State to make a home and raise a family. Like many authors, Stella began her literary career as a reader.

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A Stella Cameron classic. British photographer Olivia FitzDurham is running for her life-all the way to New York City and a man she’s never met.

A Stella Cameron classic. A Stella Cameron classic.

Glass Houses, Stella Cameron, HB-B, @ 2000, 9/00. While tending to his fellow Officer Ryan Hill's prized orchids, NYPD Homicide Detective Aiden Flynn intercepts an "I'm scared" message on Hill's computer and decides to help Olivia Fitzduham, an English Photographer.

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As always, Stella Cameron gives a stellar performance. What Sheer Pleasures doesn't have is a lot of romance, and hard-core romance fans will be disappointed.

Book in the New Orleans PD Series). All I could think of while reading this book was: gosh, I hope nobody knocks on the door! Aiden Flynn, from Key West, is the featured hero in this romantic suspense novel and Olivia FitzDurham the flighty British heroine.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Распространяем знания с 2009.

NYPD homicide detective Aiden Flynn finds himself embroiled in a deadly game of cat and mouse when he accidentally receives a cryptic e-mail addressed to someone else, a mysterious online message that leads him to a beguiling British woman, Olivia FitzDurham, on a high-stakes and dangerous quest, in a chilling tale of romantic suspense. 40,000 first printing.
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During a cold November in Three Pines a dark mysterious figure - draped in black with a mask and never moving - appears in the green. Every day this figure is there - watching someone but who? Who’s wearing this mask and cape? Why is it there? Does it represent Death?

Armand Ganache is now the Chief Superintendent of the Sûreté du Québec. He knows that legally he can’t do anything about that figure in the green. But that doesn’t stop him from being worried that something could happen. And yes, what he worries about happens - someone is murdered.

There’s a lot going on here, with Gamache dealing with the murder and also with his duties as head of the Sûreté du Québec (as readers of the previous novels will remember that the Sûreté had a corruption problem that Gamache exposed.) The regulars from Three Pines are here (Gabri, Clara, Myrna, Ruth and her duck Rosa), though not as much as you’d expect considering that this is Three Pines. Unlike her previous novels, here the action switches between November when the incidents start and we see Gamache trying to determine who the killer is, and July, when the trial begins for the accused begins.

This is a standalone novel. There really isn’t much information from previous novels that you need to understand the relationships. However, if you haven’t read any Armand Gamache novels, I recommend you start with her first novel - Still Life - to really enjoy the series.

Reading a Louise Penny/Inspector Gamache novel is always a treat. Yes, there’s a lot going on but the author does a wonderful job of pulling it all together.

So, why not 5 stars? I don’t want to say too much as much of the joy of the books in this series is how disparate plot points come together but I found myself frustrated that once again we have the clever Armand Gamache looking like he’s in over his head. I enjoy more complicated murder plots versus a simpler murder plot plus another story line. There were some plot points that seemed a stretch. (All I could think was "Really? This is all happening in Three Pines??") I thought this book was darker than some of her other books. I found myself putting the book down - needing a break from reading it.

While this is one of those books that I’m glad I read, unlike some of the other books in the series, I don’t see myself reading it again.
I have read every Louise Penny and this one was her second most annoying. The rest are great. In this book she returns to the swirling miasma of evil theme. Everything is dark, dark, dark. But the worst of it is that just as she is about to reveal something, she moves away from that to something else where the people are as clueless as we are. I am currently at 84% and will finish it, but reluctantly. In fact, it just happened again that she almost revealed something, skipped to people who are unaware that they are surrounded by impending doom, and then she actually skipped back to another time frame, which was completely confusing. I'm sure that it is meant to increase suspense but in me it simply increases frustration.
I consider myself fortunate to have read all the Inspector Gamache novels by Louise Penny. Her writing is beautiful and her characters are so well written and so appreciated, flaws and all. In this novel Inspector Gamache has taken over as head of the Surete after rooting out top level corruption. The police officers seem proud of their work again....or are they? There are rumblings that Gamache hasn't really changed anything as crime is up, the drug trade is rampant and what is to be done? The quiet ( haha) village of Three Pines is disturbed by the presence of a hooded, quiet, dark figure. The figure doesn't speak, just stands and stares. It's a "cobrador", a conscience. A figure from old Spain which follows a person as a visible conscience. One version of the cobrador is a debt collector, to shame the person into paying their debt. But the cobrador in this story is a moral conscience. You must atone for what you have done. This blends into the second story of the drug trade and Gamache's plan to really put a dent in it, if not stop/slow it down for good. It's very well plotted out. I won't say much more as I feel it will reveal too much. Will Gamache's long range plan succeed or fail? Will his inspectors stay the course with him? And then there's Claire the artist, whose friends think she's 'lost it'. Claire is preparing for another show and her friends fear all her work is unfinished until they look and look and see what it is that she has done. I enjoyed that twist immensely. I do feel one should read the books in order as the characters evolve. Also, you don't want to miss Ms Penny's remarkable writing.