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Free eBook Get Smart with Your Heart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Love, Lust and Lasting Relationships download

by Suzanne Lopez

Free eBook Get Smart with Your Heart: The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Love, Lust and Lasting Relationships download ISBN: 0399144625
Author: Suzanne Lopez
Publisher: Putnam Adult; First Edition edition (April 5, 1999)
Language: English
Pages: 379
Category: Self-Made
Subcategory: Relationships
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Rating: 4.1
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A psychotherapist and creator of the Smart Heart Partnering Process introduces practical tools to help women find, assess, and maintain healthy relationships, explaining how to judge potential compatibility or conflict, develop the art of Conscious Dating, and how to determine a partner's goals, values, and beliefs.
User reviews
Suzanne Lopez gets to the heart of dating and relationships in GETTING SMART WITH YOUR HEART. Ms. Lopez uses a similar thorough approach to what Leil Lowndes did in HOW TO MAKE ANYONE FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, but the big difference is that this book is even more direct than Lowndes' on the subject of religious and racial differences in dating, as she stresses that good relationships are not based on differences, but on similarities.
In one chapter Ms. Lopez types men by numbers and numerous personality characteristics, and that's the only part of the book I'm not sure about, since women seem to choose the wrong men enough without trying to type them by numbers and then making predictions about them, but the way she organizes the numbers and the types of men is fascinating.
Another terrific section in GETTING SMART WITH YOUR HEART is where Ms. Lopez stresses letting men pay for dates, and even gives a list of the expenses a woman has just to go out for a date, something I never even thought about before!
GETTING SMART WITH YOUR HEART is a great book about dating and relationships written for women but good for anybody--male or female!...
Get smart with your heart is a well written practical relationship guide for singles and couples. It is well organized in its step by step approach towards obtaining healthy, happy, successful relationships. The PPP (personal partnering process)is an excellent and honest way to evaluate an individuals personality without undergoing years of therapy and batteries of personality tests to ascertain our compatability. Lopez's corresponding charts of compatability with other PPP types is an excellent and user friendly guide towards accomplishing successful relationships. Most of all Ms, Lopez's focus on the self- the individual- and the enlightenment and the importance of each individual knowing "who they really are" is one of the key ingredients not only in relationships but in personal happiness. As a practicing physician who deals with individuals problems daily I found Lopez's advice to be extremely accurate and helpful and I have recommended her book to my patients.
Ms. Lopez' book is well-meaning, and helpful in many respects, but falls down in some others. Ms. Lopez is right, and modern in her thinking, when she points out that one must love oneself in order to attract the love of a decent man, and that one must have one's own career and life in order to be able to contribute to a relationship. Unfortunately, Ms. Lopez is against interracial relationships (in this day and age!) and looks with disfavor upon women marrying younger men. Following this advice - to stay with older men of one's own race - in my opinion eliminates too many marital choices, especially for women over 35. Ms. Lopez falls back upon the old chestnuts of interracial relationships being "difficult" (what relationship isn't?) and younger men as being "too immature" (as if 40 year old men chasing after 21 year olds aren't?). Skim for the good parts - there are many - and disregard the narrow-minded ones.
Get Smart With Your Heart is full of extremely helpful advice, wisdom and truths about love, relationships, and marriage. I personally have gained great insights from this book. I used the personal partner process and was so thrilled I recommended all my single (and even some of my married) friends to buy the book. The book is very well written and one of the most fun self help books I have read.