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Free eBook RAISING BABIES [Paperback] download ISBN: 0007221924
Publisher: THORSONS (HCOL) (2006)
Language: English
Pages: 208
Category: Proper Nutrition and Fitness
Subcategory: Psychology and Counseling
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RAISING BABIES Paperback – 2006.

RAISING BABIES Paperback – 2006. by STEVE BIDDULPH (Author). Raising Girls: How to Help Your Daughter Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Strong.

Steve Biddulph's Raising Boys. Raising sons to be kind, caring, confident and purposeful is getting easier.

Raising Girls: How to Help Your Daughter Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Strong by Steve Biddulph Paperback .

He was a family psychologist for more than thirty years, and teaches at The Cairnmillar Institute in Melbourne. He lives in Tasmania, Australia.

Steve Biddulph's Raising Girls. Parenting books too often make one feel inadequate, but Biddulph's left me refreshed and optimistic. A world-renowned parenting author, his books include Manhood (Hawthorn Press, 1998), Raising Boys (1998), The Secret of Happy Children (1997) and More Secrets of Happy Children (1999), which are popular all over the world.

Steve Biddulph's Raising Boys was a global phenomenon. The first book in a generation to look at boys' specific needs, parents loved its clarity and warm insights into their sons' inner world. But today, things have changed.

Steve Biddulph, the favourite number one name in parenting psychology - and bestselling author of Raising Boys - examines how different childcare options are likely to affect you and your child in this rivetting and highly topical book This topical book tackles a key issue all new parents face

In this impassioned follow-up to his bestselling Raising Boys, author Steve Biddulph brings together the best thinking from around the world on how to raise daughters of sound character who know that they are loved, and can stand up for themselves and others. Biddulph teaches parents how to build their daughters' self-assuredness, encourage friendships, and equip them to learn and believe in themselves.

RAISING BABIES by STEVE BIDDULPH. Biddulph,steve-manhood book new. Eur 1. 2.

Find nearly any book by STEVE BIDDULPH (page 2). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. ISBN 9780007221929 (978-0-00-722192-9) Softcover, THORSONS (HCOL), 2006.

Raising Boys, the breezy, warm-hearted book he wrote to combat this "disaster area", sold millions .

Raising Boys, the breezy, warm-hearted book he wrote to combat this "disaster area", sold millions and made him into an international parenting guru. Raising Girls: Helping Your Daughter to Grow Up Wise, Warm and Strong is a response to what Biddulph identifies as a "sudden and marked plunge in girls' mental health" over the past five years, years during which the growth of social media has encouraged anxiety and narcissism, childhood exposure to pornography has increased, and corporations have made millions from the pinkification of girlhood.

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User reviews
My God this book is a delight! Dense with meaning, easy to read, honest (sometimes not that easy to digest). One can see tremendous effort is put in making this book this simple and down to facts. I'd recommend it to all young parents and parents to be.
Mandatory reading for parents planning to use daycare for their baby. Lucid explanation for why it might not be a good idea.
This book completely changed my outlook on life.

I'm a former Early Childhood Caregiver. I've worked in both 3-5 year old rooms as well as infant/toddler rooms. Right from the start of my training I thought that early childhood education is a fantastic ideal - everyone who works towards it does so with the best of intentions, I know I certainly did. We all want great things for our babies and children.

But babies are NOT made for group situations. They NEED one-to-one care from someone who loves them (not just 'cares' for them). The author mentioned that studies show that babies received 8 minutes of one-on-one care and attention per day! I looked back over my experience and realize the studies are right! Every time you sit down with a small child to cuddle or read or play three others (if not more) come racing over wanting to join in. The only one-on-one time babies got in daycare was during diaper changes! ECE workers are tired, so tired, it's such an emotionally draining job and we end up doing only what it takes to get through the day. We KNOW we could do better, should do better, but it just doesn't happen it seems hopeless. I began to have serious doubts about putting babies in daycare unless you absolutely have to.

Socialization? People are social, like horses, cows, monkeys etc . . . we gravitate toward others and do way better with others. Sure toddlers need to learn to share and compromise, but in a room with 7+ other children and two adults? I remember spending the day heading off fights or comforting children when we got there too late. Save socialization for three or four year olds, they're so much more able to deal with group situations (better language, impulse control, empathy and gratification delay - all things, incidentally, learned best one on one).

Bottom line: This book confirms your fears and justifies them. You are your child's best bet to a happy future. Don't let experts tell you that they require 'trained professionals' to grow up right. Trust yourself - we've been doing it for thousands of years! It's such an easy to read book packed with info. The author is british but I found it equally applicable to North America.

Need to work in order to maintain your standard of living? Change your standards! We live on the most materialistic continent in the world. We don't need all that stuff, it just ends up in the landfill anyhow. We DO need stronger families and emotionally able youth and adults.

Like I said, my outlook on our current (terrible) financial situation is completely different. Rather than be stressed, I tell myself that our basic needs (and more)are being met and my children are learning to love from the best source - someone who loves them! If you have any doubts about childcare for those under three years, read this book! It will strengthen your resolve and enable you to make enlightened decisions.