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by George H. Malkmus

Free eBook Why Christians Get Sick download ISBN: 0929619013
Author: George H. Malkmus
Publisher: Hallelujah Acres Pub (October 1988)
Language: English
Pages: 140
Category: Proper Nutrition and Fitness
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Rating: 4.1
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What he discovered not only brought healing to his own body, but also answered Why Christians Get Sick.

Why Christians Get Sick by George Malkmus, is the most important book Christians can read, after the Bible. It delves into the questions of why we get sick, and provides the Biblical answers. With more than 150 Bible verses, this book clearly shows how we can avoid sickness and disease and experience superior health through a natural diet and lifestyle. People the world over have been transformed by the truth of the teachings found in this book.

Why Christians Get Sick is an excellent book that I think all Christians should read. I don't agree 100% with everything George Malkmus teaches, but most of what he advises is dead on. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and his life (and many others) has been a testament to this. When diagnosed with cancer, he shunned the 'modern medicine' route of cutting and burning and chose to try something less painful (and more successful, by the way).

Why Christians get sick. by. Malkmus, George H. Publication date. Health, Health, Raw food diet. Shippensburg, PA : Treasure House, Destiny Image Publishers. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by paul nguyen on March 3, 2010. George H. Malkmus has pastored churches in New York, North Carolina, Florida, and Tennessee, and founded both a Christian school and a Bible Institute. His radio broadcast, America Needs Christ, aired for more than 15 years. com User, May 8, 2008. Book is a gem giving facts and Biblical references to support the facts.

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You're here Christian Books Index Why Christians Get Sick - eBook. With more than 150 Bible verses, this book shows how we can avoid sickness and disease and experience superior health through a natural diet and lifestyle.

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So much, in fact, that in 1987, I wrote my first book, Why Christians Get Sick, which contains approximately 150 Bible verses relating to the subject. From that humble beginning, Hallelujah Acres has grown to help millions of people around the world.

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User reviews
Very informative...and I agree with it. The Church of Jesus Christ is just as sick as the world because they eat like the world. When they want, what they want, how they want. They are poisoning the body. We are to bring our body into submission. Our bodies are the temple of God. When I eat as God instructed, from the garden, and resist the poison foods, and all our foods are contaminated by the food industry anyway and animals are abused and ill fed unnatural foods, antibiotics hormones. When we eat as God directs, we have life. He really nails it.
This is an excellent book. The fact that the author is a minister and uses scripture throughout the book is a big plus for me and also that he shares his personal experience with disease and the healing of it through diet and prayer. I use some of the info gleaned in this book along with Dr. John Mc'Dougall's book, " The Starch Solution " which when I started eating this way, over four years ago, was able to get off all prescription drugs for rheumatoid arthritis!
I have enjoyed this book, it is very informative on how you can be healthy. I must say I have started to apply some of the principals I call them baby steps and I feel so much better and I have lost about 5 pounds. It is not easy to go completely raw when you have been taught to cook your meals all of your life but it is worth the try. God does want us to be healthy if we just apply His principles and not eat nor do things that are not the best for our lives
This is a very informative book. It should be titled, "Why PEOPLE Get Sick" not just Christians. This book has more to do with the nutritional and physical needs of the body than the Spiritual needs of the body. This is definitely a book to read and to follow for the Christian and NON-Christian alike.
This book has helped me with my many health issues more than any other method of treatment I have tried. It shows what foods and fuel our bodies were created to run the most efficiently on. Just as we would not put sugar or any other substance in our automobile gas tank other than gasoline and exepect it to run efficiently or to even run at all so we would not or should not put dead, processed, sugary, chemicalized, artificially fertilized, and pestisized, hormone treated substances in our bodies and expect it to run efficiently and in health and not to get sick.

It takes a look into the Bible to see what the maker of our bodies said to eat in Genesis 1:29. It is like a guidline or a manual that instructs us in the way to health.

I would recommend it to everyone.
I wish I had read this years ago. I had only a few health issues but my husband has been fighting bladder/bone/lymphoma cancer for over 14 years. We could not get his body alkaline until we followed this diet. We had learned years ago that cancer can't live in an alkaline environment. This way of eating got his body alkaline. He hasn't felt this good in years. His blood pressure medicine had to be reduce to only 1/4 of the prescription. His doctors are thrilled with his turn around. This book and its information could just possibly save your life or that of a loved one. Please try it and stick with it.
I wish he would have explained that there is a difference between sin and transgression. I am glad I watched his you tube videos before I got his book.
Shows us that we all are responsible for our health and need to follow our biblical teachings on diet.