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by Inge Dougans

Free eBook Reflexology: Complete Illustrated Guide download ISBN: 0007131119
Author: Inge Dougans
Publisher: Element Books Ltd. (March 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 192
Category: Proper Nutrition and Fitness
Subcategory: Alternative Medicine
Size MP3: 1318 mb
Size FLAC: 1202 mb
Rating: 4.1
Format: lrf docx doc azw

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Complete Illustrated Guide. Inge Dougans was born in Denmark, where she received her reflexology training. In 1983 she started the School of Reflexology and Meridian therapy and in 1985 she formed the South African Reflexology Society. She gives lectures and workshops on reflexology throughout the UK, Europe and the USA, and runs here own busy practice in South Africa.

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Advanced Reflexology Books. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology. This is one of the best reflexology books in the market. It combines reflexology, meridians, and seasonal elements to provide an easy to learn detailed and balanced treatment. Dougans walks you through relaxation exercises, step by step foot reflexology instructions and extensive details on where to begin and finish a reflexology treatment.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 19 years ago. This book is the perfect guide to understanding Reflexology, especially for someone who is just learning about alternative healing

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology. This book is the perfect guide to understanding Reflexology, especially for someone who is just learning about alternative healing. By starting from the begining and not feeding too much information at a time, Dougans is able to ease the reader into becoming quite an expert on the subject in no time at all! Perfect Introduction to Reflexology. This book is an invaluable resource for people who wish to explore the field of reflexology.

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Reflexology is a unique system of foot massage based on the same Chinese holistic principles as acupuncture. This practical guide offers the reader a window into this remarkable therapy that can treat and prevent a whole variety of ailments.
User reviews
Besides taking a few on line courses on foot and hand reflexology I have read numerous books lately on this form of massage systems. I recently purchased and read this 192 page hardcover (Complete Reflexology: Therapeutic foot massage for health and well-being by Inge Dougans) book and found it to be a fairly good book on this topic.

This volume covers a lot of material and is full of photographs and illustrations. This book is organized into three parts. Part one provides a background of reflexology give some basic information on how reflexology can help you and the history of reflexology. The second part deals with how Flexology works. The final part covers practical reflexology techniques. There is both a positive and negative aspects of this book.

As mentioned previously there are tons of clear photographs and illustrations in this volume. That is the positive feature. However, I do not know what it is about books published in England, but they must all have incredible eye sight? The negative factor in this book and others published in Great Britain seems to be their passion for making the smallest font possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read a lot of books published across the bond because they do have some great titles, but they really should do something about the font size.

Rating: 3 Stars. Joseph J. Truncale (Author: Practicing Alone in Combatives and Self-Defense)
Hidden Winter
This book is actually used as a text book for training as a Therapeutic Reflexologist in SA. Combines reflexology techniques with Chinese Meridian and Elements theory. Found it comprehensive and interesting, but as it is a text book it is not aimed at the casual reader. It is hard to get one's head around the concepts on first reading unless guided in a classroom context and would need to be combined with face to face input if one is not already well versed in reflexology or meridian theory. Would have preferred a few more summary tables to provide the "bare bones" on which to build the detail.
This was an interesting book on feet. Everyone should have one.
book in great shape, learning to use guide
This book has a great wealth of information. Great if you are studying natural healing therapies. The descriptions are great and yet simple to understand.
Good Book Loved it!
A brilliant book but disappointed I bought it on Kindle as illustrations were not available. Definitely purchase in the paper version if you're a student of natural therapies.
Perfect thanks