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by Matthew Kerbel

Free eBook American Government: Your Voice, Your Future download ISBN: 1592601340
Author: Matthew Kerbel
Publisher: Atomic Dog; 1 edition (March 6, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 568
Category: Other
Subcategory: Social Sciences
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Rating: 4.6
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A government created by the people over whom it rules. The theory that government responds to individuals through their memberships in groups, assuring that government is responsive to a wide range of voices.

A government created by the people over whom it rules. Democracy without representation, where each eligible individual participates in decision making.

In five parts encompassing sixteen chapters, American Government: Your Voice, Your Future maps out a route designed to take you from understanding your place in the political system to how people connect with government, how the political system works and what it does, and finally'to come full circle'how responsive it is to your demands and desires.

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More by Matthew R. Kerbel. John Kenneth White, Matthew R. Party On!: Political Parties from Hamilton and Jefferson to Trump. Matthew R. Kerbel, John Kenneth White. Netroots: Online Progressives and the Transformation of American Politics (Media and Power Series).

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Material Detail: American Government: Your Voice, Your Future. Submitter: Naomi Otieno. American Government: Your Voice, Your Future. A natural, relaxed writing style promotes a sense of a conversation between author and reader.

AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: Your Voice, Your Future is a contemporary, affordable mainstream textbook that provides a comprehensive introduction to American government.

Matthew R. Kerbel, PhD. Villanova University. AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: Your Voice, Your Future is a contemporary, affordable mainstream textbook that provides a comprehensive introduction to American government.

Authors: Matthew R Kerbel. Feel free to highlight your book. Free shipping on rental returns. 21-day refund guarantee Learn more. Plus, a special surprise from Chegg. Popular items with this book.

comSell textbooks for cash using BookScouter. Author: Matthew R. Published: 01/01/2014. ISBN-13: 9780982324172.

This American Government textbook presents all of the nuts and bolts of government and politics while challenging students to define their own political beliefs and examine the impact of their own actions in the political sphere. Written in a conversational tone, American Government, Your Voice, Your Future makes use of creative interactivity and examples to engage students in a dialogue about the past, present, and future of politics and government in America. Special boxes on policy allow students to choose their own positions on hot issues and find out where they and their classmates fall into the nation-wide spectrum of belief.
User reviews
What's not to like when my Daughter Ace her political science class!
Amazing college text book! The author wrote it in an exciting and comprehensive manner that made you want to dive into the next chapter! Very nice appendixes, indexes, and well laid out chapters.
Risky Strong Dromedary
Just what I needed.
Brand New when purchased, great price!
I had to suffer through this book for a online political science class. I had already taken a previous online class and three junior level at my college. This is by far the worse textbook I have had in three years, it probably the worse textbook I've had since junior high.

Biggest Problem:

The book comes with a series of questions from a testbank written by the author. Often a teacher will simply grab questions and use them as the grading method. This normally isn't a bad thing. In this text, it is probably the worst thing a teacher can do, short of automatically failing the entire class.

The questions are written so poorly that it would seem that junior high students were given the task of writing them. Many of them given no hint as to what time period, what context, what specific subject or what person or event they are quizzing you are. Some are even contradictory, asking you to judge the confidence level of two groups at the same time, even when one group has very high levels of confidence and the other extremely low. Some don't even make grammatical sense. I had this one question about Flat Tax that had two correct answers (from the book word for word) as options. The explanation of why one was wrong actually stated both were right. It doesn't get any worse then that.

Some of the chapters seem to have been edited without having relevant questions edited. One question asked about a event that was never mentioned in the chapter and was only briefly touched upon 10 chapters prior and asked for statistics that were never cited in the book.

Some are even more ridiculous as they are complete opinion questions based upon the beliefs of your class. What the testbank fails to do is to give the professor the ability to change the answer to true or false. The author automatically assumes what your class believes and marks you wrong for disagreeing with his opinion about your class's opinion when he has never met any of you.

I've convinced the department head of the political science degree to drop this book from further usage.

Aside from the horrible questions, the book itself isn't very good. Many of its chapters are so superficial that you finish reading with the same amount of knowledge you went in with. The amount of generalizations about presidents, courts, congress and public opinion is outstanding. Furthermore, many of the statistics and charts are poorly explained and hard to read.

Furthermore, the lack of a court case glossary and reference is quite alarming. Trying to understand how specific court rulings and cases changed our history cannot be done without a reference to such cases and short analogies, in addition to case numbers that aid outside research.

If you're looking to understand the US politics, this is definitely not the book to use.
The binding is flimsy (far from ideal for a 500-page textbook), the paper quality is shoddy, and the printing job was so bad that entire paragraphs barely legible. If that's not enough, Kerbel's writing utterly fails to mask how idiotic he thinks his readers are- his chapter on Congress begins with the hook "you don't spend a lot of time thinking about Congress, do you?" Other condescending tidbits are scattered through the rest of the textbook, probably because there's no better way to engage students and promote civic engagement than assuming they're apolitical and vapid!

There are plenty of American Government textbooks out there. If you're looking, my suggestion is to skip this one and opt for another.
Zeks Horde
I had to use this textbook for a US Government political science course. The textbook was very easy to read and went in depth without being boring or focusing too much on one topic. The graphs, biographies, pictures, charts, and extra write-ups it gives are interesting to read. The chapter summaries and review questions are also very helpful when preparing for a test or exam. It's also easy to understand and get a lot out of whether or not the student is a political science major. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book.
The book never showed up, and it wasn't till 2 weeks later when I began emailing the vendor and they stated it was lost in the mail and issued me a refund, however, I needed that book for a test.