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by Henry M. Robert,Daniel H. Honemann,Thomas J. Balch,William J. Evans,Sarah Corbin Robert

Free eBook Robert's Rules of Order: Newly Revised (10th Edition) download ISBN: 073820384X
Author: Henry M. Robert,Daniel H. Honemann,Thomas J. Balch,William J. Evans,Sarah Corbin Robert
Publisher: Da Capo Press; Subsequent edition (November 10, 2000)
Language: English
Pages: 802
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Subcategory: Reference
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Rating: 4.1
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Paperback: 704 pages.

Paperback: 704 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0738203072. Until these issues are corrected, purchase is a waste.

Sarah Corbin Robert was the daughter-in-law of the original author and the .

She headed the authorship team that produced the most extensive general revision of the work. Henry M. Robert III is the grandson of General Henry M. Robert and has served as president of the Maryland Association of Parliamentarians and as parliamentarian for the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP).

Henry M. Robert III/William J. Evans/Daniel H. Honemann/Thomas J. Balch. Get started today for free.

It governs the meetings of a diverse range of ing church groups, county commissions, homeowners associations, nonprofit associations, professional societies, school boards, and trade unions-that have adopted it as their parliamentary authority. Robert and has served as president of. .William J. Evans, a retired attorney, was president of NAP from 1979 to 1981 and has also served as its parliamentarian. Daniel H. Honemann is an attorney in Maryland and a past president of the Maryland Association of Parliamentarians.

Originally published in 1876, it has been revised regularly through the years, including two major revisions, by Robert and his successors based on feedback from users.

ISBN 13: 9780306820212.

Download ppt "Parliamentary Procedure Official Reference Robert, Henry M. III, William J. Evans, Daniel H. Honemann, and Thomas J. Similar presentations.

Originally published as a slim document in 1896, General Henry M. Robert's classic guide to smooth, orderly, and fairly conducted meetings has sold close to five million copies in nine editions. The only book containing the completely developed Robert's Rules of Order subject matter, this latest edition will continue the book's reputation as the gold standard of meeting procedure for parliamentarians and novice club presidents and members alike. Thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the past decade's technological advances and usage, this tenth edition contains new information on how to conduct meetings over the Internet, on phone and video conference calls, and with members in absentia. The best book from which to learn all about running and taking an effective part in meetings, General Robert's gift of order is as indispensable now as it was a century ago.
User reviews
I downloaded this so that I could have a copy of Robert's Rules of Order in our school board meetings but it is practically useless. This is NOT the most recent 11th edition. It is the ninth and the contents, format, pages, etc. are completely different. So when you are in a meeting with that one snotty person that likes to quote Roberts and has the paperback edition, they will be able to find stuff faster than you AND they will say that their version rules because it is the most recent. Really puts you at a disadvantage to have this Kindle version.
Don't buy this version. Worst product I have ever bought from Amazon, and worst book I have ever bought anywhere. Looks like something produced by a kid and never proofed before printing. It does a disservice to a revered resource. Pretty cover, but you know what they say. I'll have to find another version somewhere.....
This book was not at all what I expected. From previous reviews, it appears that different versions of the book are available under the same heading. When I first opened the book, I thought the initial pages were errata for what followed but the entire book seemed to be some kind of annotation or perhaps abbreviation. This book does not have a table of contents or index, so trying to find something in the book is practically impossible. Unfortunately, I did not look at the book as soon as I got it nor did I need the reference within the first 30 days of ordering it so cannot return it. If you decide to order this book, be sure to look at it as soon as you get it so you can return it if you got the same version I did. I have learned my lesson and hope I can prevent someone else from making the same mistake. Now I will have to spend more money getting the right text but, this time I will go locally so I can be sure I am getting what I need. This one will go in the trash because that it all it is good for.
Compared to my old copy (which was falling apart and had the corner chewed by a puppy), the new version is totally disorganized, the so called index is a mess and practically unreadable. It seems as if someone had the bright idea of "modernizing" it to make it more readable by attempting to clump like subjects together. Instead of moving in an organized systematic method all they did was make a mess.
I wanted the whole thing, the complete book, but this is the "pocket guide." If you look hard enough on the web page for this item, you will see that it is the "Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies." I didn't look hard enough before I bought it, but I should have figured the entire book wouldn't be available on Kindle for $0.99 when the paperback is $12. If it was the whole book for Kindle it would have been about $10! Fortunately, I figured it out before my 7 days were up and I was able to return it. Maybe you'll read this and save yourself the trouble.
This Kindle version of Robert's Rules of Order lacks a copyright page and an edition page necessary to authenticate it as the authoritative version for use at a meeting. Until these issues are corrected, purchase is a waste. Each edition brings changes and no one wants to stand up to argue a point only to have someone else observe aloud that you haven't bothered reading the most recent edition which changed the rule governing your argument or point. Save your money until the most recent edition is formatted for Kindle.
Anyone having responsibility to preside over meetings in a variety of settings should have a copy of this book. In it you will find the help and advice needed to prepare properly, and officiate properly. The result will be a well-run meeting that actually accomplishes something in a reasonable time. I give 5 stars also to the seller for fair price, fast delivery, and a book in very good used condition as advertised. Can't ask for much more. ps: It's also a good idea for meeting attendees to be familiar with Roberts Rules, so as to be enabled to offer corrections/suggestions when meetings begin to get out of control and "off-topic".
Simply the best, professional and "non-credentialed" layman's resource for meeting structure, control, and management. With this and a one-page cheat sheet, anyone can be an effective chairman or parliamentarian.