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by David DeGrazia,Thomas A Mappes,Jeffrey Brand- Ballard Assistant Professor of Philosophy JD PhD

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Author: David DeGrazia,Thomas A Mappes,Jeffrey Brand- Ballard Assistant Professor of Philosophy JD PhD
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 7 edition (June 28, 2010)
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Pages: 752
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by David DeGrazia (Author), Thomas A Mappes (Author), Jeffrey Brand- Ballard Assistant Professor of. .While the pages themselves were intact, there is an extremely large section of the book, starting at the second page, that wasn't at all connected to the binding

by David DeGrazia (Author), Thomas A Mappes (Author), Jeffrey Brand- Ballard Assistant Professor of Philosophy JD PhD (Author) & 0 more. While the pages themselves were intact, there is an extremely large section of the book, starting at the second page, that wasn't at all connected to the binding. This made it rather difficult to manage the book, and I found myself removing that large section to look at other sections.

He has been teaching philosophy and biomedical ethics at George Washington University since 1989. He is the author of Taking Animals Seriously (Cambridge University Press) and of articles published in such journals as Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, Public Affairs Quarterly, History of Philosophy Quarterly, and Southern Journal of Philosophy.

These books illustrate two approaches to publishing in the field of medical ethics. Abortion and the Status of the Fetus provides a sustained and focused analysis of a single concept, personhood, and elaborates on the implications of that analysis for public policy and future debate on the issue of abortion. On the Genetic Basic of Parenthood, Journal of Applied Philosophy, 18(3), 273. 2. Austin, M. (2007) Conceptions of Parenthood: Ethics and the Family, Ashgate Publishing Limited, England, 11-60.

Bethesda, MD 20814 david. amp; Elton Professor of Philosophy George Washington University. ACADEMIC DEGREES P. Rome Hall 551 Washington, DC 20052. in Philosophy, 1989, Georgetown University (. GPA); comprehensive exams in ethical theory, bioethics, and epistemology (all passed with distinction); dissertation: Interests, Intuition, and Moral Status, supervised by Tom Beauchamp . tud. in Philosophy, 1987, Oxford University; moral philosophy with James Griffin, Wittgenstein with David Pears . with a major in Philosophy, 1983, University. of Chicago (Phi Beta Kappa); thesis advisor: .

Taking Animals Seriously: Mental Life and Moral Status (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1996). Creation Ethics: The overarching aim of this book is to illuminate a broad array of issues connected with reproduction and ethics through the lens of moral philosophy.

Philosophy of Cognitive Science. George Washington University. Biomedical Ethics in Applied Ethics. Similar books and articles. Philosophy of Computing and Information. Philosophy of Mathematics. Philosophy of Physical Science. Philosophy of Social Science. Philosophy of Probability. categorize this paper).

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This best-selling anthology of readings with case studies provides insightful and comprehensive treatment of ethical issues in medicine. Appropriate for courses taught in philosophy departments, bioethics programs, as well as schools of medicine and nursing, the collection covers such provocative topics as biomedical enhancement, clinical trials in developing countries, animal research, physician-assisted suicide, and health care reform. The text's effective pedagogical features include chapter introductions, argument sketches, explanations of medical terms, headnotes, and annotated bibliographies.
User reviews
I needed this book for a college class. It was very informative on the various topics of bioethics in medical care. It gives great stories and examples that relate to the topics to help the reader fully understand both sides of an argument. This book truly gives you something to think about. Some of the topics are very controversial. Even with this is demonstrates very well about how the other side feels about the specific topic. This book also furthered my knowledge on some of the various topics that I was lacking full information on before. Overall great book, great read. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about medical controversial topics. It will definitely make you question the way you thing about certain topics from DNR to medical care during a catastrophe.
I got the book for my bioethics course in nursing school. The book seemed over al well-written, had lots of case studies which were cool. Overall it was a very interesting subject and I actually enjoyed reading the text book and case studies which I normally don't do. I also feel the authors do a good job of showing both sides of the facts on some pretty controversial topics such as IVF, stem cell research, abortion etc. without choosing sides and making the reader feel like they need to choose the same side or are in the wrong for thinking a certain way. They let the reader digest the information and make their own decisions.
rented this book from amazon and the pages are all there which is why i gave it two stars. however, the binding of the book is completely shot, and it's really inconvenient. i cannot hold the book to read it because it further damages the book. it has to be sitting on a flat surface. leaves of pages are now starting to come off individually. overall, it gets the job done, but i'm disappointed that this book would continue to be rented.
was what I needed for class
I bought this book because it was required by my Bioethics course, which in and of itself I love, however this text book is VERY wordy and dense. It is packed full of good information of course, but reading it can sometimes be an ordeal. It tends to repeat itself by restating the same concept three or five times in the same chapter/essay/section. At this point I skim through it to understand the concepts that my class then reinforces; unless you are a scholar and a philosopher, I don't think reading the every word of the book and cover-to-back is quite necessary.
Worth the price.
When I ordered this it said it was in pretty good condition, but the cover and first few pages were very wrinkled and that just annoyed me every single time I went to go read from it. It's a good book but a lot of info just begs the question.
Served its purpose but it’s not it good shape. The center is torn apart. So pages are falling out