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by Leanne Banks

Free eBook Silhouette Romance - Large Print - Expecting the Boss's Baby download ISBN: 0373602391
Author: Leanne Banks
Publisher: Thorndike Press; 1 edition (February 14, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 283
Category: Other
Subcategory: Humanities
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Rating: 4.1
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The name LEANNE BANKS signifies the very best in romance. Romantic Times Magazine SILHOUETTE DESIRE PRESENTS AN EXCITING NEW MINISERIES BY BESTSELLING AUTHOR LEANNE BANKS. These super-wealthy bachelors form a secret Millionaires’ Club to make others’ dreams come tru. nd find the women of their dreams in return! Expecting the Boss’s Baby. The Millionaire’s Secret Wish. Books by Leanne Banks.

Expecting the Boss's Baby book. Published November 24th 2000 by Silhouette. You're no longer my assistant  . Expecting the Boss's Baby. Expecting the Boss's Baby (Million Dollar Men, ISBN. 0373763387 (ISBN13: 9780373763382).

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Used availability for Leanne Banks's Expecting the Boss's Baby. December 2000 : UK Mass Market Paperback.

Series: Silhouette Romance - Large Print. She writes such a nice story with romance, some sex but not over the top graphic. Hardcover: 379 pages. I prefer books that have the characters interacting continually. I read this in a day because I could not put it down.

The Silhouette Romance Series, like the Harlequin Series, is a well-loved romance line offered by Thorndike Press in a library hardcover . Book in the Million Dollar Men Series).

The Silhouette Romance Series, like the Harlequin Series, is a well-loved romance line offered by Thorndike Press in a library hardcover format.

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I love you, not as my boss but as a ma. It had been 2 months since Kate spent a night of. .in Comics & Graphic Novels, Manga, Romance. Books related to Expecting the Boss's Baby (Harlequin Comics). It had been 2 months since Kate spent a night of passion with her boss, Micha. Expecting the Boss's Baby (Harlequin Comics).

Expecting the Boss’s Baby. Sex is absolutely off the table. So this was Dax Girard's hiring policy. Well, it might not be conventional but then again, all admin–assist–wannabe Zoe Bravo wanted was a job. And her prospective boss, Dax Girard, was so gorgeous that he'd clearly had to beat them off with a stick before. So she calmly agreed to the mogul's terms even throwing in a fake fiancé for good measure! A strictly hands–off policy was fine with he. ut was it fine with him? Because the more no–strings–attached Dax swore he was as immune to Zoe as he was.

The Silhouette Romance Series, like the Harlequin Series, is a well-loved romance line offered by Thorndike Press in a library hardcover format. Featured authors include Nora Roberts, Maureen Child, Beverly Barton and Diana Palmer.

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User reviews
If I could give less than a 1 star I would. Thank goodness Amazon will let you return a book sometimes.

The other 1 star review really said it all but let me just reiterate.

(1) The writing was sub par and poorly done. Immature, it was more like reading a teenagers school story than a professional author.

(2) No character development at all. Like the writing, the characters acted and sounded more like badly written teens than mature adults who had the capability to run million dollar companies.

(3) I skimmed the parts with his friends. It was just cliched and clearly thrown in so the author could write more badly written books about them later.

I really don't know how this could have been published by a professional firm. Please don't waste your money.
Must REad
Favorite scene with Kate-
Telling Michael she fell in love with him because of cookies.
Favorite scene with Michael-
Realizing only his wife and baby are important.
Favorite scene together-
Discussing his childhood photos.
Self-made millionaires Michael Hawkins, Dylan Barrow, and Justin Langdon are all products of the Granger Home for Boys, a place for orphans. After winning an award from their former home, the trio discusses their successes, futures, and giving something back to the community by quietly forming the "Millionaire's Club" to help needy people. Michael's project involves unwed teen moms.
Meanwhile, Michael has problems on the professional and personal front. After winning a major contract, he and his trusted assistant Kate Adams celebrate with a few drinks that lead to lovemaking. Kate has loved her boss for quite a while, but he remains the "Tin Man" and tries to write off their evening of passion. However, a now pregnant Kate quits. When Michael realizes she is carrying his baby, he wants the child to have a name and security unlike his own childhood. He blackmails her into marriage using her mom's heart condition as a weapon. Even for the sake of their child, Kate wonders how she can live a lifetime with unrequited love?
The first "Millionaire's Club" story is a warm relationship tale that will please fans of contemporary romance. The story line is fun due to the lead characters, especially Kate who gains reader empathy. The support cast provides depth to an engaging novel that will send readers to seek books two and three, as they will know that they can take this author to the bank.

Harriet Klausner
I suppose I should just list out my reasons for disliking this book. To be honest, I couldn't even get very far before having to put it down. Well, here's why I had to put it down:

1.) The writing style is nothing special. It's actually somewhat boring and juvenile. Little detail is given about anything, even the appearance of characters, save for Kate who, gosh darn it, must be THE most beautiful woman in the world. In her case there is always lots of detail to go around, especially about how no man can EVER take his eyes off her. Ugh, sorry, but this does NOT make me like the character even more. I actually like my characters to be flawed.

2.) Every character that is not Kate, and maybe Michael, is a cardboard cut out. Michael's friends are one dimensional and Justin is just made to rub you the wrong way. Kate's mother is cliche and overly anxious. Thank God that Michael doesn't have any family. And I don't even feel sympathetic to that.

3.) Kate is ALWAYS right. Like the typical Mary Sue, Kate is always right, even if the other character's don't see it at first. This is not only irritating, it makes her character all around unlikable.

4.) Lastly, conversation, which makes up a lot of the story, is stiff. It does not seem life like, and really needs improvement.

Don't waste your money on this piece of garbage. Find something worth your time.
Expecting was a real treat for me I really enjoyed getting to know Michael Hawkins and Kate Adams. The secondary characters, friends of Michaels' from his time in a orphanage, Granger Home for Boys, also added to the mix. Michael never expected to find the woman of his dreams right under his nose, and Kate never expected to be the recipient of someone's attention as intensley driven as Michael. They both bring preconceived notions into the relationship and sorting those notions out and dealing with them makes this an enjoyeable read. I have to admit the character Justin is not one of my favorites but I have a feeling he will get his due in future books. The sincerity with which Michael and Kate try to relate to each other in this book is what drew me into it. Kate is an open book compared to Michael and their different ways of dealing with life's problems is what makes this book great. By trying to understand where the other is coming from and accepting their differences they are on their way to a beautiful relationship.
This is everything 'Her Pregnancy Surprise' failed to be. Granted that was not written by the same writer, but they both have plots nearly interchangeable. It's a fast read, with memorable characters you admire and laugh at, pacing is great. Well done.