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by David G. Myers

Free eBook Exploring Psychology, Fifth Edition in Modules download ISBN: 0716756269
Author: David G. Myers
Publisher: Worth Publishers; Fifth Edition edition (October 22, 2002)
Language: English
Category: Medicine
Subcategory: Psychology
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Rating: 4.2
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The modules are longer than they lead you to believe but I do think they are shorter than normal chapters

by. David G. Myers (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. C. Nathan DeWall is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Social Psychology Lab at the University of Kentucky. The modules are longer than they lead you to believe but I do think they are shorter than normal chapters. Overall interesting book and one I don't mind reading. The book already started falling apart though.

by David G. Myers (Author), C. Nathan DeWall (Author). ISBN-13: 978-1319104177. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work.

Exploring Psychology in Modules. ISBN-13: 978-1319104191. Why is ISBN important? ISBN. Exploring Psychology in Modules.

Exploring Psychology in Modules book.

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the book’s up-to-date coverage Exploring Psychology.

Exploring Psychology. Always on top of the latest news in psychology, always tuned in to what’s happening in the classroom, David Myers’ Exploring Psychology is far and away the best-selling brief introduction to psychology

Exploring Psychology. Always on top of the latest news in psychology, always tuned in to what’s happening in the classroom, David Myers’ Exploring Psychology is far and away the best-selling brief introduction to psychology.

For Sale is a brand new version of Exploring Psychology In Modules by David G Myers and this book is ready for immediate shipment. Compared to other similar texts that I have read, this one did not flow the best but the information was still easy enough to understand.

David Myers's bestselling brief text has opened millions of students' eyes to the world of psychology. Through vivid writing and integrated use of the SQ3R learning system (Survey, Question, Read, Rehearse, Review), Myers offers a portrait of psychology that captivates students while guiding them to a deep and lasting understanding of the complexities of this field.
User reviews
There is a lot of filler information, it's difficult to get critical information within the text; even though terms are bolded, they are not clearly defined with context. There are clear(er) definitions on the sides, as well as "retrieve it " sections, which allows to retain, or go back for critical information, but as someone who wants to learn as oppose to just pass a class, I can't rely on just that information without some sort of context. Overall, this book is poorly written. I find myself actively finding distractions to avoid reading so much filler and unnecessarily long-winded analogies (this review being one such distraction). This is a stark comparison to my Statistics book, where everything is neatly organized, and clearly defined, so I'm able to keep up despite my professor being useless (language barrier prevents him from understanding and answering questions during lectures). Another stark comparison to other Psychology class I took years ago at another school where the professor wrote his own material.

On a side-note, there have been 3 revisions inside of one year; 9th with DSM-V updates, 10th with DSM-V updates, and 11th edition. I understand psychology is a new and rapidly expanding field, but it isn't that quick. I suspect such fragmentation is insightful of the motives of the publisher.
Got this for psycology and this is a wonderful book to learn from. However every teacher I have for my psycology is just boring and find that I can totally teach my self way more than they can ever hope to achieve in the class. If they say read this chapter for a test blah blah blah. The teachers in college aren't interested in howe you learn their more interested in the answers smh. it's best to read the summary this book has it's a better example as to how to learn psycology than taking a class and waisting your money. This book has great examples and one of the better books out there for psycology. It might be a little bit too dull in some parts, though still a great read.
My professor was nice enough to suggest purchasing an older version of Exploring Psychology, as the newer one has the same information. I purchased a used paperback version of this textbook. The only wear and tear was the corners folded up a little. The information in the text book was actually easy to read and understand. The sides have pictures, diagrams, and definitions to help your understanding as you read. This version of the text book has the same information as my friend's, who has the newer version. I would suggest this to anyone taking an Intro psychology class, you will find all the information you need right here.
I've never wanted to write a fan letter to the author of a text book...until now. Author David G. Myers understands how the human brain works and learns and puts it to great effect in this book. If most text books are dry, then this one is juicy. Of all the text books I've ever had, I've enjoyed this one the most. Here's what makes it great:

- Lots of relevant color pictures, comic strips, graphs, diagrams, and quotes in the margins make the book more like a (very large) magazine
- Vocabulary words appear in the margins for contextual reviews
- Inside cover shows time line of great people and events in psychology
- Sections have both conventional titles and goals for learning that set expectations
- Text is easy-to-read, often entertaining and summarizes many interesting facts and experimental findings
- Interspersed self tests throughout a chapter are like rest stops on a turnpike that help verify comprehension and retention
- Chapter end review, vocabulary lists, and self tests are great refreshers
- Glossary provides full vocabulary of terminology
- Indexes of subjects, names, and references make reviews easy

This book is a keeper. I'm not selling it back after my class ends. You'll have to buy your own copy. :)
Instead of buying the 9th edition of this textbook, my teacher said that I could buy this edition in order to save money for my General Psychology class. This textbook was surprisingly fun and easy to use. It was similar to reading a novel than trying to read a lengthy textbook. It had jokes and comics throughout. It is a fascinating read and explains concepts in a way that makes them easy to remember. I had planned on reselling my textbooks from the semester, but couldn't bear to part with this one.
Okay so I had to read this for a class that I took back in community college, it was a good read but the book itself is a lot bigger than what it needed to be in my opinion. I liked the content in the book but I felt at times that the publishers of the book made it a little too easy to read, being that it is a psychology book it should make you think more.
This was a very easy to read textbook. It was just as entertaining as wikipedia surfing, which I found surprising. The in-book quizzes were more challenging than my actual exams - something I found to be super helpful.
i think this is the most interesting psych text i have read. i got it for a 4 week online class and had to read it cover to cover in less than a month. it was easy to read and has review sections within the chapter to make sure you are getting the information, and the author has a lovely sense of humor. I would reccommend this book very highly. the research is current and sound and he gives many perspectives on the same issues. there are some issues i had with how he organizes information, because it can be a bit confusing how he goes from general to specific then changes topics completely, but how else are you going to cover everything? Love the format, get the study guide too if you can.