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by Xavier G. del Valle

Free eBook Strawberries download ISBN: 1411623088
Author: Xavier G. del Valle
Publisher: Lulu.com (January 26, 2005)
Language: English
Pages: 144
Category: Love Story
Subcategory: Time Travel
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Rating: 4.6
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Classy and sparkling like premium champagne! The first and ultimate seven-language - mostly English, Spanish and Italian - novel ever written. A fast-paced and unputdownable intense love story aboard an MD11 liner during an emotionally turbulent and nightmarish journey from Zü�rich to Osaka. Upgrade to a comfy armchair, and treat yourself to an ambiguous and enticing space-time affair. Decode the puzzling dreams and fears of its vivid and unforgettable characters. Brilliant unusual stuff - an outstanding novel in a first class of its own. Fly dangerously!
User reviews
The statement about new languages equating to new souls has, I believe, appeared in Goethe's writings (and perhaps earlier philosophy). It makes the greatest sense to me. The author is clearly an experienced advertiser, which explains the attractive introduction of his work!

The first two pages of the main text are in Italian which was a challenge to me (I know Spanish a little, but not fluently) but I could make out the broad gist. Perhaps this is part of the point - we are not to feel comfortable with this book but be put under a little stress, just as air travel stresses and sometimes disturbs us with its unpredictable turbulence.

As for why the book is called "strawberries" I am still in the dark of a cabin showing an inflight movie - but air freight nowadays means that one can eat strawberries at any time of year. I wonder if that is part of the reason for the title. Anyway this is an excellent and highly original work. By the way, the author has uploaded a photo of his dog as a customer image! This adds to the bafflement, though the dog looks very fine.
I have done my share of traveling around the World, and reading "strawberries" gives you exactly the same feeling every traveler gets when confronted with languages different than the one one has been raised with (or should I say "in"?) New Lands, new Peoples, Languages you do not necessarily understand a 100%... "strawberries" is "a traveling novel about a travel". It puts you in those situations, offering the reader the beautiful challenge, and the great reward, of overcoming language-related (and/or similar) barriers. This by itself is already a powerful reason for not letting the chance to read this book pass by.

The plot is captivating, the format is extremely creative, the style it is written in is original and "user-friendly"... I really enjoyed it, and strongly recommend it!!!

Flight "stw-01" announces its departure. Got your boarding pass? Then hurry up, hop in, and enjoy the flight!
This book is about a travel to Japan, but it interest lies not only in the travel, which is quite amusing, but in the way the hero perceives the world from the particular atmosphere of a plane, being the air a destiny in itself. Written in different languages, its lecture is so quick and witty that catches the reader from the first page. Strawberries has a philosophical perspective and also funny notes taken from day to day life. Very original and worth reading for those who have travelled alone and are able to recognize the feeling of awareness implied in all travels.
After a first qick reading, I have just finished a second reading of this book. If I was initially caught by the original story which I really enjoyed , in my second reading I have "discovered" the interesting structure of the story and the excellent quality of the language used to describe it. It is not easy to find this combination; this make the book very enjoyable and easy to read, even if some times you might have trouble with some of the five languages in which the book is written. Reading Strawberries it is without doubt an interesting experience
Witty, intelligent and full of fun this novel grasps you from the beginning with intelligent humour and distinctive prose. As a well-travelled reader, one can easily relate to the characters depicted in the story, but in Strawberries nothing is as expected and there are new turns that surprise the reader all the way through. It is a pity that the novel ends, but the good thing about it is that it can be re-read without losing its freshness and edge.

I strongly recommend it!
Unique. This is the first word which comes to your mind when reading this extraordinary book.

I'm a compulsive reader whith thousands and thousands of pages on my shoulders and have to admit that never had anything similar in my hands.

If you want to experience a new type of literature, if you are tired of hundreds of similar novels, Strawberries is your choice.

Read it, enjoy it... and discover the future of literature!
Strawberries is a one of a kind book that really makes the reader feel as if they are traveling from one country to another. There are frustrations in not understanding the language 100% but that is true for any traveler in a strange and foreign land. The characters do create a familiarity and consistency which is the book's greatest strength. I recommend reading it next time you are going on a trans-continental flight!