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Free eBook Glitter Baby download ISBN: 0749939214
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Publisher: Piatkus Books Ltd (July 3, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 448
Category: Love Story
Subcategory: Paranormal
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Rating: 4.5
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Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Other Books by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Chapter 1. The Glitter Baby was back.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips. She paused inside the arche. he Baron’s Baby. She paused inside the arched entrance to the Orlani Gallery so the opening night guests would have time to recognize her. The low buzz of polite party conversation mixed with the street noises outside as the patrons pretended to view the African primitives hanging on the walls. The air carried the scent of Joy, imported pâté de foie gras, and money. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Call Me Irresistible is the book Susan Elizabeth Phillips's readers and listeners have long awaited. She's young, sassy, and heartbreakingly innocent. And her sensational career is headed for the stratosphere with a million-dollar movie deal and an explosive encounter with the man every woman in America wants. But long-hidden secrets surface with her waking passions, forcing her to flee her lover, her family-even her own fame.

Glitter Baby is a truly original triumph. Linda Barlow, bestselling author of Her Sister’s Keeper. Filed Under: Audio Books, Books, eBooks.

Ms. Phillips has crafted a highly entertaining story. Jake Koranda is one of the yummiest heroes to show up between book covers in a long time. Glitter Baby is a must for readers of women’s fiction. Sandra Brown, New York Times bestselling author. Glitter Baby is a truly original triumph.

In general, I've liked Susan Elizabeth Phillips' books. This one was one that I just got through. There wasn't much that made me want to keep going.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips (born December 11, 1948 in Cincinnati, Ohio) is a romance novelist from the United States. She is the creator of the sports romance and has been called the Queen of Romantic Comedy. Phillips was born on December 11 in Cincinnati, Ohio to John Aller Titus and Louesa Coate Titus. After receiving a . in theater arts from Ohio University, Phillips taught drama, speech, and English at a local high school until her first child was born, then became a stay-at-home mother.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Phillips Susan Elizabeth. 391 Kb. Glitter Baby.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - the complete book list. Contemporary Romance. Susan Elizabeth Titus was born 11 December 1948 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, daugther of Louesa Coate and John Aller Titus. She met her husband, Bill Phillips, on a blind date while in college. She obtained a BFA in Theater Arts from Ohio University and taught high school until her first child was born. Wynette, Texas - 1. AMERICA'S COVER GIRL She's young, sassy, and heartbreakingly innocent.

But there's more to the Glitter Baby than shine, and Fleur's tougher than Jake expects. LOVE IT! By far, this is one of Ms. Phillips's best books. Well written charters! Like. Even with the odds stacked against her, she's fiercely determined to discover the woman she's destined to be. An ugly duckling who can't believe she's turned into a swan.

GLITTER BABY is a sprawling romance that begins with the parents of the heroine and covers thirty years.

Only 18 left in stock (more on the way). Only 12 left in stock (more on the way). GLITTER BABY is a sprawling romance that begins with the parents of the heroine and covers thirty years. I just was not happy that the hero doesn't appear until page 108 and then the hero and heroine spend six years apart. The core of this story is about Fleur Savagar. The stage had been erected at one end of the rink, and hundreds of fans pushed against the wooden barricades. Ignoring the opening band, they called out for Barry and the group. at Fleur and told her to double-check everything. By the time she went backstage to watch the show, the crowd’s screams had grown deafening. Just as she put in the pink rubber earplugs the stage manager handed her, the rink went dark. A voice bellowed over the loudspeaker, introducing the band in German.

User reviews
I like SEP books a lot, but...not this one. I pressed on to the bitter end, which turned out to be less bitter than the rest but not enough to redeem it. The characters are dark and one-dimensional--the pretty-but-dumb drunken mother, the epitome-of-evil Russian villain, the gorgeous-but-tortured love interest. And of course the plot relies on that most irritating of romance novel conventions: the absolute refusal of the lovers to communicate with one another. This is just one more novel about the looming horror of--gasp!--hurt feelings, without any of SEP's trademark warmth and humor. (The warmth and humor make a brief appearance in the epilogue, but it's a clear case of too little too late.) It's a shame, because the Fleur Savagar character has potential.

And can someone tell me why this is part of the Wynette, Texas series? Spoiler: Texas never comes up.

I'll keep reading SEP because she writes delightful books, but I can't recommend this one.
Where to begin? How about with Kissy Christie, the comic sexpot who had been thrown out of the Miss America pageant for having relations with two of the judges. Like Ado Annie, that girl cain't say no. Definitely a side character. The story COULD have been told without her. Oh, but our heroine Fleur needs someone to talk to, someone to confide in. (If they made it into a movie, Kristen Chenoweth would steal the show as Kissy.) And though she's special, Kissy is not the only side character of note. You can understand all of the characters' motivations and feel sympathy for them all, including the villain. Other things you will find within these pages: Hollywood in the 50s, a Gothic subplot complete with child-left-at-nunnery, a machete-wielding musician, a spoiled-but- gullible rock star, and a whole passel of evil white roses. And, of course, a vibrant story with some steamy sex thrown in. In many ways Fleur, the heroine, is the strongest, most attractive character in the whole novel, but even she has her insecurities and imperfections which keep her from being a "type." Enjoyable and recommended.
Not typical SEP, but worth reading. Let me first say that I am a huge SEP fan. This was the 12th book of hers I have read. Unfortunately, this was the first book of hers I had ever actually considered putting down permanently. It is not that the book is dated, which it is, that bothered me. War and love are timeless topics as far as I'm concerned. What was rather off-putting, and not typical of her more contemporary works, is the heroine's malicious and perverse father and the detail and length of which he is involved in the story. Not to mentice her inept mother.

Ultimately, I skimmed until Fleur, the main character, was nearly an adult because I just couldn't stomach his abuse. Then picked up reading again. Having said that, I obviously quite disliked the first third of the book. The middle third I enjoyed and the last third I loved. While it is a love story, it is more a story about a young woman's journey into adulthood and how she overcomes much adversity to become a successful, confident, and independent person.

Unlike many of SEP's works, you won't find me rereading this one but it is worth a few hours to return to the eighties, hair bands, glitter and all.
GLITTER BABY is a sprawling romance that begins with the parents of the heroine and covers thirty years. I just was not happy that the hero doesn't appear until page 108 and then the hero and heroine spend six years apart. The core of this story is about Fleur Savagar. It deals with her relationship with her parents, her brother and her career. It is the story about how she creates herself. I loved the story of her and Jake Koranda. I just wish there were pages devoted to them.

Fleur is the daughter of a shallow woman who is celebrity obsessed. She is the ultimate stage mom who manipulates her daughter because of her own dreams. She starts Fleur as a model in her teens and then gets her a part in Jake's movie. Jake is a war veteran who has deep scars from his experience. He is a complex star who acts in action westerns and writes compelling emotional plays. When Fleur is cast in his first movie as a writer over his objections, he expects a spoiled vain girl. Instead hee finds her sweet and innocent and he begins to admire her dedication to her work. After a brief affair, Fleur rings when she finds out that she was manipulated into the affair.

Six years later, Fleur builds a life for herself as a talent agent. She encounters Jake again. The two have to discover if there is something between them in the face of danger.

I am ambivalent about this book. I loved the romance between Fleur and Jake and I even understood that the other information about Fleur's parents and brother and friends give depth to Fleur, but I would honestly skip entire chapters when I reread this.

I'd give this book 3.5 stars. I'd give the romance a 4.25.
I got Glitter Baby for free on a sale. The book has been on my kindle for almost a year. I finally got around to reading this book....WOW! What an excellent read! I am 44 and I was a teen in the 80's. I also like reading about the early days of Hollywood. For me this book was a one in a million kind of book.

This book spans the time of Belinda, who wants to be the next new It girl in Hollywood during the 1950's. Instead she finds she is weak and has no power. Alexi is strong and one of the most powerful men in France. What secret is Belinda hiding from Alexi?

Fleur was brought up in a convent in France. She always saw herself as an ugly duckling. Next thing she knows is she is 16 and the biggest name in modeling. By this time it is the mid 1970's. What happens to Glitter Baby? Why did she just disappear off the face of the earth? What did Fleur have to do to survive?

That brings us to the early 1980's. Fleur has made it back to New York. It is time for the return of Glitter Baby. What happens next? Read the book! It is a great read!!