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by Kim Lawrence

Free eBook The Prospective Wife (Modern Romance S.) download ISBN: 0263825248
Author: Kim Lawrence
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon; New Ed edition (2001)
Language: English
Pages: 185
Category: Love Story
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Rating: 4.1
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Mills & Boon Modern Romance Paperback. The Prospective Wife (ebook). Published January 2011 by Harlequin Books. Harlequin Presents ebook, 192 pages.

Mills & Boon Modern Romance Paperback. Author(s): Kim Lawrence. ISBN: 0263825248 (ISBN13: 9780263825244). ISBN: 1459200519 (ISBN13: 9781459200517).

The Prospective Wife book. Today they live on the farm her Though lacking much authentic Welsh blood, Kim Lawrence comes from English-Irish stock. She was born and brought up in North Wales. She returned there when she married, and her sons were both born on Anglesey, an island off the coast.

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That had happened forty-eight minutes ago, according to her watch. Despite the fact she was beginning to feel a little too warm in the baggy tee-shirt that she wore over her swimsuit, Kat felt strangely reluctant to strip off. Instead she sat at the side of the pool and trailed her toes in the water.

Kim Lawrence born in North Wales. Kim is married and has sons; they live in a farm in Anglesey. The Prospective Wife. Matt Devlin is the ultimate millionaire playboy, and irresistibly charming. Kim publicised her first novel in 1995. Her novels describe the classic romances with foreigners. The members of his family, however, are constantly trying to find him a suitable wife. Then Matt has an accident, and hi. HarperCollins

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Matt Devlin is the ultimate millionaire playboy, and irresistibly charming. Then Matt has an accident, and his suspicions are aroused when blond, beautiful Kat is hired to help him recover.

The Prospective Wife (Romance). The Prospective Wife (Romance). 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove The Prospective Wife (Romance) from your list? The Prospective Wife (Romance). Published June 1, 2001 by Harlequin Mills & Boon.

User reviews
Loved the story, the amusing dialogues( laugh out loud!), the frank spoken and smart h, the H who did not know what hit him!! Lovely chemistry and the fun situation. Don't miss it!
A while back I read this book in paperback and I thought it was cute and interesting. At the time I hadn't realized it was KL but then again I never used to pay attention to authors until I got a kindle app. I like KL a lot. There are a few books I've decided to skip because they sound boring because I don't like the topic or the age gap in them but others are really good. I like how diverse her plots are and even though all of them are 'cliche' for the most part, she manages to take a unique twist on the tried and true storylines. Some might say that they bicker too much, but I kind of like the bickering, it never really goes over the line into saying things that aren't true to the situation but if they do on the off chance, the person who said it instantly feels apologetic and usually apologizes. One thing after reading quite a number of KL books in a row, the characters are all similar, but the set up is always different. I like that about KL. I wish the females were a bit more different but at least the men while all alphas and USUALLY humanistic in some ways are varying in slight ways. Meaning the women aren't always redheads and the men aren't always total jerks. I kind of wish though I could read a book now where one of them isn't an author/photo-journalist/teacher/nurse-esque paired with a 'creative' businessman. Hehe.. but it's not any real criticism. I'd just like to see the female with a real job that she doesn't leave.
But I didn't like this book very much at all. It starts with a great premise: a Mother, estranged from her son because of a feud between him and his Father, hires a sexy massage therapist to work on her son, who's been injured in a chopper accident. But Matt just got on my last nerve. He wasn't witty, but obnoxious. And the heroine was a dithering idiot.

Okay, okay, we get it already: Matt's a hunk. So what? He's not charming, just leering at your body all the time and making what he believes are wisecracks.

I much prefer "Her Italian Boss," which features a story by Kim Lawrence and one by Lynne Graham. I bought that book for Lynne Graham's story and Kim Lawrence's story was so much better in my opinion. I loved the way the couple struck sparks off one another. They knew they shouldn't get involved but it was meant to be. Their love story was so much more believable and better developed than the one in "Propsective Wife," which is odd considering the author had half the space to create them.

For a much better massage therapist story, try Linda Howard's "Come Lie With Me" or one of Sandra Brown's earlier romances, I believe it was called "Adam's Fall."
Review for ISBN 0263170314, the regular print hardcover edition from Harlequin Mills & Boon.

Description from the book back cover:

Surprise marriage candidate? Matt Devlin is the ultimate millionaire playboy. Gorgeous. Irresistibly charming. Sex on legs! His family are so keen to see him settle down that they're constantly trying to find him a suitable wife. So Matt is instantly suspicious when blonde, beautiful Kathleen Wray turns up as his new physiotherapist. Kat is horrified to be suspected of a matchmaking scheme. She's there to treat Matt after an accident: her job is to mend, not marry him! But all this talk of bedding and wedding starts to sound dangerously attractive - to both of them ...
Matthew Devlin, a millionaire, owner of an airplane company was badly injured in a helicopter crash. Despite his injury, his father, which is also his "rival" won't ever forgive him for betraying him! Desperate to see the dad-and-son duel over, his mother planned a wicked solution-Matt marrying and produced an heir. Enter Kathleen Wray, beautiful, blonde girl, Matt's personal physiotherapist hired by his mom as the girl to mend and, if possible, to marry! Oblivious to the fact that she'd been used, Kat was shocked when Matt accused her to seduce him! Lots of catfight at the beginning, Matt wasn't immune to Kat's beauty-inside and outside, and he set to propose gorgeous Kat as his wife, until he knew a secret...

I've read this book for over 5 times! you'll love these 2 characters; sarcastic, egomaniac Matthew and innocent, lovely Kathleen. The dialogue was really hilarious I was smiling and laughing all the way while reading this book. Enjoy!