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by Hayley Ann Solomon

Free eBook By Way of a Wager (Zebra Regency Romance) download ISBN: 0821767232
Author: Hayley Ann Solomon
Publisher: Zebra; First Edition edition (November 1, 2000)
Language: English
Category: Love Story
Subcategory: Historical
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Rating: 4.7
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By Way Of A Wager book. By Way of a Wager (Zebra Regency Romance). 0821767232 (ISBN13: 9780821767238).

By Way Of A Wager book.

Solomon, Hayley Ann. Miles’s eyes were warm as they rested on Cassandra, his sharp eyes noting the clinging gown, wet through and through, and the soft kerseymere shawl that clung closely to her shivering figure. Miles’s eyes were warm as they rested on Cassandra, his sharp eyes noting the clinging gown, wet through and through, and the soft kerseymere shawl that clung closely to her shivering figure, as much. for modesty, he guessed, as for warmth. It’s astonishing, is it not, how such a humid night can turn cold? Don’t shiver, my sweet! We’ll soon have you as warm as toast. Tomorrow you will send for your clothes while we discuss what is to be done with you. Tonight I’ll lend you my thick brocade dressing gown and you’ll feel, if you’ll excuse the humor, as right as rain!

Hayley Ann Solomon Hayley Ann Solomon. On a moonless night, Lord Guy Santana encounters a lovely young woman carrying a black cat. "I am your destiny," she cries, then vanishes

With two young nieces now in his charge, the Earl of Devonport is quite suddenly in need of a wife-and kind, gentle Amaryllis Hastings fits the bill nicely. His marriage will be nothing more than a convenience, after all-but his "retiring" bride surprises him at every turn, especially when he discovers that she has stolen his heart! Previously published in A Wife for Papa. "I am your destiny," she cries, then vanishes. His lordship is certain this chance meeting must have been a dream.

Hayley Ann Solomon (Author). She decides to use her incredible memory to good effect and fleece silly young men more eager to place a wager on cards than to use their own common sense. Masquerading as a youth, she begins gambling to good effect until her ruse is discovered by an amused Lord Laxton, who decides to place his own wager rather than expose her. He bets that no woman can ever beat a man at cards - certainly not at Brook'es, the Gentleman's Club of London. a quirky novel with a lively twist -very enjoyable.

Report an error in the book. Damsel In Distress Though her brother was presumed dead at Waterloo, Miss Cassandra Beaumaris was determined to escape her lecherous guardian and find him. Sheer desperation forced her to accept shelter from the eighth Duke of Wyndham only to have the handsome nobleman insist she marry him to salvage her reputation! And so Cassandra proposed a game of chance. If she won, she would have her freedom. And if she lost, she would place her future-and her heart-in his hands.

Find nearly any book by Hayley Ann Solomon. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. His Bride To Be (Three Zebra Regency Romances). by Catherine Blair, Cathleen Clare, Hayley Ann Solomon. ISBN 9780821766101 (978-0-8217-6610-1) Softcover, Zebra, 2000.

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Kensington Publishing Corp. Romance is most certainly not on Lord Nicholas Cathgar's agenda when he comes to the aid of lovely but vexatious Theresa Hampstead. His secret mission to foil a group of anarchists brings him to a meeting spot near the inn where, as he fights a losing battle with the bloodthirsty gang, he is rescued by none other than a certain spirited female-who happens to be a crack shot! To his chagrin, Nicholas now owes the lady his life, as well as the forty guineas that were pilfered from her room. He insists on escorting her to London, and presents her with a debt of honor.

Tagged as regency, historical, christian, victorian. by Hayley Ann Solomon.

Desperate to escape the lecherous clutches of her guardian and find her missing brother, presumed dead at Waterloo, Casandra Beaumaris enlists the aid of the powerful Duke of Wyndham, who offers her marriage to salvage her reputation. Original.
User reviews
An enjoyable read, if you like as I do, this genre, the pace was leasurily, not much heat, but nice and fun. However, I did not like that the first emotion the hero had when first meeting her, as an adult woman was: pity. Nor that his thoughts when he was later that night dancing with her were: that he had waltz "with far, far more beautiful women". Not exactly the dazzling first impression, I love for a heroine to make on the hero. Still I was ready to give this book 4 stars until toward the very end.

Instead of tying loose end between the hero & heroine, there is a rediculous episode (taking time away from the couple being together), about a lady the hero's aunt want for him to marry. It further annoyed me, that this lady was utterly gorgeous (in a far more descriptive way, than the heroine ever was) and tall (unlike the heroine who was pathetically small, in my opinion), thus making the lady and the hero a stunning couple. For me, at least, the ending was utterly lacking.
This book is a sweet little Regency that really is a nice story, but the quality of the writing is rather atrocious. It reads like a debut novel in form and technique, but the research and detail are that of a more dedicated professional. The premise is charming and the characters are engaging, but the craft did not live up to expectations. I hope that this is a fluke and will not be repeated.
I thoroughly enjoy this story! A dashing duke, a monstrous would be murderer, a wounded war hero and even a sword fight! All the great elements of an exciting romance!
Her brother has been presumed dead and the heir to his title has moved in lock, stock, and barrel to claim his inheritance. Unfortunately, the title comes without the necessary money to maintain it, so the unscrupulous new earl contrives to force Cassandra to marry him so that he can control her forty thousand pound dowry. Cassandra, however, would rather be dead than marry this usurper...and unfortunately, she soon finds herself thrown out in the middle of a rainstorm with no money and no place to go.
The Duke of Wyndham finds a muddy waif on the road and discovers that she is none other than an older version of the young maiden who charmed him several years ago. He finds himself willing to marry her not only to salvage her reputation, but also to love and protect her for the rest of her life. But first he must find out the truth about her missing brother and get revenge on the nasty cousin who has treated her so abominably.
This is an enthralling "Cinderella-type" love story with memorable characters and a satisfying ending, but I have to say that the "wager" plays almost no part in the story and, in my opinion, does not deserve such a prominent place in the title. This small defect does not take away from the story, however. In spite of all the circumstances against her, Cassandra refuses to give up hope that the situation will be rectified, and, indeed, plays a pivotal, if risky, part in defeating the villains. You'll love it!
I enjoyed reading this book, not just because the plot was well constructed and the story affecting, but also because the history was interesting, and a little glimpse of the Napoleonic wars was historically intriguing - just enough for a regency, not overdone, but used to good effect. Basically a Cinderella type story but with regency background and a very endearing cast of characters. Cassandra Beaumaris has integrity and courage - she deserves the Duke of Wyndham! Rated 4 stars by goodreads.
I recommend this book for anyone who likes old regencies. Very clean and delightful.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.