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Free eBook Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger. Heidi Rice download ISBN: 0263215539
Author: Heidi Rice
Publisher: Mills & Boon; Library ed edition (December 1, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 1
Category: Love Story
Subcategory: Contemporary
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Rating: 4.7
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Зарубежные любовные романы. Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger. HEIDI RICE was born and bred and still lives in London, England

Зарубежные любовные романы. Читать онлайн бесплатно. HEIDI RICE was born and bred and still lives in London, England. She has two boys who love to bicker, a wonderful husband who, luckily for everyone, has loads of patience, and a supportive and ever-growing /American family. As much as Heidi adores â?˜the Big Smokeâ?™, she also loves America, and every two years or so she and her best friend leave hubby and kids behind and Thelma and Louise it across the States for a couple of weeks (although they always leave out the driving off a cliff bit).

This series started with Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger featuring Cornish lifeguard Maddie Westmore and Ryan King, the surfer she saves from drowning one cold October afternoon. The next book is called Cupcakes and Killer Heels and features Maddie's barrister brother Callum Westmore and Ruby Delisantro, the luscious cupcake baker he bumps into (quite literally) one morning during a fender bender in Camden

USA TODAY bestselling author HEIDI RICE discovered she loved romantic fiction at about the same time she discovered boys and sheâ .

USA TODAY bestselling author HEIDI RICE discovered she loved romantic fiction at about the same time she discovered boys and sheâ?™s been admiring both ever since. With this in mind, her first brilliant career plan involved marrying Paul Newman. They surfaced together, breaking back into the heaving sound and fury of the angry sea. It took Maddy a moment to orientate herself, then she paddled furiously, riding the swell as she clung to the strangerâ?™s prone body.

I loved reading Heidi Rice’s fabulous Brothers & Sisters Series and I found myself having to go back and read Surf, Sea And A Sexy Stranger (Modern Heat) . I will definitely look out for more Heidi Rice books in the future.

I loved reading Heidi Rice’s fabulous Brothers & Sisters Series and I found myself having to go back and read Surf, Sea And A Sexy Stranger (Modern Heat) (Brothers & Sisters, again, just to see where it had all begun. I loved it the first time and the second time and now the third tim. . May 16, 2011 Doris rated it it was amazing. This is the first Heidi Rice I ever read and was hooked.

Save For Later Save Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger For Later. It was a time when the idea of an endless summer appeared on movie screens, with surfers chasing tasty waves and a big, THE IDEA OF SURFING A BOAT’S WAKE dates to at least the 1950s or ’60s, when recreational powerboating boomed in postwar America. It was a time when the idea of an endless summer appeared on movie screens, with surfers chasing tasty waves and a big, Save Endless Summer, Reimagined For Later.

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User reviews
Prince Persie
This book was just great. We have an injured Hero who stumbles and nearly drops the girl while trying to carry the Heroine to bed. That's never happened in any other books I've read before. Then, he's so excited that it looks like all systems might be go again for the first time since his accident, that he goes rushing through and doesn't give ANY thought to her feelings, enjoyment, nothing. The fallout from that is actually kind of funny. The fact that he was so clueless about his performance and her reactions to this were great. He's just ready to do a fist-pump because everything worked for him finally and then, oh...this wasn't good for you? I had read this book a long time ago and remembered it so I took the time to try and find it again for a re-read. That unfortunately isn't easy with Harlequin because they seem to have no sort of database where you can try to find a book. If you don't remember the author's name you're out of luck. This was worth the effort for me. It was quite entertaining.
Mills and Boon were so kind this year to send me a wonderful package with chocolates, face masks, and of course- two books! The first I read from M&B was Surf Sea and a Sexy Stranger by Heidi Rice. Maddy Westmore is on lifeguard duty when she has to rescue a man from drowning. The deliciously sexy man turns out to be millionaire entrepreneur Ryan King, though Maddy doesn't know who he is. Rye has turned into a bit of recluse since a motorbike accident, which left him with a bad knee and inability to perform sexually. He is standoffish to Maddy after she pulls him from the water, mainly because he is embarrassed, but also because he is extremely turned on by her. Maddy insists on checking up on him after the surfing accident, which leads to a surprising night of passion. Maddy, who has a shoddy family background thanks to an affair by her father and has been used by several past boyfriends, can't believe she gave in so easily to Rye's charms. And Rye can't believe he was able to get it up. The pair decide to give "just friends with benefits" a shot, but it is clearly not what they both want. But when their complicated backgrounds come to light, Maddy and Rye need to decide if they could make a relationship work, or if they are just not meant to be.

Surf Sea and a Sexy Stranger has a lot of romance and passion between the pages, but I kept finding myself a bit bored. I enjoyed Maddy's character, she was jaded yet innocent and I was really rooting for her, but Rye didn't connect with me so much. His womanizing and egotistical ways was a big turn off, so I didn't quite understand the attraction to Maddy and vice versa. Trying to be just friends with no strings attached was clearly not working from the beginning, and Maddy's outright resistance to date her boss (Rye) wasn't too convincing, and I think that is where the story fell flat for me. And there are a lot of sex scenes, which isn't really my cup of tea either. I did think the writing was very good though, this is my first read from Rice but it is evident she is very talented. The dialogue and description of the surroundings were both excellent, and I think I will try another by this author and see if I enjoy it more. Overall though, it was an interesting read and I would recommend this book. I would give it a try and see what you think of Maddy and Rye and their complicated romance.
The title Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger only covers the initial chapter; it's what happens with that sexy hunk later which makes this book such an amazing reading experience. This story defines what I look for in a romance book and Ms. Rice delivers.

Maddy is the heroine and she's such a warm and wonderful person it was a pleasure watching her deal with the cranky dude she saved from drowning. The fact that she was basically innocent of much of the cynical angst and manipulative plotting that most of the females Rye, the hero, was used to dealing with meant that this story got me excited. As soon as Maddy told him off with her "Cheers, Grumpy." salvo, I was hooked. Ms. Rice provided Maddy with some of the most adorable and hysterical dialogue opportunities that worked so well with Rye's surly attitude. It was when she got Rye to laugh that completely ensnared me and ensured that I would not put down this book until I was done. I never knew what Maddy was going to say and neither did Rye which was half the fun. I enjoyed how the heroine talked to herself and called herself, `Ms. Fix-it'. This story is chock full of clever writing and great descriptions. I don't know how to express the extreme satisfaction that I got while reading this story.

Rye is a deliciously complicated man with a few defensive layers just begging to be unraveled. He's rich, he's commanding and boy, does he ever know his way around a woman's body. There were quite a few times I really wished I was Maddy when he does what he does to her, more than once. Readers might need to grab a few ice cubes because this story is hot. I don't mean that it's graphic, it's not. What makes it so darned effective is Rye's seduction of the heroine and her reaction to it. The writing is superb. When he asked her if she likes a certain kind of sex play, it's her reaction to him and his reaction to her reaction that had me reading wide eyed in eager fascination. It was enthralling, entertaining and a heck of a lot of fun. The thing is, I can get caught up in talking about all this spice and it is distracting, effectively so. And I'm not the only one who gets distracted by it. It was a pivotal revelation in the story. I enjoyed it when Maddy figured Rye out and came to a few hard conclusions. It was the hero's response that made this romance so dramatic.

This story is character driven with the conflict being mostly internal. It's about letting go of fears, earning trust and not being afraid of the future. It's about celebrating what is truly important in life and grabbing the brass ring. Secondary characters are few but the most telling are Rye's buddies, Phil and Zack. They are on scene enough to help a reader understand Rye a bit more and to stir up the plot advancement a little bit. Then there is Cal, Maddy's brother. If there ever was a hook for a future book, Ms. Rice delivered it with an effective lure. There is no way readers are going to want to be left dangling after that little piece of internal dialogue from Maddy. Certainly not me. I sense a sequel and I can't wait!

As much as I feel that the dilemma of Maddy's future employment was solved a bit too sweetly for my tastes it didn't dilute the sheer delight I received from the very complete and heartwarming happily ever after. I really liked how the author chose to bring it all together. In fact, the revelation at the end and Rye's reaction to it from his point of view made me want to hug him. Maddy and Rye are really good together and the Ms. Rice got their personalities to fit perfectly.

Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger is a very emotional book despite the very cheery title. This book hit all my happy buttons and is the kind of book I would have no problem telling all my friends to read. There is so much to like and enjoy throughout the entire story, it's actually hard to pick just one scene or moment that was better than another. They all contributed to my maximum enjoyment and I look forward to reading other books from Ms. Rice. If her sense of humor and interpretation of life's quirky moments are typical for her style of writing then the author has found herself a new fan.

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