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by Anne Mather

Free eBook His Forbidden Passion download ISBN: 0373129718
Author: Anne Mather
Publisher: Harlequin Presents; Original edition (January 25, 2011)
Language: English
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Womens Fiction
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Rating: 4.5
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Anne Mather says: ‘I’ve always wanted to write-which is not to say I’ve always wanted to be a professional writer. His Forbidden Passion.

Anne Mather says: ‘I’ve always wanted to write-which is not to say I’ve always wanted to be a professional writer. And now, more than 150 books later, I’m literally-excuse the pun-staggered by what happened. I had written all through my infant and junior years, and on into my teens.

It was the next morning and, after making certain enquiries, Cleo had found her way to Serena’s apartments.

It was the next morning and, after making certain enquiries, Cleo had found her way to Serena’s apartments be one of the servants. Her eyes had widened considerably when she’d seen Cleo. To go home?’ she echoed. In a thin silk negligee, Serena had been having breakfast on her balcony. But she’d left the table to answer the door. oes my father know about this?’. No one knows,’ said Cleo flatly. And I wanted to make all the arrangements before I tell Jacob.

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"strong" [" Mills & Boon are excited to present The Anne Mather Collection - the complete works by this classic . Before she knows it, Cleo is whisked away to his luxury resort on the sultry Caribbean island of San Clemente

"strong" } {"em" } Dominic Montoya is strictly off-limits. Before she knows it, Cleo is whisked away to his luxury resort on the sultry Caribbean island of San Clemente. She finds herself inextricably caught in the tangled web of her new family connections - and helplessly falling under Dominic’s spell.

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Anne Mather - the complete book list A forbidden affai. ive years ago Abby Laurence would have given anything to be Luke Morelli's mistress

Anne Mather - the complete book list. She did and her first book, Caroline as Anne Mather, was published in 1965, when she was only 19. Since then she has written over 160 books and is one of the most popular and prolific authors for Mills & Boon/Harlequin. Her novel, Leopard in the Snow (1974), was developed into a 1978 movie. A forbidden affai. ive years ago Abby Laurence would have given anything to be Luke Morelli's mistress. The taste of his lips and the burn of his touch offered a safety and sanctuary she craved more than anything.

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Anne Mather is the pseudonym used by Mildred Grieveson (born 10 October 1946 in England, United Kingdom), a popular British author of over 160 romance novels. She also signed novels as Caroline Fleming and Cardine Fleming. Mildred Grieveson began to write down stories in her childhood years. The first novel that she actually finished, Caroline (1965), was also her first book to be published. Her novel, Leopard in the Snow (1974), was developed into a 1978 film.

Dominic Montoya was darkly handsome and oh, so dangerous to know. Cleo knew he was strictly off-limits. But she couldn't turn her back on him altogether; he had information that could change her whole life.Cleo was torn as to which path she should choose, but reluctantly agreed to follow Dominic to his home on the sultry Caribbean island of San Clemente. Soon they were caught in the tangled web of their new family connections—and their forbidden attraction was too hot to handle…but too strong to deny….
User reviews
This story brushed the surface of some sensitive social issues. One that stood out to me is children being made to suffer or pay for the sins of the parents. You see that here in the way Cleo is received and treated by those she meets when she visits the grandfather she did not know existed until her adoptive parents die. This and others are just side issues that create the circumstances that blossom into real love between Cleo and Dominic. The story sort of brings to mind these issues as captured in two movies that touch on the subjects, "Saratoga Trunk" and "Island in the Sun". This story is not as well developed as those two, is more erotic, but it may still hold your attention.
I have not been abled to get thru half of the book.

While the premise is interesting, the writing style in this book drags……. I cannot get myself to read more as I find it boring…

This buy, was an expensive mistake, … Bought it based on the reviews and on the fact that this author is usually good ( a classic )

Will try to read it again after sometime… ……
"His Forbidden Passion" was an unexpected delight in every way. The heroine and hero of the story, Cleo and Dominic, meet in an unusual way. They also happen to be a biracial couple, which is just incidental to the story. She is half black, he is white. The attraction between the two is almost instantaneous. But they are both fighting it because of a variety of reasons. Our heroine is plucky, stubborn, intelligent, beautiful and has great integrity. Our hero is a handsome alpha male, as is common in Harlequin Presents books, but he is also compassionate and has a conscience. And, thank Goodness, he does not treat the heroine like trash, unlike many "heroes" in Harlequin books lately (treating the heroine like trash always makes me want to slap the hero stupid in Presents books). And it is totally refreshing that the hero, Dominic, recognizes that he is in love fairly early on in the story. Usually, in Harlequin Presents books, the hero has never known love before and, thus, does not recognize he is in love until the last 10 pages of the book. In "His Forbidden Passion", Dominic has had love all of his life from his family members, understands how love feels, and actually welcomes the knowledge that he is in love with Cleo. I almost fell off my chair when he did that - I found that exciting and lovely!

There are a stunning number of twists and turns in this book, which is fabulous. The romantic scenes between Cleo and Dominick are both steamy and romantic - perfect for a romance novel. The book is well-written by Anne Mather, we are told the story from both the heroine's and the hero's point of view. There are, of course, obstacles in our couple's way in the form of their family ties and his current girlfriend, Sarah. Both Cleo and Dominic suffer from a love they each think is unrequited, and the ending of the book is both realistic and wonderfully romantic. As I said before, I loved this book from beginning to end. It is a quick, easy, happy read. I hope Harlequin brings us more in their "Presents" series of books like this book. It's wonderful Harlequin took a chance on presenting a biracial couple - and the payoff for their risktaking is fabulous. Readers will love this book no matter what race they are, because great romance is great romance, no matter what. Bravo, Harlequin!
His Forbidden PassionThis book was different in that the heroine is bi-racial and the hero white. Cleo discovers the people she thought were her parents were in fact her adopted parents. Her real father was married and had an affair with her Island mother who died giving birth. The father too later died. Enter her biological grandfather the wealthy patriarch who is terminally ill and wants to get to know his grandchild Cleo. To further complicate matters, Cleo's biological father and his wife Lilly had another son--but he was adopted when little--named Dominic. Dominic and Cleo are immediately, passionately drawn to one another and the sparks that fly between those two would burn the waters of the Atlantic...where the whole drama unfolds on an island in the Bahamas. I always enjoy romances where there's forbidden love and a passionate attraction that the couple cannot resist...this was that sort. I found this book highly romantic. There were a couple of areas I felt the writer could have developed...I would have liked to have seen the friendship develop between the two--he never took her out to dinner or a date....I also hate stories with 'incestuous overtones' and felt this book was riddled with those overtones albeit it was via step-this and step-that--so I'm knocking off a point for those two reasons. I loved Dominic and Cleo together and was gripped from start to finish. The end of the book was moving.
Great to see a story with a character in a story with a multi-ethnic background. Also, all the characters were so believable and human. Great read!