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by Misty Evans

Free eBook Operation Sheba download ISBN: 1605043265
Author: Misty Evans
Publisher: Samhain Publishing; First Edition edition (July 1, 2009)
Language: English
Pages: 312
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: United States
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Rating: 4.2
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For fans of Homeland and Covert Affairs! ***#1 Romantic Suspense, #2 Romance, #3 Bestseller in Kindle Store in 2010! ***1st Place Winner of the New England Readers Choice Award for Best Romantic Suspense!   First in the award-winning romantic suspense Super Agent series by USA TODAY bestselling author Misty Evans.   Julia Torrison--codename Sheba--is keeping secrets.   Seventeen months ago she was one of the CIA's super agents, facing down dangerous terrorists with her partner and lover Conrad Flynn. After a mission was blown and Conrad died, Julia was yanked back to Langley and given a new identity. She is now the Counterterrorism Center's top analyst, spending her days at CIA headquarters and her nights in her boss's bed. Her former life as a secret agent has been sealed off with her heart.   Former SEAL Conrad Flynn--codename Solomon--has his own secrets.   For starters, he's not dead. Going under the deepest cover possible, he faked his own death to save Sheba's life. Now he must tear that new life apart and ask for her help to hunt down a traitor inside the Agency's walls.   Is Conrad a rogue operative or a jealous ex-lover looking for revenge?   Julia must risk everything for the man who still holds her heart in order to decide. Drawn into a web of seduction and betrayal, she is forced to play the spy game of her life, flushing out an Agency mole and stopping a hostage situation using nothing more than her iPod and her intuition.
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Julia and Conrad are CIA agents in Europe. Conrad fakes his death and disappears for 17 months. Julia was in love with him and grieves. Because her life is in danger, her boss Michael brings her in from the field and gives her a job as an analyst at CIA headquarters. He also gives her a new identity. Michael helps her heal, and they fall in love. There is a mole at the CIA. Conrad has been trying to find the mole for 17 months. He comes to town with some evidence and asks Julia for her help. She is furious that he caused her to think he was dead. Now she is torn between the two men she loves. The mole is dangerous and plans to kill Conrad, Julia and others.

This is a good CIA thriller with lots of heroic action and suspense. There is no relationship development because we meet the three characters after they've fallen in love. Julia loves both Michael and Conrad. The reader will find out later if she ends up with one of them or not. Read this for action and suspense. It has a happy ending. There were none of my pet peeves. The plot and characters were good. I liked it, but I wanted to be a little more surprised or delighted (or maybe a little more romance) in order to give it more stars.

A small part of the story talked about Julia's abusive childhood. I liked the author's insight into the effects of abuse and how Julia survived it, described on page 46. "Having grown up with an abusive stepfather, Julia had learned at a young age the cost of showing emotion. Emotions were not to be trusted. Emotions got you another punch from a hard fist. Instead she learned to tap down the emotions so she could analyze and control the situation in her favor." I was intrigued with Julia's character as having "a high level of introversion. She craved solitude, preferred to work alone, and sought companionship on a one-on-one basis. A lone wolf to whom isolation was comfortable." (page 43). This, a consequence of abuse.

Story length: 295 pages. Swearing language: strong (including religious swear words). Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 2. Total number of sex scene pages: 5. Setting: current day Berlin, Virginia area, Prague, and Mexico. Copyright: 2009. Genre: suspense thriller with romance.
Wow! I just finished Operation Sheba and absolutely loved it. Lots of action and suspense with some hot guys and gals thrown in for the romance part. This book hooked me from the first chapter and I couldn't put it down until I finished it. Fast paced action! Love this author and this series (and all of her series that I have read). I highly recommend this book. Thank you Misty Evans, for another sleepless night. I don't mind being tired the next morning as long as the entertainment is this great!
As a free read on Kindle, you'd be hard pressed to beat Operation Sheba. The story is well told, the characters sympathetic and interesting, and the plot is full of intrigue, espionage, and thrills. The pacing and plot evolution were reasonably well done, and there were really only one or two parts that I thought would've been better served by a bit of editing, as I felt they were a little too descriptive or over written, but nothing to truly bog down the narrative or the let the tension in the plot fizzle.

I admit that this book is not in preferred genre of mine, and had it not been a free Kindle download, I wouldn't have read it, but I will say that it was well written and any fan of romantic spy thrillers would be very satisfied by it. If Misty Evans has any other books in different genres, I'd definitely be interested in checking them out, because I WAS pleased with her writing style and very much enjoyed the way she wrote the relationship between Julia and Con, and very impressed by the machiavellian plotting and imagination that went into the development of the antagonist. And I really loved Smitty and Ace, though they were perhaps not as developed as they could've been.

I had one issue that I feel important enough to mention. There are a series of POV shifts at one particular part of the book when Jules and Con are in the safehouse and Michael is...lets say "otherwise occupied" to prevent spoilers. I wish the author had chosen to go another route on that, because I found it very distracting - unable to concentrate on the warm fuzzies (or the sizzle) of the Jules and Con moments out of concern for what was going on across town. And visa versa. Perhaps had it been written with less back-and-forth it would've been more effective for me. I'm not sure.

Considering the genre is not to my taste, though, I was pleasantly surprised and I was interested enough and impressed enough to finish it and like it. Hats off to Misty Evans for that.
Julia Torrison works for the CIA. Now she is an analyst but before that she was a covert operative with the code name of Sheba. She was very good at what she did. After the death of her partner, Conrad, she rebuilt her life. She assumed a new identity. She is now Abigail Quinn. Danger has found her again. Conrad is alive. He faked his death. An unknown enemy has targeted her and her fellow agents. Will this evil succeed? Who is the mastermind? Misty Evans has written a suspenseful and intriguing story. All the characters are strong and compelling. I especially enjoy that Julia is feisty heroine who can save herself as well as those she cares about. Conrad is a loner but he has one weakness, Julia. He is charming in his own way, gutsy and determined. Together they are unstoppable. Their interaction is intense and very sensual. I love this first book in the Super Agent series. Readers will enjoy the twists and turns. I know I was hooked.