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by LuAnn McLane

Free eBook Hot Summer Nights (Signet Eclipse) download ISBN: 0451219074
Author: LuAnn McLane
Publisher: Signet (June 6, 2006)
Language: English
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Short Stories and Anthologies
Size MP3: 1167 mb
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Rating: 4.2
Format: mbr lit txt lrf

Hot Summer Nights book. LuAnn McLane writes southern bent romantic comedy for NAL/Signet Eclipse and is currently penning her eighth novel in her popular Cricket Creek series

Hot Summer Nights book. LuAnn McLane writes southern bent romantic comedy for NAL/Signet Eclipse and is currently penning her eighth novel in her popular Cricket Creek series. Her books have been featured selections for Rhapsody and Doubleday Book clubs.

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In this steamy triple-header, McLane delivers three fun and flirty stories about a local baseball team. Includes: Hot August Night, Heat Wave, and Hotshot.

You'll find both down-home dreams and big-time passion in Sander's City. In this steamy triple-header, McLane delivers three fun and flirty stories about a local baseball team.

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Hot Summer Nights - LuAnn McLane. I do love Luann McLane she's funny and engaging in her books. cinful1121 1Go to cinful1121 1's profile, opens in a new window. This book has three seperate stories that revolve around baseball player hotties and the women that fall for them. It is equally lighthearted and steamy in a nice balance. One thing's for sure Luann has a thing for the South and baseball that has translated into worthy reads that I would recommend to anyone.

In "Hot August Night," Erin O'Shea is a high school principal with sports on her mind. The school's lack of a baseball coach coincides with her lack of a man. Luckily, bad-boy former pro Michael Manning is ready and willing to fill both positions. Skin-tight pants are hard to resist - especially when they're on a starting pitcher. In "Hotshot," sensible schoolteacher.

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Hot Whisper previously appeared in Wicked Wonderland.

Olivia Lawson is peeved when ex-ace pitcher turned soap opera star Noah Falcon roars back into Cricket Creek, Kentucky, after all these years, to take the lead opposite her in the community theater's summer play. Hot Whisper previously appeared in Wicked Wonderland.

Three steamy stories, centering around Sander's City, where baseball--among other things--is everyone's favorite pastime, find the playing field getting even hotter when the game moves from the stadium to the bedroom. Original.
User reviews
If SEX IN THE CITY, lightly covered in a baseball outfit, sounds intriguing than LuAnn McLane's, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS, is your reading ticket. I'm rating this A minus because . . . well because it was entertaining . . . and the joy of reading IS to be entertained!

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS is three sultry stories embracing small town USA, a love of baseball, and hot sex.


Two old high school acquaintances meet again and begin a new and different relationship.

In school, Erin O'Shea was the ugly little duckling, the duckling who bloomed into the desirable woman. Michael Manning was "the" high school guy, the pitching star who made the big leagues. But now he is home, looking for a job, and for something missing under the big city lights. Torridly, he gets the job, the girl, and the missing piece in his life.


Josey Cooper is a remade divorced woman. Trying to rebuild her self-esteem, Josey is terrified to fall in love again. Chase Mitchell wants to settle down, but feels woman want him because he is/was a famous pro athlete. He feels like a conquest.

Note -- This was the only entry with an unsettling obstacle. Chase's quick anger is hard to take. The author wants the reader to believe he feels used, but his childlike behavior fills the reader with a lingering uncomfortable feeling.


Now this was the fun story - ladies out on the town celebrating a bachelorette night. A group of friends having fun, growing bolder with each alcoholic sip, and wagering outrageous dares. Dares that ends their night and changes their lives.

The dare made Halley Forrester do it! But the enchantment sealed it! Reese Taylor is a dynamite pitcher who needs an attitude adjustment. Halley is that alignment.

If you are in the mood for a light hot read, then check out LuAnn McLane's, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS. Fun stuff!

Grace Atkinson, Ontario - Canada.
These are three hot steamy reads penned by LuAnn McLane, set in a small town of Sander's City which has a love for baseball making for a steamy read both on and off the field.

Hot August Nights pits the high school principal Erin O'Shea, who is prim and proper just like when she was in high school against the former bad boy pro-pitcher Michael Manning, who has had a career ending injury but was the wild kid from high school. Some things never change, or do they. When Michael takes on the coaching job at the school, sparks fly and tensions mount between the two and he finally realizes that his career may have ended but a new life has certainly begun.

Heatwave finds recently divorced Josey Cooper trying to do a makeover of herself with a new wardrobe and hair for all to see but still has a long way to go to be more confident of herself. Especially when Chase Mitchell, the manager of the baseball team shows an interest in her. There is major heat when the two are around each other but can Chase convince Josey he is a forever kind of guy?

Hotshot is the story of Reese Taylor who is the pitcher known for his cockiness both on and off the field. Halley Forrester is the physical education teacher who is on a dare. When things heat up between them and become steamy Halley vows to get past his defences and to get to know the real Reese. They have their differences to work through but in the end realize that love can conquer all.

All these spicy , sensual stories flow together and are well done by LuAnn. If you like steam, spicy romantic reads then this book is for you and won't disappoint.
Hot Summer Nights by LuAnn McLane more then lives up to the billing of an Erotic Triple Header.

Hot August Night has high school principal Erin O'Shea trying to decide if she should hire former pro pitcher Michael Manning to job of head varsity baseball coach. Michael was the wild preachers kid and Erin the geeky good girl in high school but they both have changed. Michael is back to get some purpose in his life after a career ending injury. As these two butt heads over the job, they really steam up those summer nights.

Josey Cooper has done a post-divorce make over in Heat Wave. Though she looks different on the outside, she still has a truckload of insecurities on the inside. When the sexy manager of the local baseball farm team shows an interest, she can't put her trust in it. Chase Mitchell has had enough of baseball babes and is looking for a real woman to settle down with him. Chase and Josey in a room together causes a major heat alert.

Hotshot pitcher Reese Taylor has always had to proof himself on and off the field. He isn't prepared to be attracted to straight-laced teacher, Halley Forrester. Halley realizes Reese's cockiness is just an act. She vows to get to know this man. Reese and Halley really do set the pages on fire.

All three stories are intensely sensually and witty. The chemistry between all the characters is deeply moving and tantalizing. Each story really flows right into the next one. This is a must buy book.
This is the first book I read from this author, but it will not be the last. I really love the way she writes. Sexy funny and romantic! I could not put the book down. It's a sparkly triple-header that will leave you wanting more!
3 seperate stories of a summer with baseball. Very well written and provacative. If you like Baseball and sex this is the book for you.
First two stories were great...I skipped the last one entirely. I wish it had said somewhere on the cover that the third story was a multicultural romance--I've never read any and didn't think I'd like it. The first two stories, however, were very good and I enjoyed them. I would rather the last story was left out and paid less for the book!