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Free eBook Puzzling Through the News download ISBN: 0913123331
Author: Pat Rushin
Publisher: Galileo Pr Ltd; 1st edition (April 30, 2003)
Language: English
Pages: 126
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Short Stories and Anthologies
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Rating: 4.7
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Puzzling Through the News book.

In 1991, Rushin's book of short stories, Puzzling Through the News, was published by Galileo Press. The short film No Ordinary Sun (2004) was based on his short story "Speed of Light. The original script for Rushin's first screenplay was written in 1999 and inspired by The Call  . Puzzling Through the News.

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Pat Rushin (born 1953) is an American screenwriter and creative writing professor at the University of Central Florida . In 1991, Rushin's book of short stories, Puzzling Through the News, was published by Galileo Press.

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Book by Rushin, Pat
User reviews
"So now she runs, every night, and every night the rape struggles to keep up with her."

Every night Brenda, the main character in "Summer Rape Tally Hits Record High," runs literally, against her boyfriend's wishes, as well as metaphorically, to get away from a terrible event which happened a few years back in the same apartment she lives in now. "Summer..." is just one of the eleven short stories in Pat Rushin's collection, Puzzling Through the News. Rushin deals with everyday characters in situations that everyone has either been in, or knows somebody who has.
One of the prevalent themes in his short stories is how the other characters do not understand the main character. In "Young and Attractive Suicidal Romantic Seeks Help," the main character wants to kill herself. She tells a variety of minor characters, and they all find a way not to take her seriously. He uses the comedic aspects of these characters to offset the seriousness of the situation, and by the end, the reader wonders if the main character was serious or not.
The endings of these stories seem to not be complete, and at first glance leave the reader hanging. But on a second glance, the endings work because Rushin uses characterization so effectively, that by the end, you know these characters well enough to judge the outcome. For instance, at the end of "Constrictor," we never find out if Lynn actually likes the pet boa constrictor her husband Tommy bought her. But their relationship is built on Tommy not knowing how to please her. Therefore, the reader can guess that she is not going to appreciate her gift. This is due to not only the characterization of these two characters, but also of their relationship. Along with the characterization in the stories, Rushin establishes the tone of his stories by their beginnings.
The beginnings of his short stories stand out because of the style he uses. In "Making it Work," the craziness of a situation which presents itself at the end is foreshadowed in the tone of the opening paragraph. "Sammy made love with Emily and Emily said it was good. So Sammy made love with Emily again...Then Emily told Mary and Mary met Sammy... Then Mary told Kathy..." All this love making by Sammy turns into an unpleasant threesome at the end. And this quick, fast paced opening leads us to that.
Another example of setting the tone early on can be seen in "Constrictor." "Tommy's wife Lynne wanted a pet: a darling floopy-eared English cocker spaniel maybe, or maybe a blue-eyed Siamese cat...or a goddamn goldfish even. Christ, she needed somebody to talk to all day long." The tone here starts out all sweet when Tommy wants to buy her a pet. Then it switches and shows that maybe Lynne is a bit of a nag. It hints at this and keeps the reader reading to find out the significance of the change in tone. Tone is not the only stylistic choice which presents itself.
Rushin uses long descriptive sentences, which describe his characters in detail. In "Summer...," the third paragraph tells the reader a lot about both of the main characters. "So Manny asserts his protectiveness--holding his arm around her in line at the movies...the more Brenda asserts her independence--pulling her hand from his and dancing through traffic between crosswalks...." Here, we are not just told about Manny's overprotective behavior and Brenda struggle to fight that behavior, but he shows it through an example.
From his comedic situations, to his change of tone, to his creative styles, Pat Rushin knows how to tell interesting, page turning stories. He brings out the humanity in his characters, letting us identify with them. Puzzling Through the News is a lesson in short story writing, and why not, Rushin is a creative writing professor at the University of Central Florida. His short story "Call" was published in Zoetrope: All Story Extra, an on-line magazine in September 1999.
The disadvantage of the daily newspaper is that even though it informs us about our neighbors and community members, it filters out the emotions and experiences that make those people who they are. Pat Rushin's stories put faces and feelings to the people who we read about everyday. By doing so, Rushin shows us how close we are to them in our goals, desires, and fears.
Unfortunately, Rushin's characters cannot communicate those goals, desires, and fears to their parents and lovers. The communication gap between generations and sexes only causes more frustation, stress, and problems for everyone. And yet everyone keeps trying and keeps looking for solutions. It shows that Rushin still has hope in the world, even after reading the newspaper.