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by Mark Strand

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Author: Mark Strand
Publisher: Knopf (September 26, 1990)
Language: English
Pages: 152
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Poetry
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Browse through Mark Strand's poems and quotes. Strand was born on Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. His early years were spent in North America, while much of his teenage years were spent in South and Central America. In 1957, he earned his .

Browse through Mark Strand's poems and quotes. 40 poems of Mark Strand. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. Mark Strand (born 11 April 1934) is a Canadian-born American poet, essayist, and translator. from Antioch College in Ohio. Strand then studied painting under Josef Albers at Yale University where he earned a . On a Fulbright Scholarship, Strand studied nineteenth-century Italian.

Strand spent the decade after the publication of Selected Poems not writing poetry

Strand spent the decade after the publication of Selected Poems not writing poetry. In a profile by Jonathan Aaron, Strand admitted that I gave up that year. I didn’t like what I was writing, I didn’t believe in my autobiographical poems. He turned to other forms of writing instead, including a foray into children’s literature with The Planet of Lost Things (1982). As with his poetry, Strand focused on questions of loss, using the story to address the common childhood worry about where things go when they are lost.

This New Selected Poems by Mark Strand arrives twenty-five years after his last Selected and explains everything. It is a most impressive introduction to a significant poet

This New Selected Poems by Mark Strand arrives twenty-five years after his last Selected and explains everything. It is a most impressive introduction to a significant poet. The poems from the early books are typically dark and mysterious; they breathe a natural surrealism that is as different from Lorca's manner as the New World is from the Old. And this mystery is couched in short lyrics composed of short lines packed with powerful Anglo-Saxon nouns and verbs.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In this compilation of older and newer poems, Strand demonstrates his mastery of cadence and narrative style.

1st ed. p. cm. isbn-13: 978-0-307-26297-4 I. Title.

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New Selected Poems book. This book collects poems from eleven of Mark Strand's previous poetry collections which span from 1963 to 1998. I've never read Strand's poetry but this seemed like a good opportunity to give it a try. Strand is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a . Poet Laureate, so I thought that this would be a brilliant book of poetry. How wrong I was! I despise Strand's style, which is simplistic yet overly-wordy. His Whomever selected the poems for this collection did a terrible job, but more on that in a bit.

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Strand, Mark; New selected poems. Alfred A. Knopf, 2007, 267 pages. The tree withdraws like a hand The wind fit into my breath yet nothing is certain The poem that has stolen these words from my mouth May not be this poem . 1. The Man in the Mirror. I walk down the narrow, carpeted hall.

Strand, Mark; New selected poems. ISBN 0307262979, 9780307262974. topics: poetry usa. A powerful voice, strange and gentle, with a philosopher's gleam at every turn. I give those poems in full which are listed online elsewhere. From Sleeping with One Eye Open (1964).

In this compilation of older and newer poems, Strand demonstrates his mastery of cadence and narrative style.
User reviews
I really don't know about Strand because he is so uneven. When he is good, he is great and engages us in the world we know. There are a few of Strand's poems that will stand in future anthologies the test of time, at least into the into the short or middle distance.
Mark Strand's poetry speaks volumes even in this thin-ish book of selected poems. It's my favorite of poetry books by living English-speaking writers. His early work reflects influences from Latin Surrealists like Octavio Paz. He moves later to the personal...autobiographical, beautiful elegies, and words on that basic thread that ties together the human But enough of the pretentious crap on poetry that exists out there already in useless spades, on to the meat and bone of the matter, the poet's words. You be the judge. Here are some of my more favorite lines: "Tonight as it gets cold tell yourself what you know which is nothing but the tune your bones play as you keep going." from "Lines for Winter" "She slept without the usual concerns, the troubling dreams--the pets moving through the museum, the carved monsters, the candles giving themselves up to darkness. She slept without caring what she looked like, without considering the woman who would come or the men who would leave or the mirrors or the basin of cold water." from "She" "Ink runs from the corners of my mouth. There is no happiness like mine. I have been eating poetry...She does not understand. When I get on my knees and lick her hand, she screams. I am a new man. I snarl at her and bark. I romp with joy in the bookish dark." from "Eating Poetry" and finally "The meek are hauling their skins into heaven. The hopeless are suffering the cold with those who have nothing to hide...There are stones in the sea no one has seen. There is a shore and people are waiting. And nothing comes back. Because it is over. Because there is silence instead of a name. Because it is winter and the new year." from "Elegy for my Father"
The cult of personality is alive and well in poetry. Remember Tom Wolfe's The Painted Word and how it is theory which supports a horrisly unappealling and juvenile work? Poetry is either the juvenile mind's last stand or the visionary's gift to the tribe and Mark Strand has fearlessly chosen to embody the latter in his life, attitudes and work. It may occur to the reader that I do not believe in seperating the poet from the work and I believe that especially in poetry that this is true. A pompous arrogent bore who had distain for his audience is not a person worthy of emulation or admiration. But aside from that, Strand's philosophy is self-aggrandizement via esthethic manipulation of his audience and he will readily admit this in person. Please, do yourself a favour, and read Phillip Whalen or old Gary Snyder (rip-rap) or even fall into the benevolent solipsisticly egomaniacal realm of the late Allen Ginsberg. But do not believe that a poet is good simply based on reputation and public favour. Especially when the author is writing at your expense. Finally, vision, eh? In a conversation with the poet, he brashly declared that there was no use for it in poetry. That is an academic profanity. I would pity him and his readers if he was not so vile and his work was not so insipid. reader be aware.
I have never met the author, but I have loved this book for the past several years. The person from DC stated, "But do not believe that a poet is good simply based on reputation and public favour." I would never dream of it. I had never heard of Strand when I bought the Selected Poems, and I wouldn't care if no one else had ever heard of him. Many of the poems, especially "The Story of Our Lives," "My Death by Somebody Else," "The Mailman," and others are among the poems that drift through my mind often.
It seems to me that you shouldn't review a book of poems based on being bitter about the guy not being nice to you. And, what he reportedly said about vision . .Maybe he said it, maybe he meant it, maybe he was just saying it to annoy you. Doesn't matter to the literature in any case. LOL
I know a lot of people who love Mark Strand, & I know he has done a lot of work for poetry, but he really doesn't seem to me like he's a special poet, hype aside. I read a lot of poems in this book waiting for them to go somewhere, for Strand to find inspiration, but it never happened. The poems have a foot nailed to the ground & like it that way, so they can just sit there while other things do stuff. There are a few good poems, but anyone who writes a lot of poems writes a few that are good. If this is the kind of writing you want, maybe you would appreciate this guy, but there are so many poets of comparable aesthetic who do it so much better.
I agree with the last 2 reviews: being well-known and well spoken of does not preclude a poet from writing good poetry, and this collection is a very good sampling of Strand's work. I'm particularly fond of his early work, and this collection continues to keep in-print poetry that otherwise might not be read since his earlier collections are out-of-print.
Yes, a poet brings to his work a certain personality, and we can't fully separate the two. But in the end, poets are vessels and it is the poetry we are interested in--if not, we'd be psychologists.
strand's poetry has a surrealistic, ethereal feel to it. while you won't find many great poems here (but do read "The Tunnel"), you will find a lot of interesting, solid poems that make it a worthy collection to read.
hauting, ethereal, sparse, strand is, for me, the king of metaphor, and in some ways suspense. a wonderful selection, a desert island choice ... for the deserted.