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by Michael Workman

Free eBook Relative Chill download ISBN: 1931190003
Author: Michael Workman
Publisher: Neshui Publishing (October 1, 2000)
Language: English
Pages: 210
Category: Imaginative Literature
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Rating: 4.5
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William Henry Workman (January 1, 1839 – February 21, 1918) was an American politician, banker and businessman. He served two terms as the 18th Mayor of Los Angeles, California. Workman was born in New Franklin, Missouri, the son of David Workman (1797–1855) and Nancy Hook (1807–1888). He had two older brothers, Thomas H. (1832–1863) and Elijah H. (1835–1906).

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In this book, Michael presents introspection guides and practical tools to examine and develop what matters you to–and likely to us as well. In the end, he simply advises this: friggin’ go for it. This book is the best guide I have found to dive in, explore your doubting mind, keep progress alive, go with the universal flow, have fun and enjoy the ride, and create what you may have never believed was possible.

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Read writing from Michael Workman on Medium. Michael Workman is a dance, performance art and sociocultural critic, theorist, dramaturge, choreographer, reporter, poet, novelist, artist and curator.

For a small town midwestern boy like Mickey Plymouth, the world is a very big place. The center of his world is comprised of intimates like his girlfriend Jane Finn and his best friend Johnny Walker. The borders are bounded by the outer degrees of people in his life, people like Jane Finn's ex-boyfriend Karel Wenckebach and the out-of-work filmmaker Bonar Snodgrass. Then there are those living far outside the furthest limits of his imagination. These people are the relation of center to boundary in the world of a young man who can identify neither as his native land.

In Relative Chill, the story of Mickey Plymouth begins in an apartment in Fairfield, Indiana that he shares with his soon to be ex-fiance, Regine Olsen. He has broken off their engagement to move in with Jane Finn, a woman of exciting and nearly dangerous qualities who inspires the spirit of adventure in him. Jane Finn explains her life to Mickey during a series of conversations at bars in Fairfield, relating the story of the collective involvements that led up to the nervous breakdown she suffered in Chicago right before being returned to Fairfield by her parents in order to provide her with treatment.

Jane Finn soon proves to be more than adventurous: she is surrounded on all sides by a host of shady characters, not the least of whom is her sometime sexual partner, Ilsa Koch. The battle of wills that seems to be at the heart of their relationship extends in manipulation to those unfortunate enough to be involved with them, a social register that includes a host of emotional recruits to their psychological intrigues. When Mickey and Jane relocate to Chicago, the game is on. Mickey Plymouth is quickly introduced to a world where love is the most coveted social commodity, for which people are willing to risk it all, including their lives. Each risks madness in the ruthless games of love that mirrors the heartless power relations of the society in which they live. Everything, including the claim to live life free of fear from persecution, and even the right to continued survival, is relative.

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the monster
Perhaps the day will come when it will be explained, as noted in the manuscript of the book, to the one, with clarity, and unchillingly to death.
In Relative Chill, warnings to the reader appear periodically, suggesting the reader may wish to skip ahead due to the next section's incoherence. Just such a warning should appear on the jacket of this, er, "novel." With a barely discernible plot (I could only tell what the plot was supposed to be from the description on the back of the book) and with characters so underdeveloped as to inspire no curiosity in the reader, this book is a waste of time. The pretentious allusions littered throughout the book are badly handled, contributing no meaningful texture to the novel, serving only to further cloud an already murky coherence. Experimental writing, at its best, challenges a reader. Experimental writing, at its worst, as in this novel, proves to be a masturbatory effort worth no one's time except, perhaps, the author's. While a sentence here and there shows the author's promising writing abilities, all the sentences in between prove that this author should edit his own material with a more discerning eye.