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by Jane Hamilton

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Author: Jane Hamilton
Publisher: Audioworks; Abridged edition (February 1, 1997)
Language: English
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For information about permission to reproduce selections from this book, write to Permissions, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 215 Park Avenue South, New York, New York 10003. The book of Ruth, Jane Hamilton. p. cm. ISBN 0-395-86650-2.

Oprah Book Club® Selection, November 1996: The Book of Ruth is a virtuoso performance and that's precisely why it can be excruciating to read. Author Jane Hamilton leads us through the arid life of Ruth Grey, who extracts what small pleasures and graces she can from a tiny Illinois town and the broken people who inhabit it. Ruth's prime tormentor is her mother May, whose husband died in World War II and took her future with him. More poor familial luck has given Ruth a brother who is a math prodigy; Matt sucks up any stray attention like a black hole.

Book of Ruth is Jane Hamilton's first novel. Just reading the first lines again grants me the profound pleasure of stumbling on beauty and hard-earned wisdom (about losing one's naivete, or maybe innocence) in the lingua franca of rural Wisconsin

Book of Ruth is Jane Hamilton's first novel. Just reading the first lines again grants me the profound pleasure of stumbling on beauty and hard-earned wisdom (about losing one's naivete, or maybe innocence) in the lingua franca of rural Wisconsin. What it begins with, I know finally, is the kernel of meanness in people's hearts. I don't know exactly how or why it gets inside us; that's one of the mysteries I haven't solved yet. I always tried to close my eyes and believe that angels, invisible Book of Ruth is Jane Hamilton's first novel.

a book you will read and reread. Mary Frances "Frankie" Lombard is fiercely in love w. Laura Rider's Masterpiece.

Her small-town characters are a appealingly offbeat and brushed with grace as any found in Alice Hoffman's or Anne Tyler's novels. At the end, Ruth begins to put together her shattered body, spirit and life. Her words are awkward, as they have been all along, but suddenly and unexpectedly they shine.

He put his head on my lap and I stroked his hair. We talked about our romance, remembering the high points. Ruby told me Daisy gave him advice all the time, in particular after our first date. Ruby told me Daisy gave him advice all the time, in particular after our first date ld him I was pretty upset and what he should do to make friends with me again. They rehearsed speeches he could say to make me forgive him. She even gave him pointers on proposing. We laughed over Daisy and what a busybody she can be. I was engaged to be married; I couldn’t be angry at Daisy for running my life.

Her small-town characters are as appealingly offbeat and brushed with grace as any found in Alice Hoffman’s or Anne Tyler’s novels. Fiction Thriller & Crime.

PEN/Hemingway Award Winner: An enthralling novel of a woman trapped within a tragically dysfunctional family (Entertainment Weekly). From the New York Times–bestselling author of The Excellent Lombards and A Map of the World, this is an extraordinary story of a family’s disintegration will be compared to Jane Smiley’s A Thousand Acres (People). Her small-town characters are as appealingly offbeat and brushed with grace as any found in Alice Hoffman’s or Anne Tyler’s novels.

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The Book of Ruth" a novel by Jane Hamilton: Winner of the 1989 PEN/Hemingway Foundation Award for best first novel. book of ruth-a thought provoking book just not a light read. Ruth is "simple" and abused. Hamilton, Jane The Book of Ruth This book is ultimately uplifting and written with an intensity that is maintained from the first sentence to the last. Sad to read a whole book, right from start to finish, waiting for the catastrophy at the end. Interesting thoughts on religion. Will be a good book club book. The Book of Ruth by Jane Hamilton.

"I learned slowly, that if you don't look at the world with perfect vision, you 're bound to get yourself cooked "

Having come within an inch of her life, Ruth Dahl is determined to take a good look at it -- to figure out whether, in fact, she's to blame for the mess.

Pegged the loser in a small-town family that doesn't have much going for it in the first place, Ruth grows up in the shadow of her brilliant brother, trying to hold her own in a world of poverty and hard edges. Matt's brain is his ticket out of Honey Creek. Ruth, without options, cleaves instead to her tough, half-crazy mother, May, and eventually to Ruby, the sweet but slightly deranged young man she loves, marries, and supports. When the precarious household erupts in violence, Ruth is the only one who can piece their story together -- and she gets at the truth in a manner at once ferocious, hilarious, and heartbreaking.

In this powerful, incandescent novel, Jane Hamilton has worked a miracle: she has given voice to a young woman you have passed on the street a thousand times. Perhaps you have never noticed her, hut the next time you see her, you will know who she is.

Passionate in her commitment to life, Ruth is a stunning testament to the human capacity for mercy, compassion, and love. THE BOOK OF RUTH is a magnificent audio experience.

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User reviews
The author, Jane Hamilton, wrote this book as a way to ridicule Christianity. Of course, most of the Christians in the book are mean, toothless, uneducated morons. The other characters in this book are educated and smarter.

The book revolves around Ruth, who is an interesting character. She has potential and intelligence but lacks wisdom and strength. Ruth becomes involved with morons and ends up making empty-headed decisions.

The author does a good job of developing Ruth's character. The reader starts to care about her and you just hope that life ends up ok. However, if everything turned out fine the book would not be interesting. The one aspect of the main character that the author does not explain or develop is why Ruth suddenly becomes angry at her religion. I know that her dissatisfaction stems from her life not working out the way she wants, but the author could have explained more fully on why she suddenly becomes so negative towards her witless pastor.

The book is slow and repetitive. Since the plot takes place in a small town some of that slowness is necessary. Repetitive makes the book slow too; and the author is constantly reminding the readers that the main characters in the book are morons.

The author uses the title of the book as a way to slam Christians. Ruth is an important book in the Bible. I looked up a summary of the book of Ruth in [...]. The book of Ruth is about "genuine love and kindness". In summary, the story of Ruth is a "story of love and devotion that tells of Ruth's eventual marriage to a wealthy man named Boaz, by whom she bears a son, Obed, who becomes the grandfather of David and the ancestor of Jesus. Obedience brings Ruth into the privileged lineage of Christ."

As I suspected, the Ruth of the bible is some one you can admire, while Jane Hamilton's story is about a woman who marries and ends up abusing her son.

I am giving this book three stars because of the good character development of Ruth. I am deducting two stars for the slow repetitious parts of the story and because the author portrays Christians as idiots.
The Spoken WORD is a tool that many of us use to communicate our expressions of thought. In this story the spoken WORD was used to abuse, uplift, encourage, and to express ones love for the other.

Ruth had grown up in rural Illinois with her Mom, brother, Matt and herself. Her upbringing was not from a loving family at all, if it was I'm sure she would have had a different outlook on life than the one she had lived. Her mother, Mae doted on her brother who in her eyes was the genius in the family. He would bring home straight A's and praises from his teachers. Mae, didn't think much of her daughter and would often verbally abuse her by calling her stupid. Mae herself believed those words of put-downs and not once thought she could be good enough as her brother.
Ruth found solaced in her Aunt Sid who had given her unconditional love, and encouragement through her letters with Ruth. Ruth worked for an older blind woman, named Ms.Finch. She brought the life of books to Ruth and told her the importance of reading them. Books are the key to life they can take you anywhere. Ms. Finch saw the beauty in Ruth and told her she was beautiful on the inside and out.
Once she had graduated from H.S. her brother went off to college to never return. Ruth felt stuck in Honey Creek and looked for a distraction. She found it in Ruby. Ruby had problems of his own and with his history it was difficult for him to find work. Soon Ruby and Ruth had fallen in love and were married. Ruth earned for the love that she so desperately craved. She never received it from her mother growing up. The couple live with Mae and life was difficult. Mae was not the doting mother-in-law, in fact she found fault with Ruby every chance that she could get. Ruth hoped that things would change with her first baby. In some instances it did. Mae doted on her grandson in a way that Ruth wished Mae would have given an ounce of affection for her when she was a young girl.
A horrific tragedy took place in the family where Ruby had snapped at Mae's physical abuse and killed her. Out of the ashes something good came out of this. Aunt Sid took Ruth in while she recuperates to have her second baby. Maybe just maybe Ruth can finally live in a loving home and give her children the chance that was not given to her.