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Author: Shaun Hutson
Publisher: Time Warner Books UK; New Ed edition (June 13, 1991)
Language: English
Pages: 224
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Shaun Hutson (born 1958) is a British novelist in the horror and crime genres. Under his own name and various pen names, he has written at least thirty novels. A native of Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, England, Hutson now lives and writes in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

The murders had been savage and apparently motiveless

One female slug can lay one and half million eggs a year- a fact which holds terrifying consequences for the people of Merton. As the town basks in the summer heat, a new breed of slug is growing and multiplying. In the waist-high grass, in the dank, dark cellars they are acquiring new tastes, new cravings. The murders had been savage and apparently motiveless. Carbon copies of killings committed years earlier and by men currently incarcerated in one of Britain's top maximum security prisons.

I know it's official because it's me, Shaun Hutson, telling you. You're on it, so stay on it. All the dirt, all the filth, all the blood and all the guts straight from the horse's mouth. Stuff you couldn't read before because publishers banned it, stuff you couldn't imagine. Stuff that will make your hair curl, your jaw drop, your sides ache, your stomach churn and your bowels open. This is everything you wanted (or even didn't want) to know about my books, my work, my thoughts and my ravings

Breeding Ground book. His novella Slugs was made into a movie, although Hutson didn't like the movie. He also appeared in two horror movies himself. Hutson is a Liverpool . fan. Other books in the series

Breeding Ground book. Deep in the dirty sewers of London there is a Breeding Ground. Other books in the series. Books by Shaun Hutson

Below you'll find a Shaun Hutson books list, including published and even unpublished works

Below you'll find a Shaun Hutson books list, including published and even unpublished works. Any type of book or journal citing Shaun Hutson as a writer should appear on this list. The full bibliography of the author Shaun Hutson below includes book jacket images whenever possible. This poll contains items like Slugs and Body count.

Caught in this maelstrom of horror is Dr. Alan Finch - the only man capable of destroying the Breeding Ground forever.

Contact Shaun Hutson on Messenger. CHASE is due out in paperback and WHITE GHOST, BREEDING GROUND, DEADHEAD and HEATHEN are all being re-issued later in the year with new intros by me. All through Caffeine Nights of course. Also, the same company who made SLUGS back in the 80's are interested in the film rights for SPAWN but nothing finalised yet. Once more, I'll tell you as soon as something is concrete . as soon as someone starts talking money and signing cheques. 22 September 2017 ·. 5,422,465 Views.

Also by Shaun Hutson: Assassin. Caffeine nights publishing. Spawn Published by Caffeine Nights Publishing. Spawn Published by Caffeine Nights Publishing 2013. First published in Great Britain in 1983. by Star Books, a Division of . Allen & Co Plc. Conditions of sale.

One female slug can lay one and half million eggs a year- a fact which holds terrifying consequences for the people of Merton

After lost five-year-old Becky is returned to her mother, Hailey, by Adam Walker, her gratitude starts to turn to something else and she sees him as a way of revenging herself on her husband and his mistress. One female slug can lay one and half million eggs a year- a fact which holds terrifying consequences for the people of Merton.

User reviews
Once again, Shaun Hutson demonstrates his ability to make the slimy little gastropods known as slugs scary, and does it even better in this sequel to his first bestselling novel. Well naturally, the slugs are back, and have moved from the small England town in the first book to the sewers of London in this novel. The sewers are the breeding ground of the title. Well, the only new feature to this novel is that the slime trails made by the slugs turn people into savage, demented killers and maniacs if they are touched. Apart from that, nothing different from the novel. There is a main character named Alan Finch who is apparently a doctor, but like the health inspector in SLUGS, doesn't need to be a part of the plot since he does nothing but try to save people, to no effect. And obviously, there is lots of gore and good descriptions of people being eaten in this book, and several graphic sex scenes. AND....the slug's lengths are exaggerated like in the first book. My favorite scene: The guy who goes to the strip club for about $20 worth of entertainment and dies a very stupid death. You'll see what I'm talking about when you buy the book!
never before have I felt compelled to read the entire output of an author to find out why on earth people read it, I suppose renegades and shadows start inching towards originality, and if I ever have to answer the question 'what three books have changed your life the most and why?' I'd pick one of Hutson's, becuse he tries so hard to be gross and horrific but manages a horoeic faliure and becomes funny, and absolutely impossible to take seriously as horror.
Those pesky, slimey, disgusting garden pests have moved to the sewers of London. While they chow down on their unfortunate victims, their slime trails drive any and all that ingest them to violent madness. Lots of sex and violence with little plot to get in the way of the story, as good old boy Joe Bob Briggs so aptly put it. Fans of the first novel with no doubt find more of the same to enjoy here in this lightning paced read. For animal rampage buffs only.
Breeding Ground is the sequel to Slugs and is just as scary as the origional. The killer slugs are back and this time, touching their slime gives you a horrible disease which end sin you going mad and killing people.

Very gorey and creepy and this is one of the only books that has genuinely scared me in places. One of Hustons best books. Highly reccommended.
blac wolf
Hutson is rarely given the credit he deserves. So I will try to give him some here.
Since the synopsis tells you what the book is about, I won't cover old ground. What I will say is that Hutson has a wonderful writing style. Much better then some of his better known contemporaries. His writing keeps the story flowing smoothly and allows the reader to get involved with the characters and the, generally unpleasant, situations they find themselves in. As for the gore factor, I don't see that it exceeds many other famous writers. For instance, if you enjoy Bentley Little's work, you shouldn't find Hutson's too hard to stomach.
I heartily recommend you try one of his works and make up your own mind!