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Free eBook Mistress or Marriage? (Historical Romance) download ISBN: 0263169472
Author: Elizabeth Rolls
Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon (December 7, 2001)
Language: English
Pages: 352
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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Rating: 4.5
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Mistress or Marriage? book. Historical Romance Regency Romance. See top shelve. bout Elizabeth Rolls. We live in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, in a beautiful lush valley full of apple, pear and cherry orchards. See a Problem? We’d love your help.

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The hero and heroine of The Unexpected Bride show up as secondary characters in Mistress or Marriage. Readers often ask if Sarah Ffolliot, younger sister to Penelope in Bride, ever got her romance with George.

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We love historical romances because they don’t just give us happily ever afters-they transport us. .After accepting Oliver’s marriage proposal, this New York girl finds out just how ill-prepared she is for life on the Jubilee Trail.

We love historical romances because they don’t just give us happily ever afters-they transport us back decades, even centuries, and to places we can never go. And when you combine a swoon-worthy love story with a lush historical setting, you've got a recipe for an irresistible literary escape. From the Wild Wild West to Regency England, these 24 historical romance novels are the best of the best. This novel is a classic tale of a couple from different walks of life, whose road to love is never easy.

Elizabeth Rolls taught music for several years and took a masters degree in musicology. A visit to an old school friend on a farm in south-western New South Wales resulted in writing her first Historical. A visit to an old school friend on a farm in south-western New South Wales resulted in writing her first Historical and hasn’t looked back! Elizabeth and her family live in Melbourne. Библиографические данные.

Mistress or Marriage?.

book by Elizabeth Rolls. Mistress or Marriage?. even the supporting cast is well-rounded! It's basically the story of a man (David, Lord Helford) trying NOT to fall in love and trying to make a marriage of pure convenience, but he gets tripped up by his friends & family, who would like to see him happily wed to the charming heroine (Sophie Marsden). A real page-turner and sexy, too!

Mistress or Marriage? Elizabeth Rolls

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Viscount Helford needed to marry and wanted to choose a wife of nobility and decorum - until his resolve was shaken by the independent and fiery Miss Marsden. The solution seemed easy, but if he took her as his mistress, it would tarnish her good name - something he knew she couldn't afford to lose. But could he afford to lose her?
User reviews
I should start off by saying that I am an Elizabeth Rolls fan, in general. My favorites are "An Unruly Chaperone," and "The Dutiful Rake," but I have read basically everything she has written that is available for Kindle. The only book I haven't read is the one that directly precedes this one, mostly because of the dreadful Amazon reviews. I don't think I will go on to read it now. Instead, I will wait for a newer release, since those seem to be improvements.

This book was very disappointing. I found it to be boring at best, and truly irritating at worst. The author uses the word "chit" so often that, had I never read any of her other works, it would have surprised me to learn that she knew of any other way to reference a young woman. Neither of the characters are at all likable (although I thought Sophie became more so as the book progressed). Also, though I usually enjoy the double perspective that Ms. Rolls gives to her books, I found it distracting to go back and forth quite so often, so that we got to see each side analyzing each action. Overall, it was not an enjoyable read. I kept going because I wanted to see how the characters turned out, in the end, but I found myself skipping over most things and looking for some sort of plot highlight. About half-way through, it does pick up a bit as the two children get more involved and we learn more about the male love interest's intended bride, but then the story once again takes a turn for the dull.

This isn't a terrible book. I've certainly read worse. But I have high expectations from an Elizabeth Rolls regency romance. If you're new to Elizabeth Rolls, I recommend you start with one of her other works.
This story wasnt bad but it wasn't as good as the authors other books. There was no climax in the book. Nothing that made me want to keep reading so there is no need to rush out to buy this one just wait untill your local library has it or the price goes down to $.99 cent
I really enjoyed this regency romance. It's well written, with a plot, that although predictable, is extremely engaging. Furthermore, the story is peppered with a cast of characters that are well drawn and three dimensional. This book is the follow up to Ms. Rolls The Unexpected Bride. The events in this book take place almost three years after those of "Unexpected." The hero, David Melville, Viscount Helford, is best friends with Peter from "Unexpected." As such, Peter and Penelope, Earl and Countess of Darleston, (the H and h of "Unexpected") make an appearance in this book. Nevertheless, this book can be read as a stand-alone.

David Melville is newly returned to England, after selling out of the Army to take up his responsibilities as the new Viscount Helford. As a younger son, David never expected to inherit the title. However, his brother and sister-in-law's unexpected deaths leaves him as head of the family, with the additional duty of seeing to the care of his 10 year old niece.

After the love of his life threw him over for his older brother, and callously offered to conduct an affair with him after she had fulfilled her duty of providing an heir, David purchased a commission in the Army and left home. He has not been home, not even once, during the intervening twelve years. After suffering his heartbreak, David doesn't trust women, and has no use for them, other than to satisfy his baser needs. As such, it had been David's intent to never marry.

Now, David finds himself in the untenable position of having to seek a wife, in order to produce an heir. David is determined to make his marriage one strictly of convenience. He decides to choose a woman of impeccable lineage and behavior, a woman who knows her place and understands her duty. To that end, he chooses Lady Lucinda, a woman of impeccable birth and cold disposition. Once his choice is made, David organizes a house-party in order to get to know his potential bride better before popping the question.

En route to his estate a few days before his house-guests, David and Sophie first meet, when she saves a young boy from almost being run over by his curricle. Needless to say, Sophie is furious at the Viscount's reckless driving. Among other things she calls him an arrogant, conceited, coxcomb! LOL The couple's second meeting is even less propitious as the addle-pated ninny-hammer jumps to the conclusion that Sophie is an unmarried mother. Very quickly he is forced to eat his words, but Sophie is no pushover and is not inclined to so easily forgive the idiot. LOL From this point the story quickly unfolds.

Sophie is a wonderful heroine. A young woman of 25, she is left to care for herself and her orphaned nephew. She lives in a house owned by the Helford estate, and thus is David's tenant. Sophie is outspoken, smart, and independent. She doesn't hesitate to put David in his place when necessary, and is not the least bit awed by his aristocratic background. Sophie is devoted to her nephew, and refuses to even consider marriage, unless she can be certain any husband will continue to care for the boy.

David is extremely drawn to the fiery woman, who he finds irresistible. He realizes; however, that she is the antithesis of everything he requires in a bride. Furthermore, he has already started the wheels moving in the direction of making an offer for Lady Lucinda. But David's close friends, and his Aunt Maria, are determined to save him from a mésalliance with the snooty Lady Lucinda. As soon as they discern his interest in Sophie, they do all they can to promote a match between the unlikely couple.

Sophie and David do get to spend a significant amount of time together, as the two concoct a plan whereby David's somewhat spoilt niece, Fanny, will spend time with Sophie's nephew, Kit, which the couple believe will be beneficial to both children. Between his growing feelings for Sophie and his friends machinations to thwart his plans of marrying Lady Lucinda, David's intention of contracting a marriage of convenience doesn't stand a chance! Of course, before the couple can get their HEA they do have a few, ah, complications to overcome, not the least of which is his pending engagement to the glacial Lady Lucinda. David even gets to play knight in shining armor when he helps Sophie resist Kit's grandfather's attempt to remove the boy from her care.

IMO, this was a very entertaining read. Yes it is quite predictable, but, for me, that did not make it any less enjoyable. I loved it and would highly recommend it as a worthwhile read. FYI, this is a clean read. There is a kissing scene that is a bit sensual, and a love scene, with minimal details. Happy reading!
Let me start by saying that I enjoyed reading this book especially since I found it free.

If you are looking for lots of intimate moments than this isn't the book for you there was only one scene and it was almost on the very last page. I disagree with one of the reviewers in stating it was a "sexy" book because it was not that in my humble opinion.

If you don't enjoy misunderstandings, lots of them, than this book is not for you because believe me there were many of them. One right after the other.

If you don't like children this book isn't for you either since two were pretty dominant in this book, they were 10 year olds not infants.

If you don't like meddlesome family members or friends let this one go since the entire story revolved around opinionated friends and relatives (in a good way)

If you like a good strong storyline with wholesome characters and a good happy ending than I recommend this one. I rated it as a 4 star story only because 5 to me is one that I would make room for on my shelves to keep and this one flew just under my guidelines of a keeper, maybe it will be for you. Enjoy
Excellent romance along the lines of Georgette Heyer with a bit sex. This is a light read, well executed. Rolls is on form with her skillful creation of a family of feisty and opinionated adults and children that unite around the hero to protect him from the folly of an unwise choice. The book has all the elements of a good regency romance including lots of misunderstandings and well meaning interference. It is not the best book of this ilk I have read but is none the less well worth the read. I like Rolls book's because her characters are real and feisty and people you would like to meet. This and her light touch with comedy is what makes me compare her to Heyer - despite the many decades separating their careers. One reviewer her talks of her keeper shelf, Ms Heyer is on mine and Ms Rolls is in my Kindle!