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Merlin 3 - The Last Enchantment by Mary Stewart - (1979) To one who was dead and is alive again, who was lost, and is found. BOOK I - Dunpeldyr 1 NOT EVERY KING.

Merlin 3 - The Last Enchantment by Mary Stewart - (1979) To one who was dead and is alive again, who was lost, and is found. Merlin 3 - The Last Enchantment. by. Mary Stewart - (1979). and is alive again, who was lost, and is found. 1. NOT EVERY KING WOULD CARE to start his reign with the wholesale massacre of children.

The Last Enchantments is a powerfully moving and lyrically written novel. A young American embarks on a year at Oxford and has an impassioned affair that will change his life forever After graduating from Yale.

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The Last Enchantment is a 1979 fantasy novel by Mary Stewart. It is the third in a quintet of novels covering the Arthurian legend, preceded by The Hollow Hills and succeeded by The Wicked Day. The protagonist of this story is the clairvoyant and wise Merlin, the wizard of legend, who is recounting his story of the reign of Arthur Pendragon as he oversees Arthur's destiny to become the great king Merlin has predicted.

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First published in 1999, the novel is based on the Russian version of Sleeping Beauty and other folk tales. Various forms of magic, potions, and immortal deities also play an important role in the story.

The Last Enchantment is the third book of the Arthurian Saga, a book of myth and legend and about the conflict between good and evil

The Last Enchantment is the third book of the Arthurian Saga, a book of myth and legend and about the conflict between good and evil. The narrator is Merlin and this book is set after Arthur has become the High King of Brtian, he has drawn the sword, Caliburn (Excaliber) from the stone and he is now plunged into battle against the Saxons, whilst Merlin is in a battle of a different kind, against Arthur’s half-sister, Morgause, the rose-gold witch.

User reviews
Honestly, I thought the first two were fine, stand-alone books, with no need to revisit the saga. This third book does not utilize Geofrey of Monmouth's History of British Kings, but does make reference to the later French Romances of Arthurian lore. This change in foundation does hurt the story, as it loses the original gritty feel, but was inevitable as Geofrey wrote down all the surviving British legends (with his own additions). There simply wasn't anywhere else to look. The characters have a very different feel to them, which will annoy some readers. Having said all that, Mary Stewart wrote superb fiction and I cannot countenance removing two stars from what is otherwise an excellent drama.
As the third novel in Mary Stewart's story of the Arthurian legend it is as good as the others. It is so sad that an author of this scope and talent is no longer with us but we can all rejoice in the knowledge that she was a prolific author and there is a lot out there from her to read. Her ability as a story teller can hardly be challenged and she's at her best here. She has woven an incredibly interesting story around the legend of Arthur and Guinevere and Merlin the Enchanter. Since we know so little about the people of this particular time in history just about any story can be told with some validity but Mary Stewart had done an huge amount of research prior to writing this series of novels. She brings England of the 4th and 5th century alive for me and I have listened to these more than once. Her prose is evocative and descriptive and so very lyric. If you love the Arthurian saga give these novels a try. They're fantastic!
A old series but a great read. I read series over 20 years ago and my daughter has read 3 times over same period. My wife was looking for a good series & I suggested this one, but forgot my daughter still had them and I purchased them again. My wife has read first book and is into the second & is really enjoying them also. Be sure to read the series in order.
Having loved the Arthurian legends since I was a small child, this series is turning out to be a wonderful prequel and elaboration, with some surprising details. The author includes some of the actual historical basis regarding how certain cultures moved around the that area of the world, and against each other. The characters are more developed, in a personal way, than any other book I've read on the subject. The story is engrossing, even though I know how it all turns out. At least I think I do.
Mary Stewart's Merlin series is a masterful take on the King Arthur/Merlin saga. I could not put it down.
The last installment in Stewart’s Arthurian trilogy was a bit too prosaic for my taste. While some of her interpretations of the legend were very interesting, such as there being two wives named Guinevere… Dare I say it? I found the whole thing downright boring and had to force myself to finish. Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “The Mists of Avalon” is still my favorite version of the legend.
This is from a trilogy about Merlin. It is a fresh, exciting story. I purchased this series to keep on my kindle as my original books had been destroyed in a house fire. I was thrilled to find them available on kindle.
For several reasons, I found this third volume of Stewart's "Merlin Trilogy" less, well, enchanting than the former two volumes. The primary ones are:

1.) The writing - In the previous two novels, especially in The Hollow Hills, Stewart writes in a bewitching poetic prose which captivates the reader every bit as much or more than the story. Here, the writing seems more than a bit stretched and worn. Stewart still retains her descriptive powers, but they are like Merlin's powers, on the wane and frequently plodding.

2.) The story - The plotting and the characters themselves, not Merlin alone, are all too cosy. One expects something far darker, more haunting - from Morgause and Nimuë especially! But Stewart proffers us instead a very insipid rendering indeed of these enchantresses in the book, with a tidy, pat ending; So much so that they come to remind one of Hampshire hausfraus more than dangerous, bewitching magical beings.

The book is, of course, a must read if one has read the previous two volumes. But don't expect too much enchantment from The Last Enchantment.