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Author: Jeffery Deaver
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton; Airside Ed edition (2004)
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Читать онлайн Garden Of Beasts. Paul sipped more beer then pulled Hitler’s book toward him, rested it in his lap, flipped through it, found the passport, money and address.

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Garden of Beasts (2004). Paul Schumann, a German-American living in New York City in 1936, is a mobster hit man known equally for his brilliant tactics and for taking only righteous jobs. Join Jeffery Deaver’s Mailing List. But when a hit goes wrong and Schumann is nabbed, he’s offered a stark choice: kill Reinhard Ernst, the man behind Hitler’s rearmament scheme, and walk free forever-or be sent to Sing-Sing and the electric chair. Join the Mailing List to receive advance information about Jeff’s new books and signings. Join now and you will be able to read Fear, an original essay/short story by Jeff about fear in writing suspense.

Paul Schumann is an assassin for hire and has just been caught by the government. He is given two choices either he does one last assassination, this time for the government, or he will be in line for the electric chair.

Jeffery Deaver is the award-winning author of two collections of short stories and 29 internationally bestselling novels, including the latest James Bond novel Carte Blanche. He is best known for his Lincoln Rhyme thrillers, which include the number one bestsellers The Vanished Man, The Twelfth Card and The Cold Moon, as well as The Bone Collector which was made into a feature film starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. The first Kathryn Dance novel, The Sleeping Doll, was published in 2007 to enormous acclaim

Bare walls, no plants, rickety furniture; she or the landlord had moved all the better items into the rooms to be let. Nor did anything here seem personal.

Bare walls, no plants, rickety furniture; she or the landlord had moved all the better items into the rooms to be let. Sunlight hit the faded carpet but it was a small, solitary trapezoid and pale; the light was reflected from a window across the alley. Then she gave a girlish laugh and flung her arms around him. She kissed him hard. You smell of something different.

User reviews
Lonesome Orange Kid
I might be that some time spent in law enforcement a long time ago has left me jaded here, but I don't usually have as much difficulty suspending disbelief as I did with this one. The scenarios, explanations, dialogue, characters, and everything else involved in the story are absolutely and ridiculously unbelievable. I mean, they are DUMB! I can't believe there were so many positive reviews of this drivel. Lincoln Rhyme is supposed to be a curmudgeon, I get it, but he comes across as simply unlikeable (just for kicks, I might go back into the text and count how many times he "barks" his responses to people.) Couple the distasteful main character with the fact that he annoyingly has a pat and ready answer for absolutely every piece of evidence that is presented to him and the result is a farce. I finished the book because I wanted to see if it would get better...but it didn't. This would have been a one-star review, but I gave it a second star for finally coming to an end.
I like police procedurals but I also hate police procedurals. The behind the scenes glimpses they seem to provide are more interesting but this like so many of them got too clever by half, not enough shoe leather and too much brilliant deduction. While the human element was present it was a bit too telegraphed and stylized, the relationships with the "great man" and his transformation did not sell very well for me. The love interest was predictable but sweet so in real life I would not expect it to last. Also the transformation of his apartment to lab stretched my credulity.

All in all I enjoyed it but not so much that I am running to read the next book in the series, maybe on some future long plane flight.
Jeffry Deaver is one of the best thriller writers there is. The Bone Collector, the first of the Lincoln Rhyme novels is certainly no exception.

Although Lincoln Rhyme, formerly head of the Investigation and Resource Division of the New York City Police Department, is now a quadriplegic and can only move his head and done finger, there is no lack of action and tension in this gripping story. When the department asks for his help again with a case, Rhyme reluctantly agrees to help them try to solve it. He appears to know almost everything about everything, and to be able to decipher clues from the most microscopic evidence. With the help of patrolwoman Amelia Sachs, his personal aide Thom, a crime-scene tech, and the two detectives who lured him into working on the case to begin with, Rhyme unravels all the clues through the most unexpected twists. He must overcome obstacles raised by the political establishment, the FBI, and even his own reluctance, as well as the traps set by the perpetrator to finally solve the case.
Saw the movie and enjoyed it very much. Decided to read the book as a prelude to the other books in the Lincoln Rhyme series. Expected the book and the movie to be very much the same and was pleasantly surprised that they weren't. The book was far better than the movie and the characters were even better in the book.
The Bone Collector was a fast-paced, can't put down read that kept me reading well into the night!! I can't wait to read the next book!

Lincoln Rhyme is a quadriplegic now, since his accident while in the police force. A forensics expert, he is asked to run the crime scene by his former team. Will he be able to get into the mind of the bone collector before he takes his next victim? To do this, he needs to follow the clues left at the scene of the crime. But will it be in time...

I loved it!!!!
This is the first Lincoln Rhyme mystery and it was coincidentally the first I read in the series. I really enjoyed it - fast-paced, but not too fast, lots of interesting characters, a good amount of forensic information, but not too much (I prefer not to be drowning in blood spatter/wound pattern/ etc. minutia while I'm reading a good mystery; some is great, but too much is distracting). Liked the protagonists (I include Amelia Sachs with Lincoln, as she is pivotal to the story) and the mystery was very engaging. A crime novel about a killer who uses (old) crime novels as inspiration; me being a literary type, this appealed to me greatly. Have only read the second novel, so can't speak as to the whole series, but I'm looking forward to moving on with it in future.
I've read several of the later Lincoln Rhyme novels. This time I was back at, basically, the beginning. Amelia Sachs, a patrol officer is, by chance, put into the path of Mr. Rhyme, a once high ranking, ex-member of the police force. Mr. Rhyme, being a quadriplegic, from a job related accident, has his own demons and deep personal issues to deal with. He is surrounded by his usual entourage we've come to know. Sachs is the newcomer.
Whether she resents the Rhyme's style or not, Rhyme throws her headlong into cases involving a maniacal mass murderer.
Well written, to the point of being a page turner, I became absorbed by the various aspects and personal struggles that lie within the pages.
The ending leads the reader in a direction, then veers quickly in another direction in finding who the antagonist is. The ending is a bit different than your norm. I enjoyed Mr. Deaver's novel from beginning to end.
This was the first book in the Lincoln Rhyme series. Having read several of the the later books, I was interested in reading how it all began. Before Amelia Saks came into his life, Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic was making plans to end his life. Working and mentoring the smart, fearless Saks , Rhyme finds that she can be his eyes and ears at a crime scene. Working together to solve the mystery of a madman who is kidnapping and murdering people indiscriminately brings the best and worst out of Rhyme and Saks. But it's apparent a strong bond is growing between them.