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Free eBook Trans-Siberian Express download ISBN: 0671817361
Author: Warren adler
Publisher: Pocket; First Printing edition (June 1, 1978)
Language: English
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
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Rating: 4.7
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view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. First, many years ago, I had a strange dream.

Trans-Siberian Express. Warren Adler is a world-renowned novelist, short story writer and playwright. Three short stories from his acclaimed collection "The Sunset Gang" have been adapted as a trilogy and shown on Public Television stations.

He vaguely remembered shoving it into the pocket of his trousers

He vaguely remembered shoving it into the pocket of his trousers. ed to slip out of bed without awakening Anna Petrovna. He found his wristwatch. Moscow time, but he was ravenous.

He sponsored the Warren Adler Short Story contest on the We.

He sponsored the Warren Adler Short Story contest on the Web. Personal life. Adler's three children are David, Jonathan, and Michael, an actor. American Quartet is the first book, and it was not originally planned as a series until the New York Times listed the novel on its list of "Notable Crime Fiction" in December 1982, and calling it "high-class suspense. Following American Quartet, Fiona embarks on a long journey of harrowing cases throughout eight other books. Not since Agatha Christie sent her characters hurtling along the rails toward Murder on the Orient Express has a fictional train ride been as exciting as Warren Adler’s TRANS-SIBERIAN EXPRESS. King Features Syndicate. American cancer specialist, Dr. Alex Cousins is on a covert mission to the USSR.


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Trans-Siberian Express book. Once again Warren Adler combines an intriguing story with an education of the Trans-Siberian Railroad, including a geography lesson detailing all the cities and towns along the route.

Alex soon finds himself dispatched, homeward bound, on a six-thousand-mile journey aboard the Trans-Siberian Express; long enough, Alex realizes, to silence him from alerting the . of the imminent destruction

Trans-Siberian Express. Alex soon finds himself dispatched, homeward bound, on a six-thousand-mile journey aboard the Trans-Siberian Express; long enough, Alex realizes, to silence him from alerting the . of the imminent destruction. Reluctant at first to embark upon the journey, Alex is beckoned into the Siberian expanse by memories of his grandfather, Aleksandr Kuznetzov, who wove tales of magic and mystery into this seemingly desolate place. As the train lumbers east across snow-cloaked mountains, glimmering past a forest glow, watchful eyes rest on the American doctor.

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User reviews
When Author Warren Adler put out a notice that he was celebrating Russian Literature Week by placing one of his books on sale, I immediately knew I wanted to read the book. For two reasons, besides the fact that I am a fan of this author...

First, many years ago, I had a strange dream. Without going into details...I was with a prisoner in the Siberian jails. He was dying and I was there comforting him until he had died... Since then my interest with Siberia has continued... Since my only knowledge had been about the prisons in Siberia, I was thrilled to meet citizens of the area who were just as loyal to their homelands as most people are about where they live... One of the main characters, Anna Petrovna Valentinova, Professor of History, resident of Irkutsk, was such a woman and she became a favorite as I watched and learned about her life...

Second, if I had a bucket list, the top item would be to travel by train across the United States... Or, at least, I would have until I read the book! LOL, because it wasn't quite like I imagined it would be...

For one, if you are traveling alone, you may be housed with either a man or woman. In fact our main character Dr. Cousins and the female from Siberia were two that were given the same compartment on the train... Set in the 1960-70s, this may no longer be true.

Dr. Alex Cousins, an American doctor was an expert in the treatment of leukemia. His real name had been Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Kuznetzov before they had come to America. He had legally changed his name, even though his family had opposed it. But that change did not keep the Federal Government from finding Dr. Cousins, with the intent that he should help keep alive a Russian Diplomat, Viktor Moiseyevich Dimitrov, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Or at least keep him alive until a special meeting could occur...

Dr. Cousins was successful in at least getting Dimitrov to the point of remission. But he warned that he didn't know how long he would have, since he should still be considered terminal... To thank him for what he'd done for him medically, Dimitrov aggressively gave him a trip on the Trans-Siberian Express, and, supposedly, to give him a gift of seeing the home of his grandfather. Although Dr. Cousins tried to resist taking the trip, he finally gave in, but noticed that there seemed to be a number of people who were intent on keeping track of him... And there just happened to be an entire train car of soldiers that had been added for this trip...

Alex Cousins was soon watching all those around him, wondering whether the people that seemed to be following him was there to ensure he was safe--or to ensure he didn't finish the trip... For it had been impossible for the doctor not to have picked up much information as he'd provided medical support.

But soon, as we might have expected, Alex falls deeply for his room companion and readers are invited to enjoy their blossoming relationship...

At the same time, one of the more interesting aspects of the novel is meeting many of those other travelers on the train... and how their lives come together for both good and bad exchanges... In fact, with the excellent book description of this book, I'll not go into detail of the plot, but rather the characters...

One of the most intriguing characters was a service worker on the train...she felt it was her duty to know all of those assigned to her area and to meet their needs...and if, by chance, she might meet a traveler--a gentleman, well-mannered and good appearance, she might make special efforts to ensure the quality of her service was of the highest. But aside from her few personal encounters, she was proud of her position, her home away from home and was a hard worker, trying to go beyond her duties whenever she could... That naturally got her involved deeply in some of the turmoil...

Like when the young couple who were traveling to a part of Russia established to house Jews, and the wife became ill, she thought nothing of contacting Dr. Cousins to treat the woman. Even then, though, Adler's skill in merging lives and bringing about an accomplished, complete story as he then pulls in another lone traveler who is out for revenge, and a "spoiled little brat" who causes him pain and, later, trouble... Readers will surely want to discipline the young bully, for his parents, who were government workers presented an example of poor parenting, to say the least...

I am constantly pleasantly surprised at the diverse range of topics that Adler covers in his books. I was drawn to this particular book because of my own interests and found it a quite satisfactory tale of adventure and intrigue. Do check it out as one of Adler's earlier books, this time during the Cold War Era...

It's the title that drew my attention in the first place. That legendary train moving slowly through that enormous, secret land. That allure, similar to that of the other imagination fuelling train, the Orient Express. If you're as attrackted to the title as I was, you'll probably not be disappointed by this novel. Buckle up for a grand train voyage through the immensity of Siberia, with cold war era intrigue and romance on board. Although I'm an avid reader of Warren Adler novels, I must admit I was favorably biased before reading Trans-Siberian Express. I grew up in the Seventies, so in a way the ambiance of the former USSR and the isolation of the protagonist of this novel --en route through that huge landmass-- was in a way a voyage back in time for me. I used to daydream in school after hearing about those mysterious lands behind the Iron Curtain, only a couple of hundred miles from the borders of my country. Further away, beyond Moscow, were the endless icefields, empty but for a disappearing train in the distance. Anyway -- for a summary of the story of Trans-Siberian Express you can check the publisher's information. I'll stick to the reader experience. I enjoyed the characters because Warren Adler sure knows how to bring them to life. They're basically normal people in extraordinary circumstances. They have their own histories and troubles and relatives somewhere else in the world. Adler describes them with skill. There's a great deal of suspense coming from mysterious people on the train. Their reasons for being on the train are entertaining, without being too big a distraction from the main story. All these people interact. That results in sudden plot twists that surprised me many times. As the train moves through the Siberian winter, I was curious to know the destination of the story. Then there's the moodiness of the snowy Russian landscape and it's lonely train stations. There's the Russion bureaucracy. And there's romance... You'll be on that Trans-Siberian train for quite some time and so are your fellow passengers. One of them is even sharing your cabin. Some of us fall in love and some of us ain't supposed to. Fine entertainment. I hope you agree.