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by J. Charles,Susan Johnson

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Author: J. Charles,Susan Johnson
Publisher: Harlequin Romance Audio; Abridged edition (October 1, 1998)
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Family genocide was a cultural reality in his society, where power was often gained at the expense of numerous and bloody rivalries. My tribesmen are more than a match for Faizi's troops

Family genocide was a cultural reality in his society, where power was often gained at the expense of numerous and bloody rivalries. My tribesmen are more than a match for Faizi's troops. And as a man with a harem of his own, he couldn't be expected to understand Lisaveta's horror when faced with the prospect of being locked away in a harem herself.

Golden Paradise book. Susan Johnson never fails to disappoint with her beautiful text and unforgettable characters. Stefan and Lisaveta's romance is epic and one that I will never forget. Mar 24, 2009 Amanda rated it liked it. Shelves: historical-romance. I've always been a big fan of Susan Johnson, especially her historicals.

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With his most famous verse, I dedicate this story. Читать онлайн Golden Paradise. Prince Stefan Bariatinsky was hot. He was beyond hot. He was bone weary, sweating hot, exhausted hot.

Two fascinating men inspired Golden Paradise.

His worst laceration wasn't completely healed yet and his arms were crisscrossed with saber scars. Two fascinating men inspired Golden Paradise. Born a generation apart, they were living legends in their own time, their deeds and accomplishments surpassing those of any fictionalized hero. Stefan's childhood and family background are based largely on the events surrounding Alex Bariatinsky's liaison with Princess Elizabeth Orbeliani. Damia was substituted as Elizabeth's name in my story to distinguish her more completely as a Georgian princess.

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Golden Paradise (Bariatinsky Family Stage), Johnson, Susan, Acceptable Book.

He'd stop to gaze out the windows on the vista of the Neva for a moment, or try sitting on the numerous chairs lining the walls of the chamber, only to find himself pacing again a few moments later. Alexander could be unpredictable and with good reason. He was beset from all sides of the political spectrum and had survived a dozen assassination attempts in the past three years. Since he had freed the serfs by manifesto in February of 1861, Alexander II's reforms had been slowly changing the character of the Russian Empire.

Author: Susan Johnson. Sweeping from the sands of Arabia to the glitter and opulence of Imperial Russia, Susan Johnson brings us a glorious tapestry of love and war, a tale of two lovers who find the fiercest battleground lies within their own heart. brilliant scholar, Lisaveta Lazaroff is both beautiful and outspoken, an independent woman who refuses to play by the rules that govern men and society. A bold attempt to ride through the Turkish desert alone nearly ends her life, until she is rescued by a man who stepped out of her dreams.

The Countess Lisaveta Lazaroff was not afraid of the whispers of polite society. She had willingly surrendered her innocence to the sensual assault of the czar's most notorious general, the darkly handsome Prince Stefan Bariatinsky. Yet the lovely Lisaveta vowed she would never surrender to Stefan's demand to be her lord and master. For although the prince was undefeated in the game of love as he was on the battlefield, Lisaveta was woman determined to beat him at his own game and capture the heart of Russia's most unobtainable man...forever.
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Golden Paradise is a beautiful historical romance based during the Russian Empire. Inspired by several Russian Historical Figures from the past, Golden Paradise is the story of a spunky Russian woman named Lisaveta who finds herself abducted and then lost in the rough terrain abandoned and alone. When Prince Stefan, who is heading back to his lodge to spend some much-needed relaxation time with his gypsy lover, runs into Lisaveta. Upon first glance, Lisaveta isn't much to look at but after she has been saved by Stefan and the two retire safely for the evening, he sees exactly what the young woman has to offer. They share a night of passion and although Stefan is engaged to be married (minor detail), still in the midst of war (no problem), Stefan and Lisaveta are destined to be together.

Told in multiple POV, Golden Paradise is a beautiful romance full of rich history, a breathtaking setting, complex characters, and a riveting plot. The tempo of the read matches the action of the plot perfectly. As the suspense builds, so did the speed at which I turned the pages because I had to see what would happen next. What I enjoyed most about this read was the tender connection between Stefan and Lisaveta. Despite all of the many circumstances stacked against them, they were able to overcome. Stefan is my absolute favorite type of hero. He is ruthless and fiercely protective of Lisaveta. I found myself swooning over these two!

Overall, I highly recommend Golden Paradise to any and all historical romance readers. Susan Johnson never fails to disappoint with her beautiful text and unforgettable characters. Stefan and Lisaveta's romance is epic and one that I will never forget.
Absolutely. Came on time & it's an all time favorite Russian love story of mine. I trusy miss the way these authors in the 80s 90s wrote.
I wish you would write more..I always have loved your historical romances and anything you wrote this is a joy and wonderful hours of taking me places I would only dream about..thank you again for giving me the opportunity.
I think my biggest problem with this book was the treatment of the lead female character and her willingness to put up with and forgive anything the male lead does or says to her. She is basically raked over the coals through the whole book. WARNING: this is not a sweet romance story there is rape and abuse. I also agree with the other reviewer when they said some of this book read like a history lecture in fact most of the Russian series did I just skipped those pages they added nothing to the storyline.
Susan Johnson writes not only wonderfully independent and strong characters she adds in accurate historical information that is unique and interesting. Thank you Susan I love your work!
Another brilliant historic novel with an exceptional leading character with sex appeal and proper breading. My kind of hero every time.
I have been a HUGE Susan Johnson fan since I picked up Sweet Love, Survive and she has never let me down. I have been looking for this for quite some time and I am delighted to have found it. It is not so highly descriptive or erotic in the love scenes but the romance was wonderful. Many times her characters are married to others and then they have to work around those stumbling blocks and they aren't willing to say they love each other until the last few pages. Not so here and it was VERY satisfying! Read and enjoy!!!
Earlier Jphnson work, not quite as erotic but steeped in history!