Free eBook Minx (Black Lace) download

by Megan Blythe

Free eBook Minx (Black Lace) download ISBN: 0352341629
Author: Megan Blythe
Publisher: Black Lace (April 22, 2010)
Language: English
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Erotica
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Size FLAC: 1681 mb
Rating: 4.9
Format: txt mobi mbr lit

User reviews
This author has a lovely vocabulary, her style is appropriately formal for a period historical novel and the premise is certainly titillating, but in the end there's not much to the story. Blythe spends far too much time telling us not very interesting things about characters not involved in the basic story line. As a backstory for why the heroine is such a saucy little libertine it would have been fine, but it's not just a little backstory, it takes up more than half the book. It reads like a highschool history book in which each paragraph mentions a different historical person who did something that might've been interesting if you got any detail...which you don't.
The hero is a nonentity, there's a totally unrelated magical interlude with three wiches in a cabin in the woods, there's too much flagellation for folks who aren't into that and not enough for folks who are and what I recall at this moment is that there's very little actual sex in the book. For an erotic novel it takes no time to linger over the sexual details. You hear that people have sex but you don't really experience it.
I will say, however, that if this book was intended to pay tribute to Victorian era erotica, then it hits fairly close to the mark. I don't happen to like much Victorian erotica for the same reason I didn't like this book: it's more tell than show.
Lancaster Hall, home to the exacting Earl of Hacclesfield, is turned upside down with the arrival of Miss Amy Pringle. Though the earl selected Amy himself to become affianced to his eldest son, Ralph, Lord Fitzroy, the day she arrives it is clear that she is in no way appropriate to become Lady Fitzroy. She's brazen, opinionated, and utterly shameless - a minx through and through. But the earl has a plan. He'll punish, humiliate, and do anything else required to bend Amy to his will. Too bad for him that Amy has no intention of becoming the lady the earl desires her to be. She has, however, set her sights on Ralph, who is determined to ignore her. This is just the kind of challenge a minx like Amy needs. The battle of wills has begun.

Minx starts out with the promise of being interesting. A fiery heroine is determined not to bend to a pompous, dictatorial earl's will. Yet Megan Blythe never seems to capitalize on the possibilities of her own story, which left me disappointed. Amy, whom I wanted to like, never rose above the level of one-dimensionality. Ralph, the object of Amy's desire (inexplicably so until the very end of the story), never comes to life. The earl, so determined to break the intrepid heroine, is never fleshed out enough to rise to the level of villain, so he quickly becomes tiresome and repetitive.

Minx wanders from one sexual encounter to the next, taking extensive journeys to the land of backstory that overtakes the current storyline and delving far too much into the sexual history of minor characters. The result was a mishmash of erotic scenes that are perhaps not quite as titillating as the author intended them to be. The plot suffers for this and I yearned for the story to have more direction. Sadly, Ms. Blythe never managed to engage my attention, nor did she make me care what happened to any of her characters. This was a pity, for Ms. Blythe has a lovely writing style which made me desperately want to like some part of the story. To me, Minx is an example of missed opportunity. The characters and storyline never live up to the author's beautiful prose.

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
The book certainly has all the elements and the author certainly has all the knowledge and skill to make this a wonderfully erotic story, but, I could never really seem to get into it.....
Amy, our beautifull and wanton heroine, seems to slip and slide from England to the royal court of France, King Luis whatever, as we see her both at Lancaster Hall to be introduced to society as the new wife of Ralph Fitzroy, and, the object of the kings lecherous desires at the court .....
Sorry tried as hard as I could to concentrate on the story of the book .... but ... like I want to read erotica and not get a lesson in disjointed histrionics....
Total lack of character development, and way too many characters are introduced for such a short book. I can appreciate a dirty scene just as much as the next erotic reader, but this book was just a collection of erotic scenes with no connection or point other than to titillate the reader. A definite disappointment since the back of the book makes it sound as if there is an actual storyline and defined characters who will explore their sexual natures.
If I could have given this book a 0, I would have. The book was unlike any other Black Lace books I have read before. Honestly, it was the worst Black Lace book I have read. And I think nothing is more dissapointing than paying for something that is a total waste. I couldn't get into the book, a boring read, and found it somewhat hard to follow--let alone finish it. I would not wish this on anyone else.