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More praise for The Wonder Worker Enthrallin. or fans of Howatch’s earlier novels about the Church of England, this . This book is so well written that readers will race through it. -Library Journal. Also by Susan Howatch.

More praise for The Wonder Worker Enthrallin. or fans of Howatch’s earlier novels about the Church of England, this is familiar and juicy territory. In those novels, Howatch captivated.

I started reading Susan Howatch books with Penmeric and Caselmara many years ago and kept reading all the sequels of the origional characters.

Ships from and sold by AP Books & Stuff. I started reading Susan Howatch books with Penmeric and Caselmara many years ago and kept reading all the sequels of the origional characters. Reading this book using characters from previous books made it more interesting for me. I enjoy her style of writing and Wonder Worker was such a good read.

Susan Howatch (born 14 July 1940) is a British author. Her writing career has been distinguished by family saga-type novels which describe the lives of related characters for long periods of time. Her later books have also become known for their religious and philosophical themes. Born Susan Elizabeth Sturt in Leatherhead, Surrey, England, she was the daughter of a stockbroker, and went to school at Sutton High School

Susan Howatch was born in Surrey. After getting a degree in law, she emigrated to America, where she married, had a daughter, and embarked on a career as a writer.

Susan Howatch was born in Surrey. When she eventually left the United States, she lived in the Republic of Ireland for four years before returning to England. She spent time in Salisbury-which was the inspiration for her Starbridge sequence of novels-and now lives in London. Библиографические данные. The Wonder Worker: A Novel St. Benet's Trilogy (Том 1).

About The Wonder Worker. Susan Howatch was born in Surrey. When she eventually left the United States, she lived in. Young, lonely, and insecure, Alice Fletcher is on the verge of emotional collapse when she stumbles into St. Benet’s Church to dodge the London drizzle. There, she witnesses a group of gifted healers led by the charismatic Nicholas Darrow. When she eventually left the United States, she lived i. ore about Susan Howatch. Category: Literary Fiction Historical Fiction.

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The Wonder Worker book.

The Wonder Worker book. I’ve never read a Susan Howatch before and only came to The Wonder Worker because my mum’s friend gave her a copy of it. Liking the sound of the synopsis I decided to give it a go and I was really impressed. The book centres around a Healing Centre in the City of London and is seen through the eyes of a number of protagonists – the shy and dumpy Alice who has not been allowed to bloom and tries her hardest to be invisible; the irascible Lewis, the elderly priest who is struggli An intriguing tale.

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Title: The Wonder Worker By: Susan Howatch Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 544 Vendor: Random House Publication Date: 1998. Dimensions: 8 1/4 X 5 1/2 X 1 (inches) Weight: 15 ounces ISBN: 0449001504 ISBN-13: 9780449001509 Stock No: WW01504. Publisher's Description.

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When Alice, shy, dumpy, bored and unhappy with herself, wanders the City of London during her lunch hour, she stumbles without warning into a situation which will revolutionise her life. Brought up by a strict maiden aunt devoted to rationalism, Alice hardly foresees that she'll be drawn into the mysterious, seemingly irrat
User reviews
At a picnic outside Seattle two or three years back, a new friend seasoned a conversation by suggesting I might find Susan Howatch's novels to provide some entertaining light reading.

Entertaining, in spades. Light, not for a minute.

Howatch stewards a strong novelist's capacity to construct her characters, wielding this craft in combination with an uncanny sense for the intersection of those realities we abbreviate as 'spiritual' and 'psychological' that reside in and around her protagonists'' lives.

Set in the environment of the Church of England, with a London healing center called St. Benet's as its principal scene, Howatch's book narrates this first entry in the author's 'St. Benedict's Trilogy' from the perspectives of four of its 1990s-era principals. Alice Fletcher, bereft of her late aunt's heavy, guiding hand, lost in a quiet storm of self-deprecation, turns out along the way to have understood what a pair of skilled priests could not. In the mix, she finds the love she always imagined only the fine and the pretty could ever know. Lewis, curmudgeonly, shaped and misshapen by Old Things, wise beyond words yet crippled by his inability to engage women on level ground, ends up alone and yet deeply loved by those who know 'putting up with' and loving not to be antagonists. Rosalind, for whom the reader arrives at sympathy only after taking the measure of her wounds, simply fades away from Nicholas, the husband to whom she was never truly married.

This leaves us to Nicholas, Howatch's perennial limping hero, psychic priest, a man so gifted that it is almost inevitable that his spiritual insight should wreck him. He loses Rosalind--whom he never truly possessed--and finds himself in the novel's final pages brought near to 'dear little Alice' in the love that no one suspected could ever be.

Along the way, Howatch deploys an unsettling vision into the things that go wrong in the heart of a man or woman gifted and summoned to serve others via an extraordinary calling. Nicholas, the book's 'wonder worker', knows almost more than any human being should. Ninety-nine times of a hundred, he manages to exercise this special knowledge in a way that heals and elevates the broken human beings who flow to St. Benet's in the hope of finding a mercy that understands and, sometimes, restores.

Yet it is the one of a hundred that undoes this man, as it takes apart the life and integrity of so many like him.

Howatch would, perhaps, deny any didactic intention in producing such novels. Her intention, she demurs, is the purpose of any novelist: to entertain.

Yet authorial caveats notwithstanding, there is far more here than entertainment, though this abounds.

There are powers and principalities, truth in bed with lies, extraordinary perception in the eyes of men and women who are, in moments, half-blind. There are ordinary, foot-dragging human beings capable of extraordinary, private heroics. And the reverse.

This book fulfills its author's stated purpose and then races on toward auxiliary usefulness. At the risk of suggesting a readership narrower than the one that might profitably take up and read The Wonder Worker, this reviewer hastens to suggest that pastoral groups of all kinds, seminary classes, those who counsel broken souls and encounter the risk inherent in such intimacy, might find this novel--for this is what it purports to be--a window into things both entertaining, qualifying, earnest, and mysterious.
Susan Howatch has alwasy been known for her keen psychological insights into her characters and her ability to turn the inner and outer lives of her creations into page-turning fiction. Her next trilogy to take place in the turbulent Church of England opens with The Wonder Worker and Howatch ups the stakes in terms of combining character study with a psychological thriller.

The Wonder Worker focuses on the churches of the City, open during the week and closed on the weekends and specifically, St. Benet's, a City church focused on healing and run by Nicholas Darrow, last seen as a psychic loose cannon as a young man in Mystical Paths, the fifth book of the Starbridge series. Alice, an overweight spinster who is caring for her terminally ill aunt wanders into the healing service one day in despair and is taken up by the staff of St. Benet's. When Alice's aunt dies, Alice must build a new life and the people of St. Benet's are there to help her, but not all of those people are as they appear and Alice's secret crush on Nicholas Darrow may not be as secret as she hopes or as unreciprocated as everyone believes, especially as the Darrow's companionate marriage is under severe strain. This hothouse of emotion comes to a head during the course of weekend and as always the page turning delight and the psychological insights are marvelous. Strong, well delineated secondary characters bring the Wonder Worker to the top of contemporary literary fiction. Recommended as are all of Howatch's novels.
I admire this author's work, ever since her Church stories have been published. She has updated her stories to fit modern day issues, and this three book series has been evidence of a writer who can refresh her themes. This book was not so easy to "fall in love with," but still shows her masterful research on important issues, and the plot kept me going as well. Also, it is fun to see characters from former book appear in recent times as they age in believable ways.
I started reading Susan Howatch books with Penmeric and Caselmara many years ago and kept reading all the sequels of the origional characters. Reading this book using characters from previous books made it more interesting for me. I enjoy her style of writing and Wonder Worker was such a good read .
Nick Darrow, one of the principle characters in this novel, is not one of my favorites. He was introduced in the Church of England series. I did not find the redemption in this book that I have found in Susan Howatch's other books which have a religious theme. I did not really enjoy this read, although after I started I had to finish. So I suppose it was interesting enough to draw one in. Just not one of my favorites of this author.
I've loved all Howatch's books especially the Starbridge series. The voices of her characters are so clear and strong.
The multifaceted approach of seeing things from different characters prospective fascinates every time. Plus it's a whomping
Great story! Enjoy, if it's your first Howarch book or you're latest, you're in for a treat!
A great discussion of the complexity of interpersonal relationships and the interface of medicine, religion and spirituality
Great Book!