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by Dee Holmes

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Author: Dee Holmes
Publisher: Berkley (April 1, 2001)
Language: English
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
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Rating: 4.9
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As her teenage daughter lies in a coma after a car accident, Mattie begins to question things she has always believed-about her daughter...her husband...and herself.
User reviews
I read The Boy on the Porch and the Caleb Trees by Dee Holmes, and enjoyed them both.

The Secret Stones is the story of a family in crisis. Mattie and Stephen Caufield, parents of Jessica (age 17) and Hannah (age15,) after over 18 years of marriage have been divorced for six months when they receive word that Jessica has been in an automobile accident and is the hospital in a coma. They find out that she was driving a car owned by the mother of Arlis Petcher (also 17) who went to school with Jessica when the accident occurred, that beer cans were found in the car, and that Jessica was pregnant when the accident occurred, but lost the baby because of the accident. Arlis died in the accident and her parents blame Jessica and her parents for their daughter's death, claiming Jessica stole the car and was drinking.

Why was Jessica with Arlis Petcher, when as far as Mattie knew, they had never been friends? Where were they going? If Jessica was pregnant, who was the father? Mattie wants the answers. Stephen wants to let it go for now and move on; they will have all the answers when Jessica comes out of the coma.

Meanwhile Stephen wants to get back together with Mattie and claims he still loves her. Mattie has moved on and is in love Wyatt Landry. Mattie's parents never wanted them to divorce, they are very fond of Stephen and think was a good husband and a great father.

While Jessica is in the coma, Stephen moves back into the guest room in the house he and Mattie shared when they were married,

Jessica realizes she did not know her daughter very well as she attempts to get answers to what happened and why.

The assumption by everyone is that Kevin Bonner, Jessica's boy friend, is responsible for her pregnancy. Kevin, who is Wyatt Landry's nephew adamantly denies it.

Hannah the younger sister who has always been shy changes as she becomes more popular at school, party due to Jessica being in the coma and partly because now she does not need to try and compete with Jessica for attention.

What will Mattie find out? Is Jessica responsible for the accident and Arlis' death? Had she been drinking? Who is the father of the baby that died?

The story becomes very intriguing and the ending was a complete surprise to me. I highly recommend this story.
While her daughter Jessica lies in a coma after a car accident that killed her friend, Mattie begins to question the affects that her recent divorce has had on her daughters. Discovering that Jessica was pregnant, Mattie tries to discover when her daughter's transformation happened, as she tries to learn who fathered the baby

Once the perfect family, Mattie and husband Stephen grew apart when his high tech firm downsized leaving him out in the cold and Mattie a member of the work force. It has been six months since the ink dried, and she has managed to build up her business (a growing antique store she took over from her retired parents), and has a new man in her life. Stephen, on the other hand, has not moved on and is still holding out for reconciliation.

As Jessica lingers in the coma for weeks, and other daughter Hannah literally blossoms as she emerges from her sisters shadow, Stephen campaigns hard that they belong together as a family, and has her parents singing back up for him. About the only joy left in her life is the stolen moments of passion she and lover Wyatt manage to find.

When pressure to reconcile becomes too much to bear, Mattie must decide if she will sacrifice her personal happiness to make her family whole again.

Overwrought with emotion, readers will be hooked to find out Mattie's decision, as well as the paternity of the child. Despite the many red herrings thrown out - it will be a huge surprise - one with devastating effects on all involved. This is not a light and fluffy romance novel - it is at times sad and disturbing.
The car accident leaves Arlis Petcher dead and Jessica Caulfied in a coma. The teens failed to use seat belts and were thrown from the vehicle. Beer cans were found inside the car and Arlis's mother accuses Jessica of stealing her vehicle and killing her baby. Jessica's parents, six months divorced, are stunned by the accusations. Even more shocking to Mattie and Stephen is that their daughter Jessica was pregnant, the baby dying in the crash.

Stephen begins to provide comfort to his former wife and their other daughter. He wants to reconcile, but though Mattie has turned to him for solace, she has other needs too. She needs to know the truth including any other secrets Jessica hid from them.

THE SECRET STONES is a powerful relationship drama that leaves the reader in awe of author Dee Holmes while digesting disturbing thoughts about loved ones. The well written, angst-laden plot belongs to the prime characters especially Jessica and the comatose Mattie. Elementary, Dr. Watson, anyone who relishes a complex realistic soul searching novel will want to read Ms. Holmes latest gut wrencher.

Harriet Klausner
I agree wholeheartedly with the H.Klaussner review. This book was intense but I found that I couldn't put it down. The story will draw you in and put you in the midst of the drama. It took me two tries to get going on this book as I was afraid the story would be gruesome and sad but it wasn't at all. The emphasis was placed more on the discovery of the problems within the Caulfield family. It was serious and very definitely a message storyline meant to give courage and insight to victims of abuse and manipulation. If you love a good drama that is well written this should satisfy.