Free eBook Run Shelley Run download

by Gertrude Samuels

Free eBook Run Shelley Run download ISBN: 0451156358
Author: Gertrude Samuels
Publisher: Signet (March 1, 1975)
Language: English
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Contemporary
Size MP3: 1935 mb
Size FLAC: 1734 mb
Rating: 4.3
Format: azw doc txt lit

A sixteen-year-old runs away from a state training school and struggles to hold on to her freedom
User reviews
This book is about a girl, Shelley, who is constantly on the run. From her drunk of a mother, from the many institutions she lands in for being a runaway, from the drug freaks on the street, and from her creepy stepfather. None of these circumstances are humorous in reality, obviously, but the language this book uses to tell the tale is absolutely hilarious and, dare I say, ridiculous.

This book has every single cheesy cliche about girls on the run who land in the clink. There are 'light' lesbian prison shower scenes that have no purpose in propelling the story forward. A stereotypical social worker 'savior' type features prominently in the first half of the story. There's 'Mama' with her bright red dyed hair and mean boyfriends, slurring her words as she commits her daughter to one institution or another. There are old school go-go bars with crucifix wearing minors dancing inside them. There are girls who drink acid spiked beverages after being offered a place to 'crash' by a woman named 'Sister' that Shelley just randomly met in a park.

This book is a retro caricature of some very serious topics. I read this, along with Go Ask Alice (these should be side by side on the bookshelf) as a child and purchased this to read through my adult eyes. I'm 43 now and I can't believe this book was published written as it is, especially considering it was written by Gertrude Samuels, a human rights champion and former member of the NYT editorial board.

I don't know that I would recommend this book to anyone unless you read this as a kid, and you're somewhat nostalgic. Or if you feel the need to laugh at awful social concerns you have no ability to fix on your own.
this book was sooo good, i read it when i was a teen,
so great it is about a teen who turns her life over to God after drugs, and other stuff it is really good
Got for girlfriend, was in good shape. Funny thing was inside was signed by author.