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by Jeremy Robinson

Free eBook Instinct (A Chess Team Adventure) download ISBN: 0312540299
Author: Jeremy Robinson
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books; First Edition edition (April 13, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 368
Category: Imaginative Literature
Subcategory: Action and Adventure
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Rating: 4.8
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Instinct (A Chess Team Adventure) Hardcover – April 13, 2010. Instinct is book two in the Chess Team series by Jeremy Robinson. And it was a book I read in a weekend because I found it nearly impossible to put down. The action and suspense keep the pages flying by.

Instinct (A Chess Team Adventure) Hardcover – April 13, 2010. by. Jeremy Robinson (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Instinct by Jeremy Robinson is the second book in his Chess Team adventure series. Fourteen years earlier cryptozoologist Dr. Anthony Weston was attacked and disappeared in Vietnam’s Annamite Mountains, the same area where a deadly plague, the Brugada syndrome, originated. Instinct is a novel where you have to suspend disbelief and just go where the action takes you. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to read an action/adventure novel with a crytozoologist and a special forces unit.

Instinct : a Chess Team adventure. Instinct : a Chess Team adventure. Robinson, Jeremy, 1974-. Geneticists, Bioterrorism, Special forces (Military science), Americans, Terrorism. New York : St. Martin's Press.

A Chess Team Adventure. Thomas Dunne Books St. Martin’s Press New York. Printed in the United States of America. This is a work of fiction. All of the characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. An imprint of St. Martin’s Press.

Title: Instinct (A Chess Team Adventure) Author(s): Jeremy Robinson ISBN: 0-312-54029-9 .

June 2019 : USA Paperback.

Chess Team is a series of twenty military science-fiction fantasy novels written by American author Jeremy Robinson, featuring the ex-Delta Force operator Jack Sigler. Jack Sigler, callsign King, leads a team of operators hand-picked from the best of the best from within the United States Special Forces.

The Chess Team races to save Pierce and stop Manifold before they change the face of genetics-and human .

The Chess Team races to save Pierce and stop Manifold before they change the face of genetics-and human history-forever. Heart-pounding action combines with adrenaline-charged suspense in the first of Jeremy Robinson's smart, sharp series featuring the Chess Team. Отзывы - Написать отзыв. Рейтинг: 5. 3. Рейтинг: 4.

The high adventure of James Rollins combines with the gripping suspense of Scott Sigler in this second installment in the Jack Sigler Thriller A genetic disease known as Brugada Syndrome kills its victims without warning, without symptom. When the President of the United States falls victim to a weaponized and contagious strain of the disease, the Chess Team—King, Queen, Rook, Knight and Bishop—are assigned to protect Sara Fogg, a CDC detective, as she journeys to the source of the new strain: the Annamite Mountains in Vietnam. Surrounded by Vietnam War era landmines, harsh terrain and more than one military force not happy about the return of American boots to the Ho Chi Minh trail, the fight for survival becomes a grueling battle in the humid jungle. Pursued by VPLA Death Volunteers, Vietnam’s Special Forces unit, the team’s flight through a maze of archaic ruins reveals an ancient secret...a primal secret that may stop the disease from sweeping the globe—even as it threatens both the mission and their lives.
User reviews
Ah! I was drowning in heart pumping action with each word I read, with each ground stomping scene that flowed smoothly with each twist and turn.

This story was almost perfect for me.

I was so excited at the beginning of this novel because it seemed as though the story would be completely focused on the mission and I wouldn't have to read so much about how the female character(s) is/are perfect, impressive, blah...blah...blah... Should have known I'd have to put up with that same old scenario when it comes to male and females (>.<). Yep! I am sooooo completely anti-romance on any level at the moment (o.O)

But there was so much suspense and thrills in this story that I got my 'action fix.' This was a very creative world to be lost in. Great Story Telling!
Originally read 29/10/2011. The second in the Chess team thrillers, this one is set in Vietnam, with the team trying to track down the cure to a lethal virus that kills everyone it strikes. I really enjoyed it and am coming to love the dynamics of the team and the banter between them. I was a bit annoyed about the unveiling of Deep Blue's identity - not that we know, but who it was... a bit unrealistic to think that someone of his calibre would have the time to spend helping the team as he did in the first book. That aside, however, the book was great and I look forward to the next one.

Re-read (or listened to through Audible) 23/04/2013. If anything, the second time through was even better. Noting my review above, listening to the book this time through, it was soooo obvious who Deep Blue was, but hey, hindsight is a lovely thing. Jeffrey Kafer's narration truly bring already amazing characters to life in a way that almost makes me prefer listening to reading. Can't wait to start Threshold!
I just found this author. I love Matthew Reilly and James Rollins...and now I love Jeremy Robinson. His character development is excellent - his heroes are likable yet flawed and his villians are...villainous. I like the way he develops existing characters from book to book while adding new characters that are just as easy to connect to as his existing ones. His plots are fantastic...lots of action, a little science fiction. His writing style is great. All in all - Instinct, as well as the other Jack Sigler novels are well worth the investment in reading time!
I liked Jeremy Robinson's Instinct. The action was non-stop. The characters were fun. As with any adventure book, one must expect improbable encounters and escapes as well as some hollow characters. Books like Robinson's (and the adventure genre's modern day godfather, James Rollins), are meant to be entertaining, not works of modern literary art. The one thing I don't like about Instinct is that Neanderthals never lived in East Asia and they weren't hairy ape-like people. Neanderthals ranged over the Middle East and Europe, never as far east as India, never mind Vietnam. Evolutionary anthropologists have reconstructed Neanderthals and they looked a lot like Earnest Borgnine. Evolutionary anthropologists and biologists have said for decades that you could clean a Neanderthal up, put him in a business suit and let him go to work and nobody would blink twice. Neanderthals looked like shorter versions of us with bigger noses, a more muscular build, broader shoulders, and maybe a bigger brow ridge than some people have today. Neanderthals were most certainly were not ape-like at all. Anthropologists have recently found remains of a different species that lived in central Asia (the Denosovians)but, to be on the safe side, Robinson should have made his evolutionary throwbacks Homo erectus because that species was all over east Asia. To be fair, Robinson's ideas about human-neanderthal interbreeding are actually true. Recent DNA studies have shown that modern humans have genes that regulate physical appearance and the immune system that come from Neanderthals. Finally, fossil evidence and archaeological finds suggest that the last of the "pure" Neanderthals died out on Gibraltar about 24,000 years ago. Whatever is left of the Neanderthals lives on in a few handfuls of genes in the modern human gene pool.

Overall, this is a fun book for some light reading. I liked the book a lot because it was briskly paced and entertaining. Because I know about Neanderthals, the portrayal of that species did trip me up a little. If the anthropology had been more correct, I would have given it five stars. If you know anything about human evolution, simply suspend disbelief as well as you can, sit back, and enjoy the ride.
The chess team series is one my favorite series. And this book is one of the best.
The team goes to Vietnam to find cure for a deadly disease. While trying to find the cure, they have to deal with the threat of the disease striking them down, two different military forces and something that none would expect.
The chess team characters are amazing. Each one has a different background and different personality. But they are all the best at what they do.
Jeremy Robinson doesn't disappoint! After stumbling on these books by accident, I find I am hooked on the combinationo of military valor and the spine tingling terror of the unknown! Instinct has the Chess Team and a CDC scientist in Vietnam searching for the cure for a little known and previously rare genetic Brugada Syndrome that suddenly strikes down primarily healthy males. Someone has discovered a way to weaponize the Syndrome and has attempted to assinate President Duncan wiith it. When the Team arrives in Vietnam, they discover a tribe of Neanderthals whose males have fallen victim to the syndrome and are in search of new fathers for their tribe to contiue, as well as an American who has begun his own 'family' of hybrids and wants to prevent the rest of the world from discovering them. An exciting action packed read as the Team battles to obtain the cure and live to get it back to the US.