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Free eBook Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus download ISBN: 1597771597
Author: Shadoe Stevens,Dave Barry
Publisher: Phoenix Audio; Unabridged edition (May 1, 2008)
Language: English
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Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus. But that hasn’t stopped him from writing this book. In it, Dave explores (as only he can) such topics as:, How the .

Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus. economy works, including the often ov. The Shepherd, the Angel, and Walter the Christmas Miracle Dog.

Dave Barry books are always good for chuckles. This was a compilation of articles he wrote several years ago for the Miami Herald which were then syndicated. There were some really funny ones in this collection!

Dave Barry books are always good for chuckles. There were some really funny ones in this collection!

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Here’s the entire text: How come when I’m standing in front of a full-length mirror with nothing on but socks, white socks look OK, but dark-colored socks make me look cheap and sleazy?. Judi did not say how she happens to know it’s true; apparently-and I’m sure there’s a perfectly innocent explanation-she has seen John Cog of Norfolk, Virginia, wearing nothing but socks.

Dave Barry Is Not Taking This Sitting Down. Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway. Anyway, the first title actually considered for this book was Another Damn Dave Barry Book. I liked that one, because it was punchy, yet at the same time it said absolutely nothing. Of course you could argue that this was a good reason to use the title, because people who’d be offended by the word damn would probably suffer cerebral hemorrhages if they read the book’s actual contents.

Written by Dave Barry, Audiobook narrated by Shadoe Stevens. Thankfully, some clever marketers have come up with a foolproof solution: Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus, a hysterical compilation of his best pieces

Written by Dave Barry, Audiobook narrated by Shadoe Stevens. Thankfully, some clever marketers have come up with a foolproof solution: Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus, a hysterical compilation of his best pieces. Hear all about Dave's unfortunate Wheel of Fortune appearance, his "non-lunch" with Hillary Rodham Clinton, and much more from a guy who knows where he's coming from.

This Author: Dave Barry. This Narrator: Shadoe Stevens. This Publisher: Phoenix Audio. Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus. People Who Liked Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus Also Liked These Free Titles

Dave Barry Is from Mars and Venus. Publisher Description. With all the pressures of daily life, not to mention the need to recycle newspapers, it's hard to keep track of every one of Dave's columns  .

One of the funniest writers around launches his latest collection of syndicated-column comedy-- and answers the question: "Just how "does" Oprah have the power to turn a 1957 Hotpoint toaster manual into a #1 bestseller?"
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My hero, Dave Barry, does it again. There are probably very few young people today who are uncomfortable with rapidly-unfolding technology----but for those of us who sometimes long for the days when the most complicated piece of equipment on your desk was an adding machine that plugged into the wall, this book is as identifiable as it is hysterical. highly recommended!
As an avoid reader of Dave Barry for decades by now, and one who follows his writings with glee and guffaws, this one was true to form, mostly hilarious and often, too true and realistic. The man is just so funny, it is very hard not to laugh outright, and in this book, he covers 101 different topics well. It is very easy to get thru the entire book in just a few sittings, without much too stomach or rib pains from constant laughing. One should not read the book on the train or in a restaurant or library, but rather in one's own bedroom, sound-proofed, or in a bank's vault, after hours. It is very hard not to laugh out-loud, and on an airplane or subway, this can and does get one into trouble with other passengers or the laws. Have fun, it is unavoidable when reading Barry!
This is one of those timeless humor books that holds up just as well today as it did when it was initially released 15 years ago! Dave Barry's mastery of the written word is at peak performance with this collection of columns. When they stuck the words "GREATEST HITS" on the cover, they were absolutely not lying.

Sure, some of the events and people discussed within these pages may be dated, but if you were alive for those times (or took a history class in school) then you'll still appreciate a fresh and hilarious perspective.

This book contains my all time favorite Barry column titled "Molecular Homicide" which tells the tell of the author having the flu and what happens when he is unable to get out of bed to monitor his young son's activities. This column alone is worth the price of the book. If you enjoy that column then there are plenty more that will tickle your funny bone.

This is a good starting point for anyone getting into Barry for the first time. It's a book that's easy to pick up whenever you have a few minutes and since each column is only 2-3 pages in length you can always come back to it later without having to worry about remembering what you read previously. Though don't be surprised if you find yourself reading some columns numerous times! It's a perfect book to keep in the bathroom for those quick visits, or in the kitchen for when you're microwaving some food.

If you make it through his "Greatest Hits" then I highly recommend "Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need," followed by "Dave Barry is Not Making This Up."
You can't go wrong with any of his books, but I found the 3 mentioned to be the funniest.
Prince Persie
The funniest book I've ever read. It is his innocent approach and strategically injected misinformation that is absurdly funny and succeeds at taking nothing at all seriously. His "rug pull" writing gags are classic and I always get a laugh when I read this book aloud to friends. After a few hours of hysteria our faces and stomachs hurt so much that we have to take breaks. I have nothing but warm feelings for this book and when I lost my copy I purchased it again, and again. I've read it at least 10 times. It is the PERFECT gift for anyone that knows anything about computers, or remembers just how bad and "lacking in standards" we were just a decade ago. It is amazing what we all put up with. One more thing: The last chapter was an unexpected romantic knockout genre change that blew me away. Dave really gets it and he really knows how to write.
Dave Barry has a great sense of sarcastic humor. He can laugh about the ridiculousness that humans have created. He is a nut but a great nut and In Cyberspace kept me laughing so much so that my husband wanted me to read parts of the book to him since he is not a reader but he too thought Dave Barry is a HOOT!
I read this many years ago when a relative gave it to me after surgery. I laugh so hard I thought is in full the stitches

Even now with new operating systems and a much changed computing environment, much of what Dave writes about absolutely deflates intellectual fluff. For example, I copied the first page of one chapter on how to install a computer. The first instruction is "find Valium" and I gave this to a friend who was – – guess what – – installing computer. Talk about laughing out loud

I might have to find some Valium for myself before I attempt to install Windows 8
The first 3/4 of this book are reliable, hilarious Dave Barry. You really don't need to know much more than that to know that you are in for a hilarious read.

I found it really interesting, as a young person, to read about the 'early internet'. As often happens with Barry's books, this was surprisingly informative!

Then something strange happens. He writes a semi-serious short story about a married woman who has a cyber-affair. It felt sort of out of place.
As an Irish person, living in a small town in rainy Ireland, it is unusual to find a book by Dave Barry..(hooray for Amazon). I don't know anyone who has any idea who he is, and why should they.. he is or was(?) a journalist for the Miami Herald, and is a well known funny man in the States, and no singular Irishman or woman has any reason to know of him.. and isn't it a shame. I love funny books. I have some great ones...but Dave is one of the funniest guys I've never met. This book is full of anecdotal ravings and mad perceptions but, you know he is really so funny, you don't care if he talks of giant carnivorous fleas somewhere in the mid-west, or helping his son with a science project waiting for the ants to bite. (ME thinks him an entomologist at heart).. but he has such a funny way of putting things, that no matter what the subject matter, you will read it and enjoy it. Let's face it, in this violent, crime filled world, isn't it still nice that you can have a smile put on your face!