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Author: Michael Wood
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The Jerome Conspiracy by. Michael Wood.

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Finally Solved:Second century documents, such as The Sybilline Oracles and the Apocalypse of Peter, reveal a very big surprise. Why Does The Christian Bible Say Billions Are Destined For Hell? How is it possible for a loving God to create a fiery hell for the eternal punishment of billions of souls? InThe Jerome Conspiracy, this question becomes more than academic to Jonathon and Samantha Webber when they lose their atheist adult son in a tragic car accident.

The Jerome Conspiracy reveals the surprising history on how the teaching of hell entered the Christian faith and Bible. Tubi Publishing, LLC. Book Format.

The Great Conspiracy: The Secret War Against Soviet Russia (1946) was an international bestseller.

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A fundamental teaching of modern Christianity is the eternal damnation of unbelievers.  Most Christians assume this was always a doctrine of the faith.  However the historical record proves otherwise.There were two distinct divisions of Christianity during its formative centuries: the churches of the East and the churches of the West.  A second century document entitled The Sibylline Oracles shows that the earliest churches of the East taught universal salvation - the doctrine that everyone will eventually be reconciled to God.  In The Sibylline Oracles, unbelievers are eventually removed by God from the afterlife fires at the request of Christians.For centuries Biblical scholars were convinced that the earliest churches in the West taught eternal damnation in hell.  However, the fairly recent discovery of an early Greek version of The Apocalypse of Peter has dashed this longstanding characterization.  The second century Muratorian Fragment reveals that The Apocalypse of Peter was widely read in the earliest churches of the West.  And the newly found Greek version shows that it too taught universal salvation.  In The Apocalypse of Peter, unbelievers are eventually removed by God from the afterlife fires at the request of Christians.So the mainstream, majority view of the earliest churches in both the East and the West was one of temporary not eternal punishment.  The writings of Saint Augustine show this continued up into the beginning of the fifth century.  In 420 CE he wrote in Enchiridion that the majority of Christians believe in temporary punishment. However, a little more than one hundred years later, belief in eternal punishment had become so entrenched in Christianity that to teach otherwise was declared anathema - a heretical act worthy of punishment or death.This leaves us with two historical puzzles to solve.  First, why did the vast majority of churches teach temporary punishment in the first place?  And second, what definitive event occurred during the fifth century that caused Christians en masse to suddenly embrace the doctrine of eternal damnation?  In The Jerome Conspiracy parable, cryptographer Michael Wood pieces together the historical record to solve both these puzzles.  And the resulting solution ends up exposing a previously unwritten fifth century conspiracy - a conspiracy that altered the course of the Christian faith for the next fifteen hundred years.
User reviews
I'm not a huge book reader, but once I picked this book up, I couldn't put it down. It features a fictional story where the author explains factual information in regards to the history of the wording of the Christian bible. This filled in so many gaps, and answered so many questions I had with things that didn't make sense in the bible.

Even if you're not religious, I recommend picking this book up, as it explains how the Bible was conceived, and it's a real eye opener.
I love it, a very good book for anyone who has questioned the contradictions in the bible and want more clarity in understanding why that is, and how to come to trust the gospel message.
This is a story about what has happened over the centuries that most people don't even conceive of, It will keep you reading untill you have completed the book and then make you do more studying about past history.
Although not completely sold on the parable style of the presentation, the ensuing content more than ensured the value of this much needed work. The presentation of data which is relatively easy to verify is I believe its core strength. For myself, having been only recently exposed to Christian Universalism, this book provided missing pieces of the jig saw puzzle which is now complete. There are several works available which present the Universalist argument, but The Jerome Conspiracy complements them beautiful. Well done Michael Wood. I believe you have made a very valuable contribution in revealing the true nature of man made religion and restoring our understanding of the never failing love of our Creator.
The Jerome conspiracy is a good starting point on a rather large subject, a subject that has been well hidden by theologians for centuries. Though written as a parable the biblical information is accurate and stands up to all comers. After reading this book you will find it hard to locate a literal translation of the LXX (Septuagint) as it has also suffered from some theological bias. Nevertheless the Septuagint is the Old Testament quoted by Christ and the Apostles and is the text that agrees with the New testament. After reading the Jerome conspiracy it is easy to spot where translators have even taken liberties with the Septuagint. The Jerome conspiracy unveils the doctrinal manipulation that has plagued both the Old and New testaments and is definitely both a pleasant and an enlightening read. I recommend this book fully and with out reserve, it will unveil skullduggery that has been hidden for about sixteen hundred years.
Proverbs 27:6
Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

I find this book objectionable for the following reasons:

Undermines the Bible as being the final source of truth
Claims the Bible has contradictions and has been improperly translated
Tries to throw out the books of Jude and Second Peter out of the Biblical Cannon
Tries to get the readers to accept extra-Biblical works like the Apocalypse of Peter
Denies that hell is eternal but then tries to get everyone to accept the doctrine of Purgatory instead
Promotes Universal Salvation
Categorizes sins into Mortal and Venial saying that the sins of the flesh are a lesser violation and one can still make it to heaven even if they are a homosexual provided that they are a good person that follows the Golden Rule otherwise.
Tells readers that all they have to do is follow the Golden Rule to make it to heaven
Downplays Jesus as necessary to Salvation and claims that a verse in Romans proves that people can get into heaven without knowing Jesus at all.
Uses Characters in his stories which mock Fundamentalist or Evangelical Christians
Frowns on Conviction of sin as a cruel thing Funadmentalists or Evangelicals do to others


About a few weeks before I had even heard about this book I had a dream about a man. I found this dream to be very disturbing. In this dream this man set his foot on fire and was in the process of setting his whole body on fire. He watched as the flames burned his shoes then his feet up to his legs. He still could have stopped it seeing what he was doing to himself. How horrifying it was to see the fire spread all the way up his chest and finally to his head and when his whole body was totally burning and it was too late to turn back, knowing he had lost his body, he walked over to a window with his last bit of strength and leaned out the window and said, "I'm sorry mom."

What does this have to do with the book? Not only does the book cover contain a burning face but I believe it was a dream concerning this book. The author does believe in an afterlife type of hell although he denies an eternal hell. He does promote that sexual sins of lesser degree than prostitution does not land one in hell while the extra Biblical book he wants the readers to believe in called The Apocolypse of Peter does give a firey punishment and other assorted horrors after death for various things including sexual sins. I don't take that book as a Biblically true book at all, but for the sake of the readers that would like to reject what the Bible says about hell so badly but would embrace this book instead I mention it. This extra-Biblical book is mentioned because it has a passage about saints praying people out of hell. Woe, to the person who has no such friend to pray him out of hell. How fair is that? Also, I want to remind the readers that the Bible says there is ONE Mediator between God and man and that is Christ Jesus (1 Timothy 2:5).

I find the "Universal Hope" to be no hope at all in this book. How much better it would be to turn our sights on repenting in this life NOW instead of taking a gamble and thinking one can repent in the afterlife and promoting that to others.

Luke 12:19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.

20But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee..