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by Eva Krutein

Free eBook Eva's War: A True Story of Survival download ISBN: 0938513095
Author: Eva Krutein
Publisher: Amador Pub (January 1, 1990)
Language: English
Pages: 254
Category: Historical
Subcategory: Europe
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Rating: 4.9
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carousel previous carousel next. Eva's War: A True Story of Survival. Paradise Found, and Lost: Odyssey in Chile. Amerika? America!: From Immigration to Espionage. This book is a war cry against the glorification of wars, Eva tells us. Book publishers, as well as toy makers and history writers, bear some responsibility for that poisonous glorification. Amador Publishers proudly offers to the world this important antidote.

Eva Krutein was born in the Free City of Danzig, now Gdansk, Poland. Eva's War: A True Story of Survival by Eva Krutein. Sign me up! No thanks. Her parents, owners of a factory for electric appliances, provided their only child with a comfortable upbringing. They nurtured Eva’s fascination with music, which would shape the rest of her life. In 1942, at the age of 21, Eva married Manfred Krutein, who had joined the Navy and received a degree in Naval Architecture.

And yet, Eva Krutein does both. Books related to Eva's War: A True Story of Survival. Eva's Story: A Survivor's Tale by the Step-Sister of Anne Frank.

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Young Eva must leave her beloved Danzig to escape the Soviets and the harm they would bring to her little family. Those that lose a war rarely survive, much less get to tell their story. And yet, Eva Krutein does both. After hearing rumors about the terrible devastation of the town of Nemmersdorf, Eva makes the heartbreaking decision to leave her parents.

Eva's War. A True Story Of Survival. By Krutein, Eva 1990, Amador Publishers ISBN 0938513087 Paperback, 253 pages. Descripton: In the last months of World War II, the Baltic Sea was infested with Soviet submarines targeting German refugee ships. Eva's War is a powerful tale of war seen through the eyes of a woman. It describes the escape of a young mother and her baby on the ocean liner Deutschland with more than 10,000 women, children and U-boat personnel aboard. A Soviet submarine torpedoes the Wilhelm Gustloff nearby, drowning more than 6,000 people in the icy waters.

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The story of German refugees has not been well covered, so this should find a place in academic and public libraries. Pat Ensor, Indiana State Univ. Published January 1, 1990 by Amador Pub. Biography, German Personal narratives, History, Personal narratives, German, Refugees, World War, 1939-1945. Gdańsk, Gdańsk (Poland), Germany, Poland.

A gripping story of flight, refugees, privation, defeat, moral quandaries, growth and healing through music -- a powerful anti-war statement from a woman's perspective. One year is recounted, telling it as it really was -- from January, 1945 to January, 1946 -- as the action moves from Eastern Germany to the British occupation zone in the west, to Gdansk, Poland.
User reviews
Even with grandparents who emigrated from Eastern Europe to the United States, we were never told any of our history or what it was like for them. This book really clarified things for me! Gave me a picture of what life was like for my great grandparents and grandparents. I had no idea how directly Lithuania was affected by Hitler's actions! And I had no idea how close I came to being a part of that history! Please, take a look into what life was like for many of those who came here . . . and for many of those who never made it.
I discovered that the MOM of a gal pal from our computer club IS Eva Krutein! Our friend shared with us some personal tidbits as well! My Honey is a WWII buff (Germany in particular), so I got this 1st book by Eva for him to enjoy... and he did!
Eva Krutein is a survivor. Her story is horrifying in that it details man's inhumanity to man on all fronts. What is particularly distressing is the cruelty and stupidity practiced by the allies after the war under the guise of an abomination known as the Morgenthau Plan. This book fills in some missing pieces, tells a story that is not covered by the anti-German media in the USA. If I have any criticism it is that Eva is too forgiving of the Red Army atrocities - she makes excuses for it, and does not explain that gang rape, rape, murder, starvation etc., was official government policy of Stalin with the deafening silence of the Americans & Brits. Eva's war is at times funny, often depressing and ultimately uplifting. Read it!
good book, met eva's daughter
I bought and read this book because I am the grandaughter of a refugee from post WWII Dansig. As a very young girl, I used to love to listen to my grandmother tell her stories about her flight from Dansig when the Russians invaded but I was too young to appreciate what she really went through and the true horror of what happened. This book filled in a lot of the holes and gave me a better understanding of my own heritage. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the story of the Germans who were expelled (ethnically clenased) from eastern Europe after Germany surrendered.
Funny duck
I was fasinated and unnerved by the effect of WWII on Germany"s women and children. I had no knowledge of the aftermath of the war on the average citizen of Germany and the East.
Bravo, Eva! Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience of the deadly aftermath of WWII with the world.
Join a young mother and her baby as she flees Danzig (today Gdansk) towards the end of WWII. Through wit, resourcefulness and determination this incredible young woman manages to keep her family together as her husband disappears into a concentration camp and her daughter suffers from starvation. The horrors inflicted by Russian soldiers on innocent women and children shall never be forgotten! Eva presents a compelling argument against war and clearly points out the detrimental yet unspoken fallout of war on women and children. The story was so gripping it kept me up until the last page. I look forward to reading the continuation of this extraordinary woman's life in the other two books of the trilogy ('Paradise Found and Lost' and 'Amerika? America!'. For me an added 'plus' is Eva's musicianship and her love of classical music. Jawohl!
An interesting story showing a side of war rarely documented. A great read, literally could not put it down!