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Author: Evan Mawdsley
Publisher: Unwin Hyman (December 1, 1987)
Language: English
Pages: 320
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Rating: 4.3
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The best book ever written on the Russian Civil Wa. first-rate work of scholarly synthesis' – Robert McNeal . first-rate work of scholarly synthesis' – Robert McNeal 'a miracle of concision, clarity and completeness' – Michael Malancon 'abounds in controversial judgements, ably backed and well documented' – . Longley The Russian Civil War of 1917–1920, out of which the Soviet Union was born, was one of the most significant events of. the twentieth century.

The best book ever written on the Russian civil war. A first-rate work of scholarly synthesis.

The Russian Civil War was one of the most important and complex events of the twentieth century

The Russian Civil War was one of the most important and complex events of the twentieth century. The collapse of the Tsarist regime and the failure of the Kerensky Provisional Government nearly led to the complete disintegration of the Russian state. The Russian Civil War was one of the most important and complex events of the twentieth century.

Evan Mawdsley (born 1945) is a British historian and former Professor of International History at the University of Glasgow's School of Humanities. He specializes in Russian history and the history of World War II. The Russian Revolution and the Baltic Fleet. War and Politics, February 1917-April 1918 (Macmillan, 1978). The Russian Civil War (Allen & Unwin, 1987). Blue Guide to Moscow and Leningrad (W. W. Norton, 1991).

The Russian Civil War - Evan Mawdsley. Evan Mawdsley taught Russian history at the University of Glasgow, where he was professor of international history. Among his books are The Russian Revolution and the Baltic Fleet (1978), The Soviet Elite from Lenin to Stalin (co-author, 2000), Thunder in the East: The Nazi-Soviet War (2005/2015) and December 1941 (2011).

User reviews
Even when I was an undergraduate in the late 1960s, Russian History was a source of interest to me. However, I have only recently, in retirement, been able to return to this interesting area of study. I have very pleasantly surprised by the wealth of new material and published books that are now available on specific topics like the Russian Civil.

I enjoyed the book listing five individual military operations by the White forces which were the most dramatic and threatening to the young Bolshevik government. These five operations were: 1.) the Volga Campaign of September of 1918 which came out of Siberia and resulted in the capture of the city of Kazan; 2.) the campaign around the city of Ufa carried out by Admiral Kolchak in the spring of 1919; 3.) General Denikin's offensive from the south in May and June of 1919; 4.) Denikin's offensive from the south in September and October of 1919; and 5.) the Polish invasion of Russia from the west from April until October of 1920. Breaking down the entire Civil War into these five dramatic operations was extremely helpful to me as I read other books on the Civil War.
This is a good, but not excellent account of the Russian Civil War. The author does a good job of describing the chaotic campaigns, along with the strengths and weaknesses of the Reds and the White, and some of the personalities involved. The book covers not only the purely military aspects of the Civil War, but also, the decisive economic, political, and diplomatic developments during the war.

I've given the books four stars instead of five because it is a rather dry read, and because the maps are completely unreadable on a kindle device (in fairness, presumably they would be adequate in a paper version), although even then the maps are collected together at the end of the book rather than placed closer to the relevant portions of the text.

Generally a recommended book about a complex and not especially well-covered topic.
Among the innumerable books and essays on the Russian Civil War, this is by far the best book to start with. It's reasonably short, very readable, has helpful maps, and an excellent bibliography. It's one of the few books to present a coherent, unified account of an extremely complex and messy historical episode. Best of all, Mawdsley, who is (or at least was until recently) a professional historian at the University of Glasgow, writes his book without basing it on any particular political viewpoint, whereas the great majority of books on the Russian Civil War have an axe to grind. In order to keep the book readable and reasonably short, Mawdsley omits a great deal of important information; for the reader who wants to delve further, Volume Two of William Henry Chamberlin's `The Russian Revolution, 1917 - 1921' originally published in 1934, is still the book to read next after Mawdsley.
Unfortunately, Mawdsley's book is out of print and seems to be hard to come by. However, a determined book search can locate a copy, or of course your local library can get a copy on interlibrary loan. I wish it was back in print.
Professor Mawdsley has certainly done his homework, and the book is filled with splendid detail, so much so that one comes away from a reading of it with multiple new insights on how the war was conducted and on the various campaigns which constituted the conflict. At the same time, Mawdsley's organization seems designed more for analysis and less for narrative than one might sometimes wish, so that in various chapters, one finds that the material is moving backwards and forwards over the same time frame in order to treat a variety of subjects ranging from politics and economics to actual combat.
This book is a light and quick read for an overview of the Russian Civil War for someone new to the subject. It is somewhat difficult to follow as the author jumps around in time as if he never came to grips with how to organize his material. The maps are less than emlightening, are too general, and do not aid the reader's comprehension. I was often searching the maps in vain to locate a city or town the author was referencing in the text. I finally had to make do with a map of the Soviet Union I had in my possession.

Interestingly, the author essentially omits the American participation in the intervention at Arkhangelsk, but that is probably to be expected from a British author.

Somehow the reader is left with the feeling that he hasn't read enough to understand the dynamics of the Russian Civil War, other to realize that the Bolsheviks were better organized than the Whites, much more monolithically directed and coordinated, and that the control of Moscow and the heartland of Russia proved decisive for the Reds. That could have been done in half the space, but a comprehensive treatment would require a tome of over a thousand pages. Personally I would like to see the author produce that tome with numerous maps.
I highly recommend this book for anyone learning or writing about the Russian Revolution or the Russian Civil War. This book is full of facts and references. Although the book is not what I would consider light reading, the book is not difficult to understand.
History is very dense for general reader. Nevertheless it is very informative.
Overall a very good and well researched book. It kept my interest!