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by Ben Bova

Free eBook The Kinsman Saga download ISBN: 0812532430
Author: Ben Bova
Publisher: Tor Books (October 15, 1988)
Language: English
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
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Rating: 4.8
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All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form. First printing: October 1987 A TOR Book. How Ihe novel was rejected everywhere, in part because publishers were afraid it would incur the wrath of anti-Communist witch-hunters such as Senator Joseph McCarthy.

BEN BOVA, six-time winner of science fiction's Hugo Award, is the author of over 120 futuristic novels and nonfiction books. If you do decide to read the Kinsman Saga, you might want to skip the first half of the book entirely. There's not much there to make it worth the effort. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation in 2005, and his novel Titan won the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for the best science fiction novel of 2006.

The Kinsman Saga book. Of the two Ben Bova Cold War In Space novels I've read, this is definitely the better and more nuanced of the two. In this form, the book is made up of two previously published novels about the same character, Chet Kinsman, milit This is a reread, and one that took me an ungodly long amount of time. I tend to put my rereads up in the bathroom, and get through them that way, but this time, I kept getting distracted by the graphic novels my husband had up there as well. I just wasn't that into it.

Kingsman Saga Ben Bova HarperCollins USA 9780380793174 Сказание о Кингсмене Бова Бен: Having abandoned his familys Quaker roots, Chet Kinsman becomes a hot-shot astronaut and the first space murd. Кол-во: о цене Наличие: Отсутствует. Возможна поставка под заказ. При оформлении заказа до: 13 дек 2019 Ориентировочная дата поставки: середина Января При условии наличия книги у поставщика.

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Ben Bova's Kinsman Saga covers the life and work of Chester A. Kinsman; pilot, astronaut, rebel and statesman. Kinsman's struggle to live with himself after a devastating personal conflict, and to build a better world through a Lunar rebellion makes this work a true epic. Nicely done, Mr. Bova.

In a startling future that's coming closer every year, Chet Kinsman is an astronaut ace . Books related to The Kinsman Saga.

In a startling future that's coming closer every year, Chet Kinsman is an astronaut ace who has done everything in space-including committing the first murder. It's a secret he can never escape, not even on the Moon, where he's head of the first . But suddenly, a series of shocking yet strangely inevitable circumstances forces Kinsman to confront his hidden past and decide Earth's destiny. In a desperate countdown to nuclear annihilation, Kinsman struggles against a deadly paradox: if he rescues the world, he may end up destroying himself.

Ben Bova is the author of nearly 125 futuristic novels and nonfiction books about science and high technology. Dr. Bova has been involved in science and high technology since the very beginnings of the space age.

Hero or killer? In a startling future that's coming closer every year, Chet Kinsman is an astronaut ace who has done everything one can in space - including commit the first murder. It's a secret he can never escape, not even on the moon, where he's head of the first US lunar colony. A series of shocking yet strangely inevitable circumstances will force Kinsman to confront his hidden past and decide Earth's destiny.

Having abandoned his family's Quaker roots, Chet Kinsman becomes a hot shot astronaut and the first space murderer, and although subsequently barred from space, he becomes determined to conquer this final frontier
User reviews
I have been a long time fan of Ben Bova and I had read this book many years ago and it has been a great inspiration for me. I read it when I was a young teenage and it made me to support the space program more and it made me become an amateur astronomer and m favorite target is the moon. Finding this book for my Fire was just lucky. I finished the book around 2:00 am and I took telescope out and I looked and wondered for hours why this book had not come true. There was some other parts of the story is not to be done now, but we could have a moon base by now.

The book has a lot of past technology, but it is a wonderful reminder how we have come. I would tell any one interested in space or sci-fi to read this book. I could not put it done and I read the the entire book over a day.
This book brings together all of Bova's Kinsman stories into one volume. Kinsman reflects both the reality of American society since the 1960's and Bova's vision for humanity. Real life events tended to catch up to Bova's speculations. Written in 1987, this is Bova's effort to bring continuity and completion to his hero's story. It is an alternate history with a powerful impact.
No comment.
Good Bova read ,liked the humanity of the characters. Thought that it showed his style like in the Mars series and that the logic of the way the humans reacted was perfect.
OK story that tries to be epic but never really makes it. Glad I invested the time but wanted more of everything.
When I first read The Kinsman Saga, I was amazed and awestruck at how it was written. Most of all, of how one man and his closest friends unite two cultures of different backgrounds into acheiving what could be described as the impossible. The prevention of nuclear destruction on the Earth.
Ben Bova has created an adventure that is a very successful blend of science fiction and political thriller, with some romantic overtones. He was also very accurate concerning Ronald Reagan's old SDI-Star Wars-plan. Bova even created characters that were multi-dimensional and real. Chet Kinsman was definately someone I could relate to. His passion and drive for establishing a colony on the moon is something any explorer can understand. Not only that, but the hardships he had to endure with his family, his friends, and the only woman who truly loved him.
I liked the idea of a colony being established on the moon in 1999, and the scientific reality that was behind it. By far, The Kinsman Saga is a SF classic that is worth reading. It introduces the reader to a future that might have been, and a future that is yet to come. If you like The Kinsman Saga, you will also enjoy Colony. Another epic novel set in the same future, dealing with similar political and social issues.
In the Kinsman Saga, Ben Bova does something brave but rather foolhardy: He tries to predict the near-term future. Why foolhardy? Because your mistakes become all too apparent as the future you imagined is quickly replaced by a present that is very different. To be fair, Bova does predict a few things in this book that are on their way to becoming reality, although not nearly as quickly as he imagined. Most notable of these is the anti-missile defensive system that he imagines being built in the late 1990's. But more often, his predictions are so far off the mark that they're almost laughable. Consider, for example, the moon base that by the year 1999 is home to more than 1,000 people, and on the verge of being completely self-sufficient. If only that prediction had come true!

So Bova wasn't able to accurately predict the future. That's still not a big deal if this book was a better piece of literature. But when you combine his lapses as a futurist with his penchant for overblown characters and juvenile plotlines, it leads to a very uneven story.

If you do decide to read the Kinsman Saga, you might want to skip the first half of the book entirely. There's not much there to make it worth the effort. However, I found myself enjoying much of the second half, which was published as a separate book called "Millenium" in 1976. I suppose it's because I have such a soft spot for any story that creates a halfway realistic portrayal of human habitation on the moon. So I'm giving the Kinsman Saga three stars.
The Kinsman Saga is definetly a masterpiece of science fiction literature. When I first picked this book up I was hesitant, I'd never heard of the author, and it was long, I feared it would be another modern science fiction novel with an unoriginal plot. I was surprised to find one a classic science fiction novel, one so well written you are drawn into it. The future Bova creates is so realistic it makes you wonder if our society is leading us down the same path. We mean Chet Kinsman as a young recruit. We follow his life through it's various stages, as he works his way through the air-force space program. Bova's characters are richly developed, you learn a lot of their background, and what makes them tick so to speak. The novel does not strictyl cover technical science fiction aspects, but also politics, human emotions, and a bit of romance. Overall the book is an extremely satisfying read, I can't think of anything negative to say about it. Highly reccomended to anyone, sci-fi fan or not.