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by Heather R Brenemen,Karen R Sadler,Robert S Sadler

Free eBook Secrets of Blood  Bone: Book One in the Trilogy of Q download ISBN: 1452850267
Author: Heather R Brenemen,Karen R Sadler,Robert S Sadler
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 22, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 280
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Science Fiction
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Rating: 4.5
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Secrets of Blood & Bone book. The Urban Fantasy book, Secrets of Blood and Bone by Rob Sadler, pulls the reader into the story with vivid descriptions of both the characters and the scenes

Secrets of Blood & Bone book. The Urban Fantasy book, Secrets of Blood and Bone by Rob Sadler, pulls the reader into the story with vivid descriptions of both the characters and the scenes. I felt like there was a movie screen that played in my head as I read the words. Not the typical Vampire vs. Werewolf book.

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Known as: Heather R Brenemen, H Brenemen, Heather B Sadler. Has lived in: Ocoee, FLPalm Harbor, FLHigh Springs, F. .Mentions about a name: Heather Brenemen. High Springs, FL, Palm Harbor, FL, Gainesville, FL, Tampa, FL, Hudson, FL, Ocoee, FL. Known as: Heather B Sadler. Related to: Robert Sadler, Iva Sadler, Mary Sadler, Cozie Sadler, Helen Sadler, William Brenemen, Phyllis Brenemen, Debralee Brenemen-wier.

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Books of Blood are a series of horror fiction collections written by the British author Clive Barker

Books of Blood are a series of horror fiction collections written by the British author Clive Barker. Each volume contains four or five stories. The volume 1–3 omnibus was published with a foreword by Barker's fellow Liverpudlian horror writer Ramsey Campbell.

Bone, Book I. Bone, Book II. Ainab. Yatur gro-Shak, Aharunartus. At the Summit of Apocrypha – On the table behind the platform at the start of Chapter 1 (along with two other books). Raven Rock, Alor House – Downstairs in the right-hand bedroom on a table next to the bed. Raven Rock, Glover Mallory's House – Downstairs in the basement area, at the bottom of a shelf (along with Book II).

What if one night you discovered you were a rare breed of warrior meant to be the champion of all mankind? That you were caught in the middle of an age old war between supernatural forces and had no choice but to fight or die? Oh, and that the beautiful predator staring at you from across the room was just dying to have sex with you, or maybe eat you depending on her mood? Secrets of Blood & Bone is a fast paced paranormal adventure jam packed full of action, be it on the battle field or in the bedroom! This is the first installment in a series of books which introduces us to a strong-willed hero named Quillen Ware, or just Q to his friends. One night while working in a dangerous inner city emergency room, his security guard duties take him into the parking lot where he attempts to diffuse a gang war in the making. Riding on the heels of the bullet-riddled gang-bangers come a squad of mercenary soldiers accompanied by a pair of supernatural monsters who leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake. As Q's new life unfolds before him, he finds himself fighting for his life with a hell hound, dining with an immortal shape shifter, bantering with a genius gnome, and sharing sexual tension with a beautiful were-tiger all before the first night comes to a close. During his journey, Q must discover if his father is indeed a serial rapist and who was responsible for his real mother's death while fighting for his life and his sanity in a world where sex and violence are everyday facets of normal existence. Q fully embraces a new way of life on his way to an epic climax and a discovery that will shake not only his world but that of the entire supernatural community!
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If you're looking for a book with sex, violence and adventure involving otherworldly characters, this is it. This book revolves around "Q", a character who discovers one night he is not human and thus begins his journey into a new world he never could have imagined. Q finds himself interacting with vampires, shape shifters, ogres and other species as he discovers who he is and what his destiny holds. He is thrown into the war between the Rotu and Skira, and with time you begin to wonder who the bad guys really are in this war as the lines are grey. It is a fast paced story which gives you just enough answers to keep you going, but opens doors to more to be answered later. There are steamy love scenes and intense battles. There is a great insert story that explains the creation of these species and the origins of their internal war, as well as some history of Q's people and his destiny. This book is an adult fantasy adventure.

There are many great characters I want to know more about, such as the sleeping Queens, the history of the feisty and beautiful Zaina, and Q's friend Rave. Mr. Sadler has great creativity and imagination. I enjoyed his idea of the Gods and the balance of creation, as well as his spin on vampires, ogres, Jatti, the Fey and their purpose in life. I'm drawn in and left wanting more. I can't wait for book two in this trilogy and seeing what happens to Q and his band of friends.
Quillen Ware, more known as Q, works as a guard in an emergency room in Tampa. It is a job that has its pros and cons. One night that's seemingly just like all the others, he sits working on an exercise to control his somewhat volatile temper, but is interrupted by three ambulances coming in. When he goes down to the parking lot to check things out, he finds himself in the middle of a gang war. From here, his life takes a surreal turn; the gang leaders aren't exactly human, and after killing one of them, he's approached by the elusive Sid; a strange being appearing more or less out of empty air.

Sid brings Quillen along into a world that's populated by shape-shifters, vampires, ogres, and many other species living side by side with the humans, yet unknown. As it turns out, Q himself might not be as human as he thought he was, and throughout the book, he has to face some difficult truths about himself and the world, and choose sides in a war he couldn't even have dreamt existed.

I got this book as a present, and it's not one that I would have picked for myself, which made reading it all the more interesting. I had no idea of what an urban fantasy might be, and I was happy to find more mythological creatures than I had expected. As a side note, I was also happily surprised to find that some of them had gotten Swedish-sounding names. Skugga is definitely a word from my home country, and with just a little good will, Jätti could be too. Speaking of language, the book contains lots of crude language, sex, and violence, and if you don't like that, you probably shouldn't read it.

The author definitely has an innovative imagination; the material feels fresh and new, and even though some of the types of creatures that inhabit his world have been overused lately, he manages to re-invent them and make them feel original. The main character feels like a real person; he is big, tough, mean, and very likeable. I would probably have gotten bored with the book if he wasn't, but as it is, behind all the curses and supernatural beings, Q carries the story.

It wasn't what I expected, and, as I mentioned earlier, it's not the kind of book I would normally read, but I enjoyed it, and I am happy to have it in my shelf. I will probably return to it and read it again, I have a feeling that I missed a lot on my first time through.
Robert S Sadlers first story in the The Trilogy of "Q" was quite an undertaking.

Quillen Ware's persona is a great beginning for this story. He is a mild mannered, amicable giant of a man, working in an inner city hospitals Emergency Room. He is a security guard, and is caught one night in a drug war between gang bangers, soldiers and supernatural monsters...What an opening...

He is injured and is brought to a place by "Sid" that changes his life forever. Quillen, "Q" as he likes to be called has never felt a sense of belonging. His Mom has died and his father was very cold. He is larger in size than most adults and has been very uncomfortable in his own skin since childhood. Sid, short for Obsidian , brings him to his safe house to help him with his injuries and introduces him to a world where Q might be more than he believed. There he is introduced to Rory, and Mr. Fleeegles. Lady Roridine, is a Were- kitty and Mr Fleegles is a Gnome..

In searching for Quillens background, Mr. Fleegles then finds a translated version of a text called an Ogres Tale. Sid then hooks Quillen up with Reinhart, a mercenary soldier of fortune who worked for him and his sect of paranormals. He asked Reinhardt to train Quillen and so he could plant him as a spy. During the training and missions they work on, they become good friends and this was Q's first real close friendship.

This part of the story finally started moving. I realize in a new series, world building is tremendously important. Mr. Sadler started to do this. The information at first came forth with ease. I think the author got hung up in giving us the 28 pages of THE OGRES TALE.. We were just given too much information. If I wasn't reading this for a review I might have set the book down for a bit.

The story finally becomes a page turner...Q meets with his Dad and finds out more about himself. The more I read of him, the more likeable Q becomes in this book. You want to root for him, you want him to prevail. Mr. Sadler's descriptions of the fights in `the coliseum' are vivid, gory and harsh. I picture sword fights, the smell of blood and sweat, the sand under my feet. This is where the story telling was superb.

There were things that I found needed better editing, and more insight into feelings, to not be so narrative. All this I find is the trials of a new author. It did not take away so much from the story, but would have allowed a better review score. His meeting Zania was a great addition, and the final climax of this story, has tied up some of the missing links. It has also opened a myriad of possibilities to the next. I look forward to The Second Chapter in Q's life.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Senior Reviewer Paranormal Romance Guild