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Free eBook Deep Wizardry download ISBN: 0440200709
Author: Diane Duane
Publisher: Laurel Leaf (February 1, 1988)
Language: English
Category: Fantasy
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Rating: 4.8
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Deep Wizardry by Diane Duane Book 2 of the Young Wizards seriesSummer Night’s Song Nita slipped out the back door of the beach house, careful not to let the rickety screen door slam, and for a second stood silently on the back porch in the darkness. It was no use. Nita -her mother’s voice came floating out from the living room- where’re you going? Out, Nita said, hoping to get away with it just this once. Читать онлайн Deep Wizardry. Book 2 of the Young Wizards series.

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Book 2: Deep Wizardry. A division of the Owl Springs Partnership. Or that was what you saw if you were a wizard, for the printing was done in the graceful, Arabic-looking written form of the Speech.

Deep Wizardry is the second book in the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. It is the sequel to So You Want to Be a Wizard. Nita's family goes on vacation with Kit and his dog, Ponch, to the South Shore of Long Island

Deep Wizardry is the second book in the Young Wizards series by Diane Duane. Nita's family goes on vacation with Kit and his dog, Ponch, to the South Shore of Long Island. While swimming in the ocean at night, Nita encounters a dolphin (nicknamed 'Hotshot'), and Kit reports the local rocks' memory of disaster.

Deep Wizardry - Diane Duane.

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view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. all wizardry here carries a price! Duane sets up a system of rules, making wizardry in her world more believable in the process.

Deep Wizardry is about wizards Nita and her partner, Kit, working on their next assignment: underwater!

Deep Wizardry is about wizards Nita and her partner, Kit, working on their next assignment: underwater! Apparently whales and dolphins can also be wizards. The one recently put in charge, S’reee, now needs Nita and Kit’s help to perform The Song of Twelve, an ancient ritual.

While I regretted last time around that I had not encountered Diane Duane's Young Wizards books when I was a young'un, this time around I'm pretty glad I didn't, because if I'd come across Deep.

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Sequel to So You Want to Be a Wizard.
User reviews
I was thrilled to finally own the Young Wizards series in ebook form, even if I will eventually also end up with the New Millenium editions on my Kindle as well. It'll be nice to compare the two.

I still love the stories, the characters, the settings. Diane Duane has a knack for creating worlds that you wish you could go to as well, or scenes that play out very easily in the mind's eye. And, since these are the ebooks of the original editions, I knew the continuity issues of the print versions would still be there, and the technology issues.

What surprised me were how many format errors got into the Kindle editions - missing punctuation, the word 'a' replaced by '.3.', random trademark symbols and asterisks scattered into the text, odd capitalizations, and some words changed into nonsense (like um becoming rm, or nr). There are several per chapter and while the story is still enough to draw in, these are (for me) distracting enough to break the flow.

Still, I do recommend getting the books in ebook format - after all, with 9 books in the series, and a 10th on the way, it helps to have ebook copies to take with you if you want to do a bit of reading while travelling.
I love the "Young Wizards" series and have been reading it since the beginning. I got behind over the last few years and got the Kindle versions of the early books to catch up and then read the last couple of books. I love my Kindle, but "Deep Wizardry" is an example of the worst of the paper to Kindle conversions. First, there is no Table of Contents. Arrgh. Second, I'm 23% into the book and have found numerous *obvious* typos. Misspellings and sentences that make no sense whatsoever are commonplace. It's like they used a pre-edit copy of the book to convert to the digital version. Or just scanned the original copy and used OCR software to convert it to digital, without an editor checking it for accuracy.

I would give the hard copy version 5 stars, but can't give the Kindle version more than 4 stars for the horrible conversion. I'm not sure if it's Amazon or the publisher, but I wish someone would do a final edit on the digital versions before publishing. As the publishers are now charging higher and higher prices for the digital copies (I paid $1 MORE for the digital version over the hard copy version for 2 books recently! What's that about?), they need to ensure the digital book versions are at least as good as the hard copy versions, if not better! If anything, they should correct any typos that somehow made it into the published copy! And Amazon should ensure that the publishers are giving them good versions, WITH tables of contents!

I don't hold Diane Duane (or other authors) responsible, but if I were an author, I'd be highly upset over such a horrible conversion of one of my books.

***Follow-up to the conversion problem: I sent a copy of my comments to Diane Duane via her website and got a response from Ms. Duane within hours! She is aware of the problems and has been working with the publisher on correcting all the typos for several weeks now. See[...] for what they are doing about it. Her books should be typo free in the next month or so!

I am more impressed than ever with Ms. Duane! While I think this is a publisher/Amazon problem, not an author problem, she is personally working to ensure that her e-readers will get a quality product from her! Thank you, Ms. Duane!
While marketed as a "Young Adult" series, Diane Duane's Young Wizards series is great for all ages. I started reading them in my 20s and I still enjoy the series even into my late 30s.

Very much superior to "other" books about young wizards, Diane Duane's wizardly universe is filled with wonder and magic, but no quick fixes...all wizardry here carries a price! Duane sets up a system of rules, making wizardry in her world more believable in the process. You dont just wave a wand and say something in faux latin, you have to LEARN how to do magic, effort is required. I also like that ANYONE can be a wizard, not just those lucky enough to be born with a "gift".

All of this is just the window dressing, so to speak. The real enjoyment of this series is getting to know Nita and Kit, and all of the other wonderful characters. If I have one complaint, is that these characters do not seem to age as the series progresses. I sincerely hope that Nita and Kit are allowed to grow up a bit going forward...

Deep Wizardry is probably my favorite in the series, mainly just for one scene...the "coming out" of Nita and Kit to Nita's parents. You have to read it for yourself, I wont spoil it, but I have to say...VERY VERY few books have moved me to tears...the sheer beauty of the scene Diane Duane writes, the reactions of the characters...all of it FELT very real while reading it, and even now in remembrance it still moves me.

I would recommend reading "So you want to be a Wizard" first, but unfortunately, the Kindle version is not available yet. Even so, I cant recommend this book highly enough to anyone and everyone who enjoys a good story that is very well written.
So what is your reward for saving the world. You have to do it all over again.
While it could be tiresome if every book in this series has the same characters having to save the world from the 'Lone Power' this was a very good second outing for this series. The change of the venue from an Alternate Reality New York to the Ocean surrounding Long Island was a good choice. Having to explain why things work they way they do underwater when it came to magic and the roles of the various cast of characters in the book, to include one very old Shark made this more than just a rinse, lather and repeat of the first saving the world book.
In places the book was inspired in the concepts it used to portray the conflict, but it does still suffer from the target audience it is aimed at. This book is a Young Adult book and makes no bones about it. Thankfully it isn't wallowing in the angst teenager mindset. Making this book a fun read and a good follow up.