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by Jeff Scott

Free eBook Concrete for Breakfast download ISBN: 0955310369
Author: Jeff Scott
Publisher: Methanol Press (June 21, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 308
Category: Engineering & Transportation
Subcategory: Automotive
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Rating: 4.2
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Concrete for Breakfast: More Tales from the Shale by Jeff Scott. June 27 2008, 1:00am, The Times.

Jeffrey Scott's book is very easy to understand and fun to read. Scott explains several examples of his own work and shows how to develop a premise, find your story beats, write an outline, and finally a script.

By (author) Jeff Scott.

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Jeff Scott serves up yet another portion of methanol inspired lunacy to satisfy your speedway craving appetite with his latest book CONCRETE FOR BREAKFAST. Although some view speedway as little more than a fairground sideshow attraction, Scott continues to validate the sport's authenticity as he celebrates the romance of its racing, the bravery of its competitors, and the idiosyncrasies of its partisans on and off the track. An equal opportunity offender, motorcycle speedway thumbs its nose at the nanny-state bureaucrats of Health and Safety as well as the ubiquitous corporate media that enlists the drama and daring of the sport to validate its mission of spin, profit, and mediocrity. But, of course, any sport composed of individuals who willingly embrace the physical and mental challenges of speedway must by definition be considered daring, maverick and subversive. Consider the physical challenges of speedway: riding a high powered motorcycle without brakes or gears, steering only by balance, gravity, and gyroscopic luck four times round a shale covered track at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour. The bike itself, a huge single piston 500cc machine, without suspension, powered by methanol, roars its sweet hymn to oblivion to those who ride and to those who watch. The mandated helmets and kevlars are the merest genuflection in the direction of self-preservation. In short, the entire enterprise constitutes a complete commitment to barking madness. Let Jeff Scott introduce you to this most anachronistic of sports in 21st Century Britain. If you do you will eventually succumb to the spectacle, the people, and the journey across its peculiar landscape and geographies. You will learn the rhythms of the unvarying repetitiousness of the team meeting format as well as the uniqueness of each individual race. With his gift for location, dialogue, and the human comedy, Jeff will escort you into his world of speedway. There you will accompany him as he watches every speedway team in Britain compete. He lends you his nose as he savors the aroma of methanol, burgers, chips, stressed toilets, and excitement. From his favorite vantage point in the lee of the stadium grandstand or lost in thought on the road to (or from) yet another event behind the wheel and the wipers of his much abused car, Jeff will help you begin your own pilgrimage to speedway. And even though there may well be CONCRETE FOR BREAKFAST for some unlucky riders whose quest for glory ends in a bruised heap of broken bones and bike, Jeff will cleave the chaos for you in a such a way that the event will be invariably portrayed with the charm, irreverence, humanity and compassion that informs the style of this most unique of sports' most unique diarist. This volume is the fifth book in a planned trilogy gone terribly, terribly wrong. It's a "must have" companion to Jeff's masterpiece Showered in Shale as well as his others: Shifting Shale, When Eagles Dared, or the poignantly photographed Shale Britannia.