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Free eBook Oresama Teacher, Vol. 4 download ISBN: 1421538660
Author: Izumi Tsubaki
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC; Original edition (September 6, 2011)
Language: English
Pages: 200
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Manga
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Rating: 4.6
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Izumi Tsubaki began drawing manga in her first year of high school

Only 8 left in stock (more on the way). Only 14 left in stock (more on the way). Izumi Tsubaki began drawing manga in her first year of high school. She was soon selected to be in the top ten of Hana to Yume's HMC (Hana to Yume Mangaka Course), and subsequently won Hana to Yume's Big Challenge contest. Her debut title, Chijimete Distance (Shrink the Distance), ran in 2002 in Hana to Yume magazine, issue 17.

Oresama Teacher, Vol. 4 book.

Izumi Tsubaki began drawing manga in her first year of high school.

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Author: Tsubaki Izumi 2008 released. Oresama Teacher Vo. C. 3 : Vol 04. Genre(s): Action, Comedy, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo. Alternative: 俺様ティーチャー; 我的野蛮老师; 我的野蠻老師; 王样老师; 王樣老師; ฉันนี่แหละอาจารย์; 본좌티처; Fight Girl (French); My Teacher; Ore-sama Sensei; Ore-sama Teacher; Oresama Sensei; Thầy giáo của tôi. Latest: Vo. 3 C. 33 Vo. 32 Vo. 4 C. 31. Jan 14, 2011. 2 : Vol 04. 1 : Vol 04. 0 : Vol 04.

Izumi Tsubaki is a mangaka and creator of Oresama Teacher. Izumi Tsubaki was born on December 11 in Saitama Prefecture (which is also where some of the events of Oresama Teacher take place in). She began to draw manga during her first year of high school, and in her third year, won a manga contest judged by Hakusensha. Tsubaki has a teaching license in elementary, middle, and high school. She is the older twin sister of Koga Yokishi, who is also a mangaka.

Tips: You're reading Oresama Teacher Vo. Chapter 18, please read Oresama Teacher . Chapter 18, please read Oresama Teacher Vo. Chapter 18 english scan online from right to left.

Izumi Tsubaki (椿 いづみ, Tsubaki Izumi, born December 11) is a Japanese manga artist known for creating Oresama Teacher and Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun. She began drawing manga in her first year of high school. She was soon selected to be in the top. She was soon selected to be in the top 10 of Hana to Yume Mangaka Course, and subsequently won the Big Challenge contest. In an interview with Manga News in France, Tsubaki said that she was inspired from Yoshihiro Togashi and her sister who is also a manga artist. Chapter 20, please read Oresama Teacher . Chapter 20, please read Oresama Teacher Vo. Chapter 20 english scan online from right to left.

Tsubaki Izumi, Oresama Teacher, Saeki Takaomi, Yui Shinobu, Hayasaka (Oresama Teacher), Hanabusa Miyabi, Kurosaki Mafuyu, Natsuo (Oresama Teacher), Okegawa Kyoutarou, Hana to Yume (Source). Tsubaki Izumi Mangaka. Oresama Teacher Series. Hanabusa Miyabi Character.

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Hana to Yume cover: Oresama Teacher by Izumi Tsubaki (See the complete line-up). Just a fans for Tsubaki Izumi and Oresama Teacher. Be part of the world’s largest community of book lovers on Goodreads. Mafuyu is the no-nonsense, take-charge and hard-hitting leader of her high school gang.

Can she clean up her act and still kick some butt?!Reads R to L (Japanese Style), for audiences T Troublemaking student council chairman Hanabusa thinks the best way to solve the problem of two similar clubs at school is to have them fight to the death! Actually, the losers just have to disband their club. But a silly club rivalry quickly gets out of hand when Mafuyu is kidnapped by the enemy!
User reviews
This manga is too funny! I laughed my head off while reading it. The characters are enjoyable and funny! Their antics are hilarious and I love how the series doesn't take itself too seriously while still having drama and mystery with lots of humor added in. For example, in this volume, Mafuyu goes to the summer festival with Sakurada and after they help some girls in trouble, Sakurada is acting all serious and turns away from them. You then get a full view of his teddy bear boxers with Mafuyu and the others thinking, "Teddy bears.." XD It goes from a touching and slightly more serious moment and turns it into a humorous one. 5 stars.
I adore this series. It's stupidity at it's finest. The characters are morons but I love them so much. It's a cute and funny manga. But if you are looking for "romance" then this isn't the manga you wanna read. It's got about 0% romance. It's a shoujo manga but I feel like i'm reading something more on the shounen side with this. It's one that i read online and loved so i wanted to actually buy the mangas. Book came in and in perfect condition.
"Troublemaking student council chairman Hanabusa thinks the best way to solve the problem of two similar clubs at school is to have them fight to the death! Actually, the losers just have to disband their club. But a silly club rivalry quickly gets out of hand when Mafuyu is kidnapped by the enemy!"
I love of how her disguises is of a man even though it's a hot man it's still good. i think there should be a character like this in the book besides her cross dressing.
Ha ha, I love this series, can't wait to continue to the next book! Came fairly quickly.
came as it's described. Also came sooner. But you might need to contact the sellers for tracking link. The id under usps written for that link. I'm so happy to get this for cheap since it's one of my favourite mangas of all time
I really enjoyed this volume. Probably more than the last one. It took me a while to actually pick it up and start reading it, and I don't know why, because I should have known that I would enjoy it. And I like Tsubaki's humor, so I don't know if I think it's better because it's been a while since I read the last one, but I found this volume really funny.
So, the first four chapter of the book, focus on the public morals club and the yojimbo club, who both do pretty much the same thing, fighting, or getting ready to fight, to see which club gets to stay. We see at the beginning that they're going to be fighting, but a lot of it shows Mafuyu 'training' Hayasaka, who is rather bad at fighting. He doesn't think about it, and he doesn't dodge, and Mafuyu has a rather hard time showing him things. There's a bit of this where she tells him how to do things, shows him, and tells him why he should do it. Like she'll explain techniques to him. I found this interesting, but I already knew some of it from when I took karate several years ago, so I'm curious as to whether other people liked it or if it bothered them. Oh, also, for a lot of this part, Mafuyu is dressed up as Natsuo, a boy who fights (a 'secret bancho'), because Mafuyu isn't supposed to know how to fight or be very good at it. Natsuo was created in the second volume, and Saeki makes her be him. I thought this would bother me, but it made it quite funny.
But I really like Hayasaka, find him really entertaining. And there's a part of the book when Saeki and Natsuo are close to each other, in which Saeki is being mean to Natsuo, but Hayasaka walks in and thinks that they're gay and have a secret love affair. Mafuyu is quick to say no, but Saeki says yes because it will keep Hayasaka farther from Natsuo so he won't discover that they're the same person. So for quite a bit, Natsuo is trying to clear this up.
Also, there's some obvious feelings between Mafuyu and Hayasaka, but neither of them realize it. They're just too innocent and stupid. It's still rather fun, though, and I'm looking forward to seeing things evolve between all of them.
Oh, and then Natsuo and Hayasaka do some fighting, and there are some sweet words said between them. It's nice.
Anyway, in the fifth chapter, Maizono, the masochistic delinquent from Mafuyu's old school, comes to town to bring her something. I was hoping that somethings were going to be revealed about Mafuyu, but no. He gets lost and ends up running into Hayasaka, who he asks to bring him to the school's bancho. When he finds out that it isn't Mafuyu, he describes her to them. They decide that it can't be the Mafuyu they know, and so they keep thinking of some big guy, no matter how many times he calls her a 'she'. So the three of them walk around town, 'looking for him', but they go to an arcade, a place that Hayasaka hasn't really been to before, and they eat and fight. And then Maizono goes home, where Mafuyu glimpses him on the train after hearing about some violent Mafuyu in town that Maizono has been boasting about. It's funny, but I was still hoping that there's be some more plot development. I still enjoyed it, though, and I'm glad that I got to see some more of Mafuyu's friends from her old school, since I like them.
In the last chapter, Saeki drags Mafuyu to the beach, because he needs some time off, and is all frustrated from not being able to fight. And we find out that Mafuyu can't swim, and Saeki unsuccessfully tries to teach her. And then Mafuyu almost drowns, but Saeki saves her, and we find out that he had to use CPR on her, to which Mafuyu doesn't know what to think.
I'm really enjoying this series, and am hoping to get the next one soon. I like all of the characters, and just the comedy bits are fun to read, but I would like to see some more of the plot development. But I might just be looking forward to seeing Mafuyu's fighting ways being revealed.