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by Larry Hama,Herb Trimpe,Don Perlin,Mike Vosberg,Steven Grant

Free eBook Classic G.I. Joe, Vol. 1 download ISBN: 1600103456
Author: Larry Hama,Herb Trimpe,Don Perlin,Mike Vosberg,Steven Grant
Publisher: IDW Publishing; Softcover Ed edition (January 20, 2009)
Language: English
Pages: 240
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Graphic Novels
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Rating: 4.4
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Joe, Vol. 1 Paperback – January 20, 2009. Book 1 of 15 in the Classic .

Joe, Vol. by Larry Hama (Author), Herb Trimpe (Author, Artist), Steven Grant (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Steven Grant (Author), Don Perlin (Artist), Mike Vosberg (Artist) & 2 more.

Read the comic books . Joe: Classics Vol. 1 online on Bookmate. Herb Trimpe, Don Perlin, Mike Vosberg. Joe, guided the team for over 10 years as a writer. He is joined by an array of artists, including Herb Trimpe, Mike Vosburg, and Don Perlin. This action-packed volume collects the classic Marvel Comics . Joe to 10. Impression.

Joe, guided the team for over 10 years as a writer. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

By Steven Grant and Larry Hama Illustrated by Herb Trimpe, Don Perlin and Mike Vosburg. The classic Marvel Comics . Joe gets new life in this first collection of must-have Joe stories!

By Steven Grant and Larry Hama Illustrated by Herb Trimpe, Don Perlin and Mike Vosburg. JOE. Category: Graphic Novels & Manga Military Fiction. Joe gets new life in this first collection of must-have Joe stories! This action-packed volume collects the classic . Joe, guided the team for over ten years (and he returns to the characters next month in an all-new series!). Here, he is joined by an array of artists, including Herb Trimpe, Mike Vosburg, and Don Perlin. See All. Also by Larry Hama.

Written by Larry Hama, Herb Trimpe, and Steven Grant, with art by Trimpe, . Joe: A Real American Hero, Volume 1 collects the first 10 issues of the original comics into one trade paperback which has been digitized into e-book format. I seriously loved this book. As a child I collected . Joe comics, but sadly only have a handful of them with me now. Getting the chance to reread these first ten issues put a huge smile on my face. The art was fantastic. 1, Paperback by Hama, Larry; Trimpe, Herb; Grant, Steven, ISBN 1613779097, ISBN-13 9781613779095, Brand New, Free P&P in the UK The classic Marvel Comics. Read full description.

Writer: Larry Hama, Steven Grant. Artist: Don Perlin, Herb Trimpe, Mike Vosburg. Publication date: January 2009 - 2017. Issue(s). TPB 20 (Part 2). TPB 20 (Part 1).

Joe, guided the team for over ten years. TAGS: Don Perlin, Herb Trimpe, Larry Hama, Mike Vosburg, Steven Grant. Imprint: idw page count: 32. Color: FC. CATEGORIES: . Joe: Classics, Uncategorized. Connect with us. Our newsletter is awesome!

JOE from Marvel Comics. Comic Book Syndicate.

JOE from Marvel Comics. 13 January ·. from Marvel Comics, by Larry Hama, Herb Trimpe, Mike Vosburg, Don Perlin and more! Featuring special guests Jennifer Hillis & Max Marshall.

Reacquaint yourself with Hawk, Scarlett, Stalker, Rock 'n Roll and the other original Joes, including the popular but enigmatic Snake Eyes. Witness the first daring attempts of the villainous Cobra Commander and his minions to cause havoc around the world, only to have the Joes thwarting them at every turn. Relive your first tours of 'The Pit', G.I. Joe's command center, and Springfield, U.S.A., a quiet suburban town with a dark secret. Also presented here are the first appearances of the October Guard and Kwinn the Eskimo. Writer Larry Hama, the man irrevocably linked to G.I. Joe, guided the team for over 10 years as a writer. He is joined by an array of artists, including Herb Trimpe, Mike Vosburg, and Don Perlin. This action-packed volume collects the classic Marvel Comics G.I. Joe #1 to 10.
User reviews
I mulled over what star rating I should give this volume and I have come to the conclusion (as you can see) that it deserves a 4 star rating.
Here's why: I own the original issue #1, heck, I own absolutely every issue from the line, but issue #1 came with several other parts to the issue. It had a 2 page spread in the middle called "G.I. Joe Classified File `The PIT' GI Joe Headquarters" which showed a diagram of the underground base. It is also missing 4 pages of "G.I. Joe Classified File" for Scarlet, Breaker, Flash, and Stalker. Then it's missing 2 pages of "G.I. Joe Weapons Profile" for the VAMP and the Mobat. But the ultimate problem with this IDW Volume 1 is the fact that they leave out the "special bonus feature...Hot Potato!" This was a 10 PAGE short feature!!! 10 PAGES! Now, yes, it was re-issued sometime later in one of the Special Missions comics or something, I don't recall, but it was part of issue #1. I didn't really expect IDW to include the "G.I. Joe Classified Files" or the "G.I. Joe Weapons Profiles" but to exclude "Hot Potato!"??? Come on IDW. It's not like Hasbro doesn't have the rights to "Hot Potato!". I'm not sure why it was left out. To save 10 pages in Volume 1? It's offensive? Not PC enough for 2009? I don't know. Am I glad we have IDW's Volume 1? Yes! And thank you IDW. But folks in their late 20s and 30s will be buying this...not small kids that don't know "Hot Potato!" is missing.
But for the remainder of the volume, it appears that the other 9 issues are intact. I at least checked issue 2 and that was complete. For a bare-bones Volume you get what need but for completionist...you don't. But I still hope that sales are good and that IDW can put out all 155 issues and maybe the other side issues too from the Marvel line...but in reality getting all 155 issues out seems impossible if sales dwindle. I would buy all volumes so wouldn't have to read my good copies.
But don't let my 4 star review from stopping you buy this volume. I recommend it, I just don't understand what IDW was thinking.
This collection is not quite as good as later Joe comics penned by Larry Hama. There are some bits where it's clear he's still trying to get a feel for the characters and setting. And the two non-Hama written issues in it are almost cartoon levels of cheesy. So maybe this should only really be about 4.5 stars, but it's still got the wonderful, real feeling dialogue between characters; ways of touching on important issues without smacking you in the face with them (much); and slight touches of humor that are why I've been a fan of this comic for over twenty years.

Note: This particular volume contains depictions of Russians that would never fly in today's more politically correct world, so it does need to be read with the timeframe it's written and set in in mind.
Great reprints of the original GI Joe comic books I grew up with. This is the GI Joe I remember vividly, and the remake is done as a quality book with a lasting binding. Of course, the stories are rich with great characters and no doubt you got to suspend disbelief. But it's good, clean fun and a wonderful, nostalgic trip through comic book history.
great way to re-read the original comics without having to open my originals
Having recently obtained the license, IDW has published this full-color 240-page trade paperback that reprints the first ten issues of the 1980s Marvel Comics "G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero" series. This monthly comic book was launched in 1982 at the same time as Hasbro's action figure toy line and soon ran concurrently with the popular but less realistic television cartoon series. Writer Larry Hama provided enjoyable plots and strong characters that vastly exceeded the standards of a mere product tie-in. G.I. Joe is an elite US counterterrorism strike force secretly headquartered beneath an army chaplain's motor pool. Though Cold War references abound, Hama's portrayal of the enemy COBRA as a stateless terrorist organization seems especially prescient 25 years later. Issue 6 shows the gang working with anti-Soviet tribal mujhadden in Afghanistan. Herb Trimple penciled most of these issues and is listed as co-plotter of several.
All ten covers are included, though IDW has removed all "Marvel Comics" references from them, leaving some unusual blank space on each cover. The TPB credits indicate that IDW has recolored the original artwork. This series ultimately lasted for 155 issues, and IDW plans to release several subsequent collections in 2009 (as well as a new G.I. Joe series that disregards the previous continuity).
My ONLY complaint about this one is the absence of the "bonus" material from G.I. Joe issue #1 including one-page team member bios, a layout of "The PIT", and the bonus story entitled "Hot Potato", about a mission to extract some intel from a Middle Eastern nation ruled by a dictator with ties to Cobra.
As a big fan of G.I.Joe growing up, I thought it'd be fun to go back and revisit the old comics of my youth. This collection is the perfect way for me to do so easily. I know that it's missing some stuff from the first issue. Mostly the 'Hot Potato' story but it's still a good book for those who just want to read the main story and start following the adventures of America's elite fighting force against the evil organization of COBRA!
If your interested in G.I. Joe start here. It's a great way to get started. It introduces Snake Eyes Scarlett Hawk Stalker Grunt Clutch Rock n Roll and many others. And Cobra Commander Baroness.